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Essay on Noise Pollution

How many times have you felt irritated by the unnecessary honking of the vehicles on the road? Additionally, don’t we get disturbed by the loud sound of machines part of construction near to us? All such sounds not just irritate us but harm as physically as well. This is what noise pollution is all about. Today, we all are so insensitive when it terms to causing noise pollution to their activities. Therefore we have come up with essays for students on noise pollution which shall help them understand its causes, its harmful effects and how it can be controlled. Since the students are the future of tomorrow it has become all the more necessary for them to know more about this sensitive and important topic.

List of Essays on Noise Pollution in English

Essay on Noise Pollution – Essay 1 (250 Words)


Noise pollution is the regular exposure to pre-eminent sound levels that cause hazardous effects in the living organisms. The world health organization says that any sound less than 70 decibel is not hazardous and will not cause any ill effects to the living organisms. However, sounds that are more than 70dB are considered hazardous. The excessive amount of noise out in the environment makes it unsafe to live in. The unpleasant sounds and noise can cause an imbalance in nature.

Causes of Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution is caused by various activities by the humans. The urbanization and modern civilization, and the impact of higher degree of industrialization are the sources of noise pollution. The blowout of noise is because of two different sources – industrial and non-industrial. The former one includes noise from big machines, high-speed technologies, etc., whereas, the latter is the noise from electric gadgets at home, transport, traffic etc.

Effects of Noise Pollution:

The increase in the noise leads to a decline in the quality of work done by humans. This brings a reduction in the concentration levels of humans. Temporary deafness, psychological issues, and coronary defects are the effects in humans and other living organisms. The old building and historical monuments are also affected by the noise. Plants are also affected by the increase in noise.


Higher levels of noise are hazardous and it is also difficult to make them escape in a closed environment. The increased levels of noise pollution in the environment have made it an urgent need to create awareness about the causes, effects, and prevention of noise pollution. The higher level of noise should be reduced at home and also at a workplace. People should be educated about the hazards of noise pollution. Let’s all make it our responsibility to prevent the environment from further noise pollution and make the earth a better place to live in.

Essay on Noise Pollution – Essay 2 (300 Words)

Noise pollution is the pollution due to a loud or unnatural noise that causes some kind of uncomfortable situation to the person hearing it because of its higher level of sound or noise. This irritating noises may even cause a disturbance in the daily lives as well as the imbalance in the environment.

Noise pollution, if not controlled, will result in the abnormality of natural lifestyle and this was mainly caused due to the development of our world. Events with loud music, bands, etc., are also a nuisance to the environment. Every one of us is so selfish that we ruin other fellow beings life to enjoy our own.

High noises made by the various means can make a person behave irritated and even they get diseased with different abnormalities in the body. Especially noise pollution affects senior citizen as they are weaker than they were in their young age and their organs also get aged with time. Pregnant women are also advised to stay away from such high irritating noises that cause noise pollution.

Industrialization, urbanization, etc., are the main cause for this increased noise pollution in this developing world. Many technically developed systems and machines failed to stay safe to fulfill the health precautions of the living species.

Our eardrum is the part of our body that helps in receiving the sound vibrations. 60db is the maximum level of sound that soothes the ears and does not affect in any way. But when the level crosses 80db, the sound becomes painful and uncomfortable both physically and mentally. A sound is said to create noise pollution when it gets unbearable to the living being hearing it, whether human, animal or even a bird, fish, etc.

Noise pollution is a kind of pollution that should be controlled effectively to maintain a peaceful and healthily balanced life. This control will also help in the balancing of our nature as well. Limited use of machines like vehicles, horns in them, etc. to an extent will obviously help in the reduction of noise pollution.

