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How do you Add a Store to Your Facebook Page?

Facebook is huge and almost every business regardless of whether it is a multi-million dollar business or a new startup, people are using Facebook as a way to connect with their customers and market.

With today’s technology, Facebook has evolved and allowed their fan page owners to incorporate a store into their pages. Meaning to say that you can sell things directly through Facebook without owning another website. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of it.

In this article, you will learn how you can set up a store on your Facebook page.

Step #1 – Click the “Add Shop Section” Link

The first step you need to take is to click on the “Add Shop Section” to initiate the progress. Not all fan pages come with this feature and it appears to be random. You can check out the Facebook community for more information if your page does not has this feature.

Step #2 – Agree to the Terms and Conditions

You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions laid down by Facebook. Make sure you take your time to read this because it is extremely important to understand the do’s and don’ts for your business as the owner.

Step #3 – Fill in Your Payment Processing Details

What you need to do in this step is just to fill in all the relevant details for your shop and the payment processing. Usually, you will have two options for checkout, one is through Facebook and the other is through your website outside of Facebook. For this example, it will be easier to stick to checking out with Facebook. You will be required to set up an account with Stripe to do so.

Step #4 – Add Products to Your Facebook Store

Now you get to add your products to your Facebook store. Upload the product pictures, and fill in all the relevant description accordingly. Make your product listing interesting and the picture as catchy as possible. You can always edit your product after you have published it, so do not have to worry and just publish it for now.

Step #5 – Create Collections and Manage Your Store

If you have a number of products, you can categorize them using the collections feature. This option is available to you when you are adding the products to your store. You can organize your products according to their categories and make them more presentable.

Next, learn to manage your stores and the orders you receive. You can manage and also delete your store anytime you want in the setting section. And when you receive an order, you will receive a notification. You can then review and manage your orders in your “Publishing Tools” through your shop.

You need to ship the order before Stripe can process your payment. And after you have processed the order, you can mark it as “Shipped” and enter the tracking number if applicable. Besides that, Facebook will also take care of your inventory automatically. When you have any problem or question, you can always contact Facebook Support via live chat or email.

Setting up your store on your Facebook page can be easy. Just try it out and you can always edit and amend the settings according to your own requirement.


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