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If You Have a Website You Need This Tool- AppSumo

There are over 25000 sites that are using SumoMe to increase their website traffic. The founder of SumoMe Noah kagan aims at creating a one-stop shop for website traffic generation tools, where people are able to get all the tools needed to improve their websites.

  • SumoMe includes free apps such as
  • Heat maps enable you to see where your website visitors click
  • Share which gets your visitors spread the greatness of your website.
  • List builder which helps in increasing your daily email signup

With all these good mouth watering tools, it’s very sad that most of the web site owners are not using SumoMe.

Reasons Why You Should Use SumoMe

SumoMe is Free

SumoMe is absolutely free; you don’t need to pay anything for you install it. SumoMe is not a scam that is aiming to get your data and sell it to scammers, we love all people and our aim is to help as many people as possible improve their websites. Maybe in future, SumoMe will be offering premium tools which you will need to pay if you want to use them but most of our tools will remain free.

SumoMe Can Work on All Sites

It doesn’t matter whether your site is in WordPress or HTML. SumoMe tools are able to improve all types of sites.

Over 25000 Sites are Using SumoMe Every Day

All these people are using SumoMe to generate traffic to their website. So you need not doubt the benefits that SumoMe ha for your website.

What Can SumoMe do For You?

Any person that owns a site know how important is to ask for the email addresses of your site visitors. It’s almost impossible to grow your blog if you don’t have an email list for your readers. Mostly some people may visit your site once and never visit it again. SumoMe has the ability to fix that.

Here are some of the things that SumoMe will help you with.

Grow Your Email List.

The best way to attract readers to join your email list is creating bonuses and giveaways that you place at the front of the right audience. Sumo list builder can help you in achieving that.

What type of giveaways should you create?

  • Convert a lengthy blog article into a PDF
  • Give your subscribers a chapter from your latest books
  • Create a checklist
  • Create a template based on one of your posts.

Here are some of the tools that will help you grow your email list.

Welcome Mat

SumoMe welcome mat displays a screen with a call to action that has to options for the users: to opt in using their email addresses or to click No thanks.

This tool will help you gather a list of email addresses and build up your emails list. You don’t need to worry about worrying your old visitors when they visit your website because welcome mat shows up only for the new writers. You can customize the colours of your welcome mat so that they give the look and the feel of your site.

Scroll Box

If you find that welcome mat is not working for you to your expectations, scroll box is the simplest and politest way to ask for email signups. When a new person visits your website, a scroll box appears on the screen and prompts people to opt in.

You can customize the scroll box to make it appear for the new visitors and also the colour to make it attractive. Make sure you set up your scroll box so that it offers new visitors a bonus; this will increase the number of visitors who opt-in.

Smart Bar

SumoMe smart bar is a good way of enabling people to know about bonuses and offers on your site. It operates just like tool hero bar. Once the smart bar is set up a bar appears at the top of your homepage or individual blog posts. You can use the smart bar for notifications, collect email addresses or even make an announcement to your readers.

Increase Social Share

Social shares are a nice way to increase social shares to your site. However, you should note that they are not easy to get when you are starting off. SumoMe has several apps that will help you increase social shares on your website.

Share Bar

Share bar presents your readers with buttons all around your posts which they can click to share with others in social media. This will help generate more traffic to your website. You are the one who makes the decision on when the share bar should appear and which social networks the posts should be shared.

Image Sharer and Highlighters

Image sharer puts buttons on blog post images which encourage readers to share them on their social media networks such as twitter, facebook among others. SumoMe sends a report weekly with details of how people have shared on your site. Therefore you can use this information to figure out which social media platforms you need to concentrate on.

For Improving Your Content

If you have been wondering how you can improve your content, SumoMe has lots of information on how you can improve your future posts and provide readers with what they need. Here are some of the SumoMe tools that will help you improve your content.


Most individuals who visit your website read 20% or less of your content. New website visitors may only look at the introduction, subheadings and the conclusion of your posts. Using heat maps you can be able to see how much people read and what draws their attention and what makes them lose interest in reading your posts. Then you can use this information to improve the quality of your content.

Google Analytics

You can use Google analytics to review your stats. However if you find it hard to use Google analytics, SumoMe simplifies it for you what to look at by putting the important information at the centre and at the front.

When you connect Google analytics with SumoMe you can be able to view the most popular post in your SumoMe dashboard.

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