Essay on Noise Pollution – Essay 3 (400 Words)


Noise is a day to day encounter and most people do not consider it a problem. However, the noises we hear are mostly related to activities of daily living and therefore people are used to them. Pollution is a term that has been related to chemicals and major problems in the environment without the thought of having noise as a pollutant to the environment. Noise pollution is however described as noises that are annoying or irritating that are constantly being heard in an environment. Noise pollution can be harmful to individuals and has to be taken seriously. Examples of noise pollutants include airplanes, alarms, and lawn mowers. The issue of noise pollution has to be taken into consideration because it can result in serious consequences such as hearing disturbances and eventually hearing loss.

Causes of Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution occurs through different ways. Exposure to irritating noise in the environment is dependent on the activities being done. In an environment where there is a lot of industrial activities, the industrial noises will be prominent in polluting the environment. Another cause is the social interactions among people. During social interactions like events and parties, there is pollution of noise through the loud music that is being played to entertain people.

Impacts of Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution has affected the lives of individuals in more ways than one. Health effects include the development of health problems such as hearing loss, insomnia, stress and mental distraction. The other effect is the lowered productivity at the workplace due to noise disturbances. People require maximum concentration in order to enhance their productivity.

Impact of noise pollution can be felt in both single exposure and multiple exposure. Multiple exposure results in hearing loss when an individual is exposed to harmful noise more than once. The hearing loss experienced upon single exposure is because of the magnitude of the noise that directly comes in contact with the ears. A gunshot for example can cause hearing loss within a single exposure.


In conclusion, it is evident that people are less conscious about noise pollution. The causes of noise pollution are mainly the activities that take place within n environment. The impacts of noise pollution are rarely experienced but they can be serious. Hearing loss is a major consequence of noise pollution. Generally, noise pollution should be taken seriously just as other pollutions.

Essay on Noise Pollution: Causes and Effects – Essay 4 (500 Words)

Noise pollution is a type of pollution that is produced by numerous things whether by the industrialized or non-industrialized noises influencing the health of plants, human beings, and animals in several parts. Frequently growing noise pollution level is maintaining the lives of persons of existing generation and future generations at elevated danger.

Causes of Noise Pollution:

The noise pollution’s level has been upsurge enormously by the growth, modern development, industrial development, etc. The range of noise is instigated by the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sources. The noise of industrial sources consists of the utilization of huge machinery of elevated technologies functioning at high noise level and speed power in the numerous activities.

The non-manufacturing noise’s sources formed outside the trades, for example, through the transportation, traffic of automobiles and other types of means used by people. The non-industrial noise’s source might be manmade or natural. There are few non-industrial and industrial sources of the noise pollution as stated underneath:

i. The creation of noise by the low airborne military airplane has also included the noise pollution to the atmosphere predominantly.

ii. The noise of the road traffic is growing gradually in the urban as of the engines and exhaust system of automobiles such as buses, trucks, motorbikes, automobiles, personal cars, etc. The elevated structures in the metropolises result in the noise to echo in that region for a certain period.

iii. The creation of the industrial unit formed by the industrial plants as of the utilization of compressors, motors, fans, etc.

iv. The creation of the noises by the construction of roads, tall buildings, roads, city highways, etc., with the help of bulldozers, pavement breakers, air-filled hammers, dump trucks, air compressors, loaders, etc.

v. The creation of noise by the railroads (from whistles, locomotive engines, switching or shunting operations and the horns inside the rail yards) are too quite effective in producing the high range of noise pollution since they generate highest noise level nearby 122 dB on the way to 110 feet.

vi. The creation of noise inside the building as of the generators, plumbing, household equipment, boilers, music, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, fans, kitchen appliances, and other loud events in the locality.

vii. One more noise pollution’s source is the utilization of diversity of firecrackers at the time of carnivals and other household events.

Effects of Noise Pollution:

The noise pollution extremely influences the animals, human being’s health, and other things, such as:

i. The growing level of noise pollution gradually is reducing the effectiveness of work in individuals.

ii. The noise pollution decreases attentiveness level and results in tiredness and fatigue.

iii. It enormously influences the expecting females and results in abortion and irritation.

iv. It results in various diseases (such as mental illness and high blood pressure) to the human beings as it distracts the peace of mind.

v. The noise pollution reduces the work’s quality and therefore results in absence of attention level.


