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How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful business tool that anyone who has a business needs to have. It helps in getting more leads, solidify your branding as well as building a connection with your potential customers. The problem is, if you do not have followers, you can’t enjoy all these benefits.

Having so many followers on Twitter isn’t just a prestige, and the followers are not just numbers. Having many followers on Twitter has a lot of value for your business. Most online marketers got most of their customers on Twitter.

Working towards increasing the number of followers on twitter doesn’t need you to be a celebrity, or hacking to increase the number of your followers. The number of your followers can be increased by your visibility, being follow-worthy, and using other proven strategies to increase your followers.

There are several ways of increasing your followers on twitter and they include:

Become Follow-worthy

There are several ways through which can make him or herself follow-worthy on twitter. Just have a look at the following methods

Compose funny, interesting and provoking tweets

Potential followers will read your recent tweets to see if they need to follow you. If they find your tweets boring to read, they won’t see the need for following you. Therefore, the better your tweets the more followers you will get. How can you be funny, interesting and provoking in your tweets?

Post multimedia

Tweeting pictures, videos and even sound clips will make your posts funny and interesting to follow.

Be transparent, interesting and provocative

Share interesting stories about your past and even present life. This will get readers addicted to reading your stories daily.

Post interesting links

Browse the web voraciously to get nice stories that you share with your followers. Some people go to the extent of paying employees to look for stories on the internet so as they can get some nice tweeting material for their followers.

Add variety

It’s good to ensure that you tweet on a variety of subjects not just what is related to you or what you think. You can tweet on a variety of topics from your interests; share a piece of advice, post photos or anything that is cool.

Work on your profile

Make sure that your profile is complete and it has an avatar that has a clear face of you and also a solid bio. It is good for people to know you, who you are, what you do and also your interests.

The simplest and the best way to go for an avatar is a photo of your face looking straight to the lens. Avoid taking a photo of your avatar from funny angles or having some other decorations on your photo. It should be simple and clear. It should be cropped into a square, don’t shrink it down. People should be able to click it and see the larger version of it.

Many people have developed the habit of first reading someone’s bio before they decide to follow that person. A well-written bio can help you get more followers compared to a poorly written bio.

If you have a company and you would wish to use its brand as an avatar instead of using a photograph it’s acceptable. However, changing your avatar frequently can make your account look like a spam account. Therefore, this is not acceptable.

Tweet often, at the right times of the day

There is no one who would wish to follow someone who doesn’t tweet. It’s important to be consistent in tweeting. You should have at least one tweet a day and ideally two in a day so as to maximise your visibility on Twitter.

It’s also important to post your tweets a time in the day when most people are active on Twitter. No one will ever see your tweets or follow you if most of the time you tweet when they are asleep or when they are busy at work.

Make sure that you don’t inundate your followers with too many tweets. This can fill up their news feed and come as spammy; this can make them unfollow you.

Most of the people who often use twitter are from the US. Therefore, you should take your time zone into account if you want to grow the number of followers from the US.

Use hashtags

Use of hashtags connects you to people with whom you have similar interests and also increases the visibility of your tweets.

Make sure you add hashtags to your tweets and also create tweets that are based on hashtags that have become popular on Twitter at that time. This will increase the exposure of your tweets.

Like any other thing, hashtags use on twitter should be moderated. You can just pick one or two amusing hashtags which will add quality to your tweet.

Follow everyone who follows you

It’s good to follow the people who follow you. This is simply because some people may decide to unfollow you when they see that you didn’t follow them back.

When you follow back, some of your followers may respond to you publicly which gives you an added exposure to their followers; this can create interest in them for following you.

How to Increase Your Visibility on Twitter

Direct people to your tweeter account

You can achieve this by adding “follow me on Twitter” links in your blog, email and any other social network.

Through this way, people who get interested in what you do will easily find your Twitter profile and they will definitely follow you.

Follow people whom you have similar interests with and also follow their followers

It may look complicated but it’s very simple. Just look for people whom you have similar interests and follow them. Consider following those with many followers.

However, avoid following too many people as this may draw away potential followers.

Repeat your popular tweet

Search for your twitter profile and get the update that gets most replies and retweets. You can repeat those tweets once or twice.

Through this, you will catch the attention of those people who didn’t see that update.

Ask people to retweet you

Being retweeted makes you more exposed to the edges of your Twitter network. Adding “please retweet” at the end of your posts reminds your followers that you require them to spread that tweet to you.

How to Increase Your Followers Strategically

Occasionally unfollow people who haven’t followed you back

This will help you from reaching the following limit. Let’s say for example you have followed 2000 people you will not be able to follow more unless you get 2000 people following you.

If this happens, you will have to clean up the list of the people you have followed and they have not followed back. You can also unfollow those people who do not tweet or maybe you are not interested in their tweets

In cases where your following list has a lot of people, it will be very tedious to clean up that list. Therefore, you can consider getting services such as friendorfollow to help in cleaning up that list. After it has been cleaned, you can now start following people again.

Follow people who auto follow

Twitter users who have many followers especially celebrities are likely to follow you automatically if you follow them.

How can you know this person? They may be following a lot of people but unlike spammers, they will have the same number of followers.

Auto followers are likely to follow spammers. Spam followers usually have 1,000 plus people they are following but only 5 to 10 people who are following them back.

Follow anyone who follows spam followers. These are people most cases follow in return in order to increase their follower count.

Consider buying some followers

There are services that allow you to buy followers. In most cases, this followers will be fake accounts which are set up for the purpose of increasing numbers.

If you have a personal account it’s good to build your list the old-fashioned way. Buying followers are commonly done by celebrities and politicians since their accounts should have a large number of followers.

There are many risks that come with follower buying. It’s not a guarantee that you will have these followers for a long time. You may find that at the first week you have many followers, the following week the number slightly reduces. Most of the follower sellers are scams that have been designed so as to get your information or gather contacts information so as to spam your real followers.


Growing your followers on Twitter takes time and a lot of effort. That’s why many people try to look for shortcuts to increase the numbers of their followers.

The truth is that, following that isn’t real is pointless. People who have fake followers in their accounts are likely to face a big blow since there are tools which highlight the accounts that have fake followers, this can affect their accounts.

Therefore, use the above tips to grow your followers list. You won’t regret the results.

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