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Three Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

Social media has become a major part of our lives. In fact, most of us are living and managing everything including our relationships and career virtually. Real life has taken a back seat. A kind of revolution we can say, but whatever it was, started with the advent of Facebook. With millions of profiles created on Facebook, within less than a decade, the craze is only shooting up every day. What’s more, have a look around and we would find adults, youngsters, and even older people getting active on Facebook and showing their presence online.

Of course, it’s fun to be making profiles, displaying the recent pictures, stealing attention, and being appreciated for looking good. What makes it more interesting and appealing is being able to find out and interact with childhood friends, relatives, and long-distance friends about whom we hardly had any whereabouts.

But, everything no matter how good and safe it feels, if stretched to excessive limits, may have certain negative consequences too. Same applies to this social media platform. Although it is okay to share your personal moments and joys there, one has to set a fine boundary and acknowledge it well.

Here are the three things that are not really safe to share on Facebook and should be kept private at all costs.

Personal Information

Your personal credential is one of the most sensitive information and no one must have the access to it but you. This includes everything from your name, date of birth, address, and even the contact number. Even if Facebook asks for it, and you find it okay to feed the number, a wise thing to do would be keeping the visibility settings locked.

The hackers are always in search of any sensitive info which can lead them to crack your account and misuse it to great extent. With your date of birth and phone number in the wrong hands, anything can be accessed with the help of some technical know-how.

Professional Grudges

If you are not happy about your professional life, which is completely okay, still keep your hard feelings to yourself and avoid pouring it out on Facebook. Many companies keep keen eyes on the profiles of their employees and do not mind taking hard actions if they find someone disclosing a crucial information of the company or ruining its reputation on social media.

Plans and Opinions

It’s exciting to share the grand vacation plans and boast about it. As dull as it may sound, making such revelations is not safe. Burglars may be reading about your plans and such sensitive details would be like a goldmine, leading them straight to your house, if they live nearby.

Sharing political opinions is another risky behavior that might get one in trouble. Not only is it time-consuming to indulge in any meaningless argument, it may also hurt the sentiments of others. It is better to restrict all these information to oneself and stay safe while enjoying the bliss of Facebook.

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