The high level of noise pollution has produced a crucial requirement for the general consciousness regarding the effects, sources, and precautionary measures for the problem. Young kids, as well as students, must be encouraged to not to participate in the high noise pollution creating acts such as utilization of the high noise producing equipment, etc.

Essay on Noise Pollution: Causes, Effects and Remedies – Essay 5 (650 Words)


Noise pollution, also called sound pollution is one of the most happening and most dangerous forms of pollution in the world. Yet very little is talked or done about it. It is because it does not affect us immediately as other forms of pollution such as water and air pollution do. But it is important to understand what causes it and what can be done in order to curb the menace of noise pollution.

Causes of Noise Pollution:

There are a number of human activities which cause noise pollution. Sounds from traffic such as beeping of vehicles are a common cause. Additionally, heavy machinery being sued at construction sites leads to considerable increase in the levels of noise pollution. The sounds generated from aircraft, trains, generators, mills are other sources of noise pollution.

Even workplaces contribute considerably to the increase of noise pollution. The loudspeakers and household sounds such as televisions are sufficient enough to affect the hearing capacity of any living being.

Effects of Noise Pollution:

While we may immediately realise the harmful effects of noise pollution has on us, it is actually a cause of many lifestyle diseases we suffer from today. For instance, loss of hearing is a direct effect of noise pollution in many people. People, who are exposed to loud sounds for the greater part of the day, tend to suffer from a gradual hearing loss. However, since it does not occur in one day, we do not tend to realise the effect on us.

Large sounds also lead to disturbance in sleep patterns. If you have loudspeakers in your vicinity during late nights you shall find it difficult to sleep. This directly affects your overall health. Moreover, it leads to increased cases of people suffering from hypertension as well.

Sharp and sounds make it difficult for people to communicate with each other. The inability to talk properly in such circumstances makes us shout which affects our voice glands. Also, it is an emotional disturbance as well and affects us mentally.

It is not the only the humans who are affected by noise pollution. It also affects the marine life as well, especially the whales. Some marine organisms use sounds to detect food and communicate with each other. However, due to increased sound levels in the seas and oceans, they are unable to do so and hence are affected. However, there has been a widespread violation of this law and there have not been many efforts from the agencies concerned to implement it with full force.

The Remedies Available:

Noise pollution has already become a challenge in our country. There are already specific rules and regulations in place set by the government to tackle this problem. For instance, as per the order from the Supreme Court of India, no one in the country is allowed to make use of loudspeakers for playing music after 10 pm.

Apart from this, there are a number of solutions available in order to curb the ever-increasing levels of noise pollution in our surroundings. For instance, if we are bound to be exposed to high sound levels, we must use earplugs in order to prevent our ears from damage. More so, we should be mindful of our activities which increase the levels of sound pollution. We must not honk unnecessarily while driving.

We must also follow the set noise levels limits by the Government. In cities such as Delhi the prescribed limit of noise is 80 decibels. We must follow these limits so that others are not affected due to our faults. Moreover, we must switch off the appliances when not in use. This not only saves energy but helps in reducing the noise levels in our environment.

There is a common sight of people using earplugs to listen to music and talking over the phone. However, we must take care of the prescribed decibel levels by the health experts. Also, when using loudspeakers as well we must ensure that does become a nuisance to others. In fact, light music is always from pleasant to ears than loud thuds of music.


There is no doubt that some volume of noise is necessary for our life. But, it is also a truth that we due to our own misuse noise pollution as on date is a growing environmental concern which needs immediate remedies in place. People have been found suffering from ear ailments and the ecology as well has been affected. It is high time that we implement the preventive measures available to us in order to reduce noise pollution. Or else, tomorrow the future generations may suffer from permanent hearing related diseases and the ecology shall be affected beyond repair.

