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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Approaching Women?

You send lots of man-hours and days on the internet reading pick-up lines and techniques. Where do they take us? Unfortunately, you still have the fear of approaching women.

It’s like the dating Guru that sold you the dating course that works only for him but not you. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you spend hundreds of dollars that don’t even promise you anything.

And you sit banging your head on the wall wondering:

Is the problem with me or did I invest in the wrong course?

A countless number of guys go through the same exact thing like you. They turn on the internet for a solution, only to be ripped off their hard earned money to strategies and pick up line that don’t work.

There’s good news for you:

I want you to spare the next 5 minutes, because at the end, you’re going to walk out of your personal computer feeling confident attracting every beautiful woman that you want.

Enough of the introduction, let’s begin with what you don’t know:

Women Have Fake Standards

The television, the movies and the media lie to us every single day. The lie is:

  • Women love wealthy men
  • Women love strong, handsome men
  • Women love tall and handsome men
  • Women love guys with six abs
  • Women love guys that have money

Well, if you ask any lady they’ll tell you so. They desire a guy a who has this and that. Could this be true.

No. The majority of women there could fall for any normal guy like me and you. In fact, women who claim to love wealthy man, won’t surprise you if they got married to a middle class man.

Women will tell you anything in their face to raise their standard high, but when they are approached by a nobody guy they will mostly love him.

You are asking why does that happen? It is because the Mr. Nobody guy knows how to appeal to women sexual instinct.

That’s what you need to know for now. That means, you need to learn how to appeal to women natural sexual instinct.

If you can do this right, chances are, women would run begging sex with you (kidding guys). They would want to know more about you. In other words, the things that make you attractive and seductive.

If you want to avoid fear, you need to understand that women have fake standard. Like the rest of the people that set goals and never achieve them, the majority of women never live up to that shit.

You should never be afraid my brother. Here are the ways you can overcome the fear of approaching women:

The Eye Contact

Eye contact is important when it comes to seduction. In fact the eye can tell you the kind of women you have. Using the power of the eye, you can know if she is a hard to get a girl or an easy to have a lady.

The mistakes that men make is approaching the lady without even making an eye contact first. You need to get her attention by making the eye contact.

Let me explain:

When you see a lady that you want to kiss or have sex with. First maintain an eye contact with him. While keeping an eye contact, you can wink her, you can smile, you can tilt your head.

Here are the signs that she is attracted to you just by the power of the eye:

  • She may smile at you
  • She may wink at you
  • She may look down with a smile

If you are at a bar, she may wink back. If you want to take the game further, raise your glass to her like you want to propose a toast.

If she also raises her glass of beer or whatever she is drinking. Then it is a sign that she is attracted to you. This is a sign that you should call her or go sit with her.

The Two Confidence Technique That Turn Women On

Confidence is something that most men struggle with. You may have heard that you need to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself stuff like.. I love myself, I like myself. Well, these affirmations didn’t work for me. What worked for me are two things that you’ll love:

  • Dress code
  • Body language

More than your dress code, your body language matters a lot. If your body language can tell a woman about your confidence and your way of thinking.

If you are a club, you want to show the right body language that shows that you are a confident guy. From the way you sit, the way you stand, the way you use your hand gestures to the way you put your legs.

Most importantly, to the way you hold and touch her. It has to show that you are the man taking the reigns. You don’t need an expensive dress code, but you need to have a decent style that shows who you are.

Take time to perfect your dress code and master the body language. They’ll help you overcome the fear of approaching women.

Master Self-Deprecation To Naturally Develop Humor

Ladies love a guy with a sense of humor. You need to have one, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be a comedian or Kevin Hart. Scientific studies have revealed that self-deprecating humor can help guys land dates and even get laid.

I want you to do yourself a big favor. I want you to take time to research and learn about self-deprecating humor. If you can’t do this from the list of things that I’ve said here, you’re lazy bro.

There is nothing that’s going to be easy if you don’t put effort. What is self-deprecating humor?

It means making jokes about yourself to draw attention to yourself. You can use self-deprecating humor to crack jokes from nothing, to tease a lady and even to make her horny.

Here is an example of self-deprecating joke:

Let say that a lady ask you a question like: Are you married?

Instead of jumping with the of yes and no. Here you frame something funny like this:

“Hell no. After much thought, has decided to preserve my virginity for the right woman, you know. I want her to break me. This is the best gift I can give a woman. If you happen to be the one, it’s fine, am with you till the end.”

How was that? Super interesting and charming. If the girls go on to ask another question, try to come up with something funny. Sometimes you can make jokes about her in a positive light that show attraction and seduction.

Are You Ready To Curse The Fear?

I am not saying that approaching a lady is easy. I was once shy and I know that. If you want to have a greater chance at picking up women, you need to follow what’ve told you.

Six months or 12 months from now, not only will you get the best girl of your dream. You’ll also have the most attractive women that men’s desires.

The truth is, there is nothing better to a man knowing that you can get any lady that you want on planet earth. Most importantly, get her attracted to you.

Flirting and chasing is a game that every man worth his salt enjoys. If you do it correctly using these techniques I’ve shown, I find no reason why a girl should never feel attracted to a bad ass like you.

If you need me to discuss the techniques, I’ve shown you in detail, just share and leave a comment below. I’ll prepare an in-depth article on the subject, I promise.

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