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What is the Difference Between Being Happy and Having Peace?

Well, there is a lot of difference between happiness and peace. More than 80% of the people in world strive for happiness. However, only a few people seek for inner peace. Though happiness and peace are interlinked with each other, these both are independent of external events.

Before we go into detail, let’s understand the real meaning of happiness and peace!

What is Happiness?

Happiness is nothing but a feeling of satisfaction that is different for different people. The term ‘Happy’ focuses on a few things like – having positive attitude towards life, feeling good and not feeling bad. There is no specific meaning of happiness, as it is related to quality of life.

A lot of people consider happiness as a temporary sense of satisfaction that may leave the person wanting to gain more. Happiness can’t hold space as anger and excitement for long period, and this is the reason why it is considered transitory. You can experience happiness only when something interesting happens in your life.

Happiness depends on several factors such as – achievements, ambitions, rewards etc. However, life is not just about the achievements and ambitions, but there is something else that gives a meaning to your life. Similarly, happiness can be spoiled by a number of external events. Remember that happiest people on earth don’t have best of everything, but they make best of everything they have.

Happiness is not the final destination, as most of the life events make us happy for short term. For example – being promoted, getting married, earning huge income etc. All these things give short term happiness, which may fade with time. When you have all the needs satisfied, you will get perfect happiness and enlightenment. There are different degrees of happiness and most of us fall between or close to the edges. Unhappiness can happen to even the happiest people in the world.

Being happy is all about fulfilling your desires and it may not give you inner peace. Your happiness can be permanent if you find inner peace.

Now, The Question is What is Peace?

Peace is the quietness inside you that can be achieved by leaving all the desires. You can be happy by fulfilling your desires and ambitions in life. However, you can attain peace in life by leaving all the desires of life. Peace is nothing but accepting the life as it is and is the state of passivity.

There is a misconception that peace makes life dull. The truth is – peace is not a state of dullness, but calmness. It makes you more happy, conscious and alive. People who discover inner peace can live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of their life.

People with inner peace neither overthink nor analyze every situation. There are a lot of things that spoils inner peace. For example – thinking about past incidents, constant dwelling of hurts, what people said or did etc. All these are waste of time and energy as they are meaningless thoughts.

Human mind is like a room scattered with many things. If you don’t like the room, all you can do is organize the things as you wish. Similarly, if your mind is crammed with thoughts, worries, fears and endless thinking — there is no room for positive thoughts. This state of tension and stress can affect the life in a negative way.

The best way to gain inner peace is to take away unwanted thoughts from your mind. This gives you a great feeling of permanent happiness, as you have gained control over your life. You will enjoy inner peace by keeping your mind free from worries and tensions. Don’t waste your time and energy with unnecessary thoughts and junk, as it is just clutter.

Relation Between Happiness and Peace

As said above, happiness and peace are interlinked, and it is difficult to differentiate from each other. However, there are certain situations when you can understand the difference between happiness and peace. Happiness and peace are two different feelings. The main difference between happiness and peace is –

  • Happiness is conditional, while peace is unconditional.
  • Happiness cannot remain forever, while peace remains forever.
  • Level of happiness can be judged, but peace cannot be judged.
  • Happiness is a state of being satisfied, while peace is a sensation of fulfilment

When you compare peace and happiness, what you will find is – peace is a stronger feeling than happiness. Happiness is a feeling which one may experience from satisfaction to bliss to contentment. Peace is the ultimate feeling which cannot be defined.

How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness

There is no secret in finding inner peace and staying happy. The key is to make a few positive experiences that help you differentiate between true reality and perceived reality. It is essential to know the difference, as it helps you to know when great things happen in your life. For example – a lot of children hate going to school. However, when they turn into adults – they will understand that it is one of the best moments of their life.

The best way to find peace and happiness is to maintain positive thoughts. Don’t make the life complicated by comparing with others or trying to achieve things that you beyond your capabilities. If you are not happy, then do something that makes you happier. You have the key with you to unlock happiness and inner peace. Once you recognize the power within you, take control of your life to live with happiness and peace.

It is completely ok to think of the past experiences and learn from them. You can experience positive change in life by focusing in the past and plan the future accordingly. If you are focused on finding happiness and inner peace, all you need to do is forgive others for their mistakes and move on. You are the one who is responsible for happiness and peace in your life, and no one else. So, try your best not to waste your time in unnecessary thoughts and live happily forever.

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