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TubeBuddy Review: The Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit

YouTube is huge today, with 1.5 billion active monthly users and it is considered the top 3 most visited website in the world. There are over 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute and every day, over a billion hours of YouTube videos are being watched.

YouTube has grown so big that even celebrities are using it for promotion and greater reach. Rockstar celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna are utilizing the YouTube platform to reach more of their fans and to stay connected. Besides that, YouTube has become a market and industry by itself. It has created a lot of millionaires such as PewDiePie, Roman Atwood, Lily Singh, and Rosanna Pansino, and people have quit their job to become a full-time YouTuber.

So if you are a YouTube publisher or you have the intention to start utilizing YouTube, you are going to need a tool that can help you in growing your presence and reaching out to more people easily and efficiently.

There is a great tool that almost every YouTuber needs, and it is called TubeBuddy. This tool is powerful because it is packed with tons of useful features that help YouTubers such as you to get the most out of your videos.

And the best part is that TubeBuddy is actually an extension of your browser, meaning to say that you do not have to install any external program or software to use it. You can use the tool straight from your normal YouTube interface using your preferred browser.

Although TubeBuddy is a premier and premium tool that every YouTuber needs to have, it does come with a free version where you do not have to pay for anything to use it. Of course, the feature will be limited, but there are still some very powerful features available for free users to utilize.

Now, let us take a look at how this YouTube tool can help you in growing your channel and making more money from YouTube.

How to Get Started with TubeBuddy

The installation of TubeBuddy into your browser is easy. It works just like every other extension. Most people are using Google Chrome, so we will demonstrate the step-by-step instructions using Chrome.

1. Head over to TubeBuddy official website at http://TubeBuddy.com

2. Once you are there, you will see their main page as per below. All you need to do then is to click on the “Install Free On Chrome” button.


3. After you clicked on that button, it will take you to your Google Chrome extension site. And then you need to click on “Add to Chrome” button to install it in your browser. Just like the picture shown below.


4. Once you have added the TubeBuddy extension to your browser, you will see the TubeBuddy icon in the top right corner of your browser display. What you need to do next is to head over to YouTube and linked your YouTube account with TubeBuddy.

5. If your YouTube channel is not linked properly, there will be a warning pop-up and you can do the linking again from there. And if everything works perfectly, you should be able to see the TubeBuddy drop-down menu when you go to your YouTube, just like the picture shown below.


6. And you are done. You have just successfully installed TubeBuddy to your internet browser and now it is time for you to leverage on this powerful tool and use the numerous features it provides to grow your YouTube channels.

Powerful and Interesting Features from TubeBuddy

There are a lot of features that you can use from TubeBuddy, and basically, they can be categorized into 5 sections, which are Productivity, Bulk Processing, Video SEO, Promotion, and Data and Research.

Let us go through some of the promising features that are available and that you can use right away to build a YouTube Channel. Please understand that there are much more features available from TubeBuddy, which is impossible for us to cover everything here. Below are just some of the examples that you can find from TubeBuddy.

Productivity Tools

There are many features available in the productivity category such as Card Templates, Emoji Picker, and Sunset Videos. And these tools are aimed to help you better managed your channel in a more efficient way. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

1. Animated Gift Generator

This is a feature where it allows you to easily turn any part of a YouTube video into an animated GIF file. This is useful when you want to post a clip with a link to your YouTube video on other social media platform such as Twitter. You can also use the animated GIF as a teaser video clip to include in your email campaign or any website.


2. Emoji Picker

With this feature, you can now easily add emoji icons to your video Titles, Tags, and also Descriptions. This will definitely make your video Title and Descriptions stand out from the rest. And this feature is especially powerful for videos that are targeted at the entertainment or children industry.

3. Thumbnail Generator

One of the most important keys to attracting viewers to watch your video is to have an attractive thumbnail picture. And this feature allows you to create professional and quality thumbnail picture using still frames from your video. And you can also edit the picture with text or image overlays.

Bulk Processing Tools

The features in this category will be extremely useful when you need to manage a lot of videos all at once. As the name suggested, bulk processing, it contains features such as Bulk Copy Cards, Bulk Publish to Facebook, and so on.

1. Bulk Copy Cards

YouTube has a feature call cards and it allows users to add interactivity to your videos. Cards can point viewers to a specific URL, show customized titles, images, calls to action and more. And with TubeBuddy, you can add Cards to your videos in bulk. Adding Cards are an important part of marketing your videos, and when you have a lot of videos, it may take you forever to do. Thus, the Bulk Copy Cards feature can be your savior.