Essay on Noise Pollution: Sources and How to Reduce – Essay 6 (750 Words)

What is Noise Pollution?

When people talk about the bad effects of urbanization most mention bad air, the traffic and lack of green spaces but we seldom mention noise pollution. This is something that has changed over time and we are now more aware of the fact that noise pollution represents a danger equally as much as other forms of pollution.

Sources of Noise Pollution:

The world has changed in the past centuries more then it has in the past several thousand years or actually our cities have changed and we moved from the rural surrounding of nature to a mechanized and urban surrounding that is among other things full of noise pollution. The sources of noise pollution are many and when you stop and think about it you will find that everything in the city creates noise. That’s all fine you can call it the urban jungle; the only problem is that the jungle is not so loud.

The city has various forms of public transport and all of them are running during the entire day sometimes even over the night. Then there is the sound of all the people on the street speaking, walking or running. Add to the mixture, the sound of our home appliances, bars, restaurants and counter halls and you have a symphony of irritable noise pollution all around you. Noise pollution is so common in the city that most people do not even notice it is there and they do not think about it at all. Some have suggested that we have evolved to protect our hearing from noise pollution but this is not true. Our hearing cannot evolve in such a way and the influence of noise pollution is ever present the only thing that happens is that we develop a sort of psychological resistance to hearing so much sound.

How Serious is Noise Pollution?

The other problem with noise pollution is the fact that people often underestimate the effects it can have on our health. First of all, noise pollution influences our hearing ability in a negative way because it influence’s the hearing apparatus in our ear that cannot be repaired. The average modern city produces enough noise pollution to do precisely that and a lot of people have trouble with their hearing that sometimes goes unidentified for several years.

The other negative effect of noise pollution is the influence it has on our blood pressure. Recent research is showing that prolonged exposure to noise pollution increases our blood pressure significantly and over time it can create cardiovascular problems. Constant exposure to noise pollution makes people irritable and it can disturb our sleep making us less capable to perform our daily activities properly.

Lastly noise pollution influences our concentration and makes us less capable to perform logical tasks. This fact was proven in an experiment done in a school in New York City. The school was located next to a railroad and on side of the building was exposed to continuous noise pollution. After testing students from both sides of the building the researchers determined that the continuous exposure to noise pollution made students perform badly in comparison with the ones that had no such exposure. The difference was so drastic that there was no doubt that noise pollution was the main culprit behind the student’s bad performance.

How Can we Reduce Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is just one more problem that the urban life has brought to humanity and as with the other sources of pollution, we can do things to help us prevent the bad influences’ such pollutants have on our lives and health. After identifying the fact that noise pollution is becoming a problem for our health and mental well being some countries have created protocols and plans for their reduction. The techniques are many ranging from the regulations on the design of car motors to the volume of sound allowed in household appliances.

The regulations on noise pollution do not have to be linked with technology and other man-made objects they can also regulate how loud we are during the day. Therefore, some cities have policies of low sound pollution in certain periods of the day when people need to rest. That also involves creating new laws that will fine the people who disturb the peace by creating noise pollution. There is no single solution to the problem of noise pollution and when we consider the bad effect it has on our health the need to make our cities less noise becomes paramount.

Essay on Noise Pollution: Effects of Noise Pollution on Health – Essay 7 (1000 Words)


Noise pollution otherwise known as sound pollution or environmental noise can be simply defined as the propagation and spread of a lot of noise that have a negative effect on human activity and animal life. Noise pollution all over the world is majorly caused by transportation systems, transport and machines. Other causes of noise pollution all over the world include improper urban planning (when residential and industrial buildings are built side by side in areas that should be solely residential).

Major sources of pollution by noise in areas that are residential include sporting activities that include yelling, nearby construction, maintenance of lawns, transportation noise, or loud music. A form of noise pollution that is on the rise is the noise from electricity generators in households leading to environmental degradation most especially in developing countries. Different studies have shown that there is higher noise pollution in communities that are for the racial minority and are low-income communities.

