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The #1 Diet Habit Holding You Back

Losing weight can be a long, hard and frustrating journey. People tend to feel discouraged during the entire process since they don’t seem to see the results they were expecting after having so much effort.

You have probably changed most of your habits, you have started exercising on a regular basis and doing exercises to get the body you always wanted, you have changed your diet by stopping having candy and started having more healthy and balanced meals, you may also have started drinking more water and making more healthy choices, but nothing seems to work on you.

There is one simple habit that you probably haven’t cut out of your diet and this is holding you back on getting your objectives.

In this article we present you the main habit that is keeping you away from reaching your goals.

1. What is that Habit that Keeps Me From Reaching My Goals?

You’ve probably spent hour thinking in what might be the little habit that is keeping you away from losing weight: is it having a slice of pizza occasionally? is it eating on the run? Were that soda and that chips that you ate the other day? Which of this habit is the one that is giving you a challenging time?

Your biggest problem might be the wheat consumption! There is a wheat protein called “Gluten” that is present in everything that has the ingredient wheat on their constitution. Yes, we are also talking about that super healthy 100% whole grain bread that you have started having because you were told it would be healthier for you. Also, the neurologist and highly cited author Dr David Perlmutter has been associating brain dysfunction with gluten consumption! Gluten is not only making having a tough time losing weight as it can also lead to mental health issues.

You’ve probably have already heard about people whom suffer from celiac disease, meaning that they have an autoimmune disorder in which gluten ingestion causes damage to the small intestine. Although about only 1 person in every 100 suffers from celiac disease, there is an increasing number of people suffering from gluten sensitivity!

2. How Does Gluten Affect My Body?

A constant intake of gluten can cause you many health issues, the more relevant are inflammation, constant headaches, joint pain and digestive issues.

Studies have shown that people who aren’t neither suffering from celiac disease of have gluten sensitivity have been having adverse reactions to gluten. A study with 34 individuals that suffered with irritable bowel syndrome were taking randomly either a gluten-containing or a gluten-free diet. The group who had the gluten diet had more pain, bloating, stool inconsistency and fatigue when compared to the other group. It was also reported a major inflammation in the intestine and degeneration in the intestinal lining.

Also, it has been reported that the consumption of gluten might have a negative effect in the barrier function of the intestine, which allow fats and other harmful substances to “leak” to your bloodstream. When this happens, it increases your body inflammation, bloating and makes you feel fatigued. Also, gluten consumption is responsible with the “beer belly” or in this case doctors call it “wheat belly”. This is disturbing your body’s balance and preventing you from losing weight.

Although more studies are needed, it is very clear that gluten has a negative effect in many people, being one of the main reasons for the difficult you are having on losing weight.

3. Gluten Can Affect Your Body’s Nutrient Absorption

As we told you before, gluten has many negative effects on your body. It was also reported that a gluten rich diet may lead to a malabsorption of essential nutrients and minerals like magnesium, zinc and B12 vitamin.

Also, studies have shown that a diet rich in gluten and a high intake of milk products can be a risk factor to develop schizophrenia. This can be due to the gastrointestinal inflammation that results with gluten consumption and will interfere with your mental health. Besides, scientists report that gluten can have an addictive effect on our brains.

4. Gluten Foods are Addicting

Have you ever noticed that when you ask somebody about their biggest cravings and foods they feel they can’t live without are mainly breads, pastas, pizza and cookies? This happens because sugar and grains have a documented and proven addiction effect on our brain! They affect our neurotransmitter functions and are linked to boosts on our dopamine levels. This means that grains and sugar are acting on our brains the same way drugs do!

Also, grains contain compounds called exorphins, morphine like compounds that have an addictive effect on your brain!

5. Which are The Alternatives to Gluten?

Although gluten is bad for you, you can make slight changes on your diet to avoid it the most you can. There are good alternatives to add to your diet that will prevent you from suffering with all the harmful effects gluten has on your body!

Spaghetti is rich in gluten, but you can easily replace it with gluten-free brown rice noodles, they are equally tasty and nutritious. Bread is another product rich in gluten, but you can already buy gluten free alternatives, they are equally nutritious and healthier. Instead of having a bagel with cream cheese you can try a full-fat organic yogurt. Instead of having a sandwich you can make a lettuce wrap with meat and cheese or you can only have meat with raw cheese, a healthy and nutritious alternative. Instead of crackers and cookies you can opt by having organic blue corn chips.

To keep yourself healthy and without any health problems you should always look after healthy food choices. Always look for healthy and balanced option, only this way you will achieve your weight loss goals. Slowly remove sugar and wheat off your diet, you’ll start getting the results you wanted soon. Don’t forget to drink 2 liters of water per day and exercise at least 2 times a week.

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