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5 Steps Process for Researching on the ‘Article Topics’ for Wisdom Posts

Below are the 5 steps processes that you can use when writing a great article for Wisdom Post.

Step #1 – Doing the research

The first step is to do the research. Depending on your level of expertise, if you are familiar with the topic, you will need less research. What you can do is to Google for relevant and similar article topics from other websites. Take note of their writing style and the points they used to explain the title. Read through some good articles that you found when necessary.

Step #2 – The draft

This is the most important step of writing a good article because your draft structure will determine the flow of your content and how interesting your article can be. What you can do is to draft out the subheadings that you are going to include in your article. Once you got the draft, you will know roughly what to write and how long your article will be. Spend more time here because most of your content ideas will be here.

Step #3 – Writing the content

If you have done your research, you will know what to write here. Writing your content largely depends on your knowledge on the topic. This is why you need to read more of other people’s work if you want to come up with interesting ideas and your own unique point of view. You can read books, articles, or even watch YouTube videos to improve your knowledge on the subject. Another way you can come up with interesting content is to take note of other people’s work, and then write it in your own view. Do not copy and try to rewrite the content from your understanding.

Step #4 – Making it interesting

In this step, what you need to do is to include interesting ideas that will make your article great. This is where you can include quotes, stories, examples, and even research data into your article to make it look professional. When you are citing some authority figure, you can use their quotes. If you are talking about research and statistic, you can include numbers to make your article well written. People love to read articles with specific ideas rather than vague and general articles. When you include someone famous in the industry like Anthony Robbins, readers will be able to connect better with you and it somehow shows that you are an “insider” in the industry.

Step #5 – Finalizing the article

Once you have finished writing the article, reread it. This is what most people will never do. Rereading your article is important because it allows you to discover your mistakes, errors and at the same time, allows you to include interesting ideas into the article for the last time. Use spell check websites such as Grammarly and SpellCheckPlus for checking before submitting your article. You can install Grammarly into Ms Words, or if you are not using Ms Words, you can check your article from Grammarly’s website directly.

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