High levels of noise can lead to a variety of cardiovascular conditions in us humans and it can also lead to an increase in the occurrence of diseases of the coronary artery. Also, animals are at a higher risk of dying when there is noise as a result of predator altering, avoidance and detection of prey, noise also interferes with the navigation and reproduction of animals and noise also leads to a permanent loss of hearing.

The elderly have a possibility of suffering from cardiac problems as a result of noise. The most vulnerable group to noise are children, some of the effects of noise pollution on children can be permanent. It is a very serious and important threat to the psychological and physical health of a child and can cause serious harm to the behaviour and learning of a child.

Effect of noise pollution on the health of humans and wildlife:


Noise pollution can affect both the behaviour and health of humans. Noise or unwanted sounds can lead to the damage of a person’s physiological health. Pollution by noise can cause a lot of things like sleeping disturbances, hearing loss, tinnitus, levels of stress that are very high, hypertension and a host of many other effects that are harmful.

A sound can be classified as unwanted if it disrupts normal human activities like conversation or sleep or interferes with or diminishes the quality of a person’s life. Hearing loss that is induced by nose can be as a result of a prolonged and constant exposure to levels of noise that are above 85 decibels. A study showed that people that were not significantly exposed to industrial or transportation noise did not suffer from a loss of hearing like their counterparts that had significant exposure to industrial or transportation noise.


Noise pollution can be very detrimental to animals in the wild, the change in balance of prey or predator detection and also avoidance and also avoidance. Communication employs the use of sounds and noise pollution can easily affect the navigation and reproduction of animals. There can also be permanent or temporary hearing loss as a result of acoustic overexposure. Noise pollution can lead to an imbalance in the habitat of animals which can in turn lead to the extinction of some species of animals.

Noise Pollution Control:

A concept that is often employed in the reduction of noise pollution in the workplace or environment is a concept known as “Hierarchy of Controls”. We can employ noise controls that are engineering in nature to reduce the propagation of noise and also to protect all individuals from the overexposure to noise. If the noise control techniques available are not adequate or feasible, we as individuals can also try to take some steps to help protect ourselves from all of the negative effects of pollution by noise.

If we cannot do without being around sounds that are loud as a result of work or other factors, we should try to protect ourselves and our ears by using hearing protection devices like ear muffs or ear plugs. Recently, a program called buy quiet and its associated initiatives have done a lot of work in trying to combat noise exposures in places of work. The programs and the initiatives are promoting the purchase and use of equipment and tools that quieter and also encouraging the design of equipment and tools that are quieter by manufacturers.

Roadway noises and other forms of urban contributors to noise pollution can be controlled through proper urban planning with the design of our roads better. We can reduce roadway noise through using noise barriers, limiting the speed of vehicles, changing the surface texture of roadways, limiting the movement of vehicles that are heavy, the employment of traffic signals and controls that can help in the smooth flow of vehicles to reduce acceleration and braking, and design of tire.

All of the various strategies in controlling roadway noises can be applied using a very important factor known as computer model used in roadway noise. This computer model is capable of handling and addressing hypothetical mitigation, traffic operations, meteorology and local topography. All of these various methods including the costs can be very modest especially mitigation building-in, as long as all of the solutions are done during the process of planning the project. We can also reduce the noise from aircraft by employing the use of jet engines that are quieter. The residents of areas near the airports can also benefit from changing the time and flight paths of flights.


To conclude, it is extremely essential that we take noise pollution very seriously. There are a lot of harmful effects of noise pollution to the human health and we must do all we can to help prevent, control and, manage noise pollution in our environment. It is very important that we employ various noise control techniques and do the best we can in stopping noise pollution. We can control noise pollution through proper urban planning and separating residential areas from industrial areas. We must protect our environment from noise pollution.

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