2. Bulk Publish to Facebook

Publishing a video to your Facebook account is easy, but if you are trying to do it with more videos, the process can take up a lot of your time. Plus, the Bulk Publish to Facebook feature from TubeBuddy allows your video to be published as a native video rather as a shared video on YouTube. This is extremely powerful because statistic shows that a native video gets more shares and likes compare with a YouTube video.

3. Bulk Find, Replace and Append

This feature allows you to find, replace, append or remove from video titles and descriptions for all your videos. It is useful when you have a lot of videos and you want to replace the hyperlink in your video descriptions or when you want to remove references to any website.

Video SEO Tools

Just like how the normal SEO works for a search engine, the video SEO is important to rank your videos according to the keywords you are targeting. When people search for the terms or keywords, your videos may appear higher on the search results and hence, get you more views. Here are some features in this category.

1. Auto Translator

This feature is powerful because it translates your video Title, Descriptions and also the Tags into other languages. You already know that YouTube is a worldwide community where people from all around the world can view the videos there. You definitely do not want to miss out reaching viewers from another part of the world, and this feature can help you in this.


2. Keyword Rank Tracking

Another great feature from TubeBuddy is that you can use this tool to track your videos rankings across YouTube and Google for your desired keywords. There is no point to do video SEO when you cannot track the results. This feature allows tracking the results from not your videos SEO performances, but also from your competitor’s videos.

3. Video A/B Tests

When it comes to video SEO, you need to test a lot of things including the Title, Descriptions and also the Tags to find out what works out best. And with this feature, you can find the best style for your Titles that drive the most views, and you can also find out if the changes you make to your Title, Descriptions, and Tags are affecting your search traffic.

Promotion Tools

This is where you can do the promotion and marketing of your videos more effectively. If you think that you can just upload a video to YouTube and thousands of people will view your video, you are wrong. There are over 500 hours of videos being uploaded every minute, so what makes your video stand out from the crowd? This is why promotion is important. Let us look at some of the features from TubeBuddy here.

1. Description Promotion

This feature allows you to promote one of your videos in the descriptions of your other videos. When you make a new video upload, you can use your older videos to promote it. There are many ways how you can leverage on this feature, such as promoting a video that is running a contest and showcase an older video that is relevant. Just be creative.


2. Share Tracker

You can track and share your videos on multiple social media sites with this feature. Sometimes, you may have forgotten which social sites you have shared your video to, and you can easily track your social shares using this feature.

3. Promotion Materials

This is where you can create a special and unique link and code for your video when you are promoting it on other websites or through your email campaign. Plus, when you are using the specialized link, you can track the number of clicks and other stats.

Data and Research Tools

TubeBuddy also has powerful features for your data and research. This is where you can understand your videos and channels performance and statistics from your viewers. The data you received from your viewers is important in helping you grow your YouTube channel.

1. Best Time to Publish

Do you know when the best time to publish your video is? Most people have no idea, but with this feature from TubeBuddy, you can tell when your audience is the most active and thus, you can upload your video at the right time and give it a jumpstart. This feature also allows you to target your subscribers or non-subscribers.


2. Brand Alerts

You can monitor YouTube for new videos, playlists, and channels uploaded about you or your video with this feature. It is useful when you want to know if someone has uploaded a video about your product or brand. You can also use this video to track uploads about your competitor on YouTube.

3. Health Report

This is quite an important feature where you can get an overall health and performance of your channel and videos. You will find out what is working and what is not using the analytics that provides you statistics such as demographics, watch time, search traffic and more.

Pricing and Plans

For someone who is totally new, you can start with the free version with TubeBuddy, but the access to the features will be limited. Of course, you can get yourself familiarize with TubeBuddy before you choose to go for the paid plans.

There are three paid plans available from TubeBuddy, the Pro with $9/month, Star with $19/month, and the Legend plan with $39/month. Every level of the package will give you different access to the features and tools. If you are already making money from your YouTube channel and videos, you can start with the paid plan.

Final Thoughts

TubeBuddy is one of the most popular YouTube tools available on the market right now. With the powerful features and videos explanation available in its platform, any YouTuber can profit and manage their channels and videos more easily.

From the pricing and plans available on TubeBuddy right now, it is very affordable. As a result, we strongly believe that this is a great and powerful tool that everyone who wants to build and grow their presence through YouTube should obtain.

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