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20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World to Live in

1. Iceland

When it comes to the most peaceful country in the world, Iceland often tops the list. It is a country that stays out of the world’s conflicts. Iceland seldom or never hits the headlines. Despite the collapse of several banks in Iceland years ago, it remains as a peaceful country with amazing and spectacular natural beauty.

2. Denmark

Denmark has been famously known as one of the safest and peaceful countries in the world. During World War II, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark was under the ruling by the Nazis; however, it was still a peaceful place without fights. The people of Denmark prefer to focus on economic matters rather than war and fights.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is another peaceful country that has been known by many. The Institute for Economics and Peace has ranked New Zealand as one of the most peaceful countries. It has a limited military capability, low percentage of prisoners, world-class hospitality, and also amazing natural scenery have made New Zealand a wonderful place to live in.

4. Portugal

As part of the member of the European countries, Portugal has one of the lowest crime rates in the world with great standards of living. Not only that, Portugal is also the world’s 43rd largest economy according to World Bank with one of the highest GDP growth.

5. Austria

A small country located in the South Central of European, Austria can often be found in the top ten list of the safest and peaceful countries in the world. Besides being peaceful, Austria is also famous as a great country to live in with serenity and world-famous resorts.

6. Slovenia

As part of a beautiful European country, Slovenia is known for its peaceful with the lowest number of police and security force due to the low crime rate. And Slovenia is a country with few or no violent protests, internal conflicts and also external global conflicts.

7. Canada

Canada is the world’s second-largest country in the world, but it has a small population of about 33 million people. Canada is known as a peaceful country with one of the best standards of living. The cities are safe and clean, with extremely friendly people and also a wonderful place with beautiful scenery.

8. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a small country that concentrates on building a strong capitalist economy and creating a stable atmosphere for investment. The Human Development Index has ranked Czech Republic as one of the countries with a very high human development. The capital city, Prague is known for its breathtaking natural beauty.

9. Ireland

Ireland is a country that is rich with historical sites and is also known for their friendly people. Ireland is also one of the most peaceful countries to live in with world-class hospitality and beautiful coastline. It is a country that is famous for tourists any time of the year.

10. Switzerland

Switzerland is a strong country with a very stable government and is often known as a peaceful country to live in. The country has a very low crime rate and also famous for its neutrality in regional and international political issue. Apart from that, the country is also a great place to live in with its beautiful natural scenery that catches the breath of tourists.

11. Japan

Japan is considered the third largest economy in the world. And since World War II, Japan has transformed and evolved into a peaceful country with little internal conflict and low crime rates. The Japanese practice their own peaceful culture that makes it one of the most visited countries and also the safest place to visit.

12. Finland

Finland is another famous peaceful country with amazing natural beauty. It was ranked as the world’s most stable country in the Failed States Index and also in the World Human Capital. The people of Finland emphasize education more than politics and wars.

13. Bhutan

When we talk about the top peaceful country, there is no way we can leave Bhutan out. The Global Peace Index ranked Bhutan among the top 20 most peaceful countries on Earth. It is a Buddhism country and also the world’s only carbon sink country, which means it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it gives out. No doubt that Bhutan is a peaceful country; it is also the only country that measures overall “health” as their GDP.

14. Australia

Australia is a famous and peaceful country known for its diverse culture and amazing natural beauty. The people of Australia are friendly with a good sense of humor. Overall, Australia is a huge country with small a population of about 20 million people. It has low crime rate, stable political system, and also high standards of living.

15. Sweden

Sweden is located far north of Europe and is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian countries. Although it is a country with the biggest weapon exporter, Sweden has a low robbery rate. It is also a country that tops the list in Global Peace Index and Sweden has not been in any war for the past two centuries.

16. Germany

Despite being the country that involved in World War II, Germany is a peaceful country today according to Global Peace Index. The locals are very welcoming and Germany has a diverse culture. The cities are safe and have an extremely low crime rate.

17. Hungary

The people of Hungary are friendly and peaceful. The country has a unique beauty in its own way and the cities are safe and peaceful to live in. Hungary is a small country that attracts over a million tourists from around the world each year.

18. Belgium

Belgium is one of the safest and peaceful countries in the Europe. It is a small country where its capital city, Brussels, works as the home to the European Union and NATO. Belgium has beautiful towns, majestic castles and with beautiful natural scenery.

19. Norway

Norway is another peaceful country that one can consider living in. The country is safe without much crime activities and Norway has a place in the Global Peace Index. Besides being a peaceful country, Norway is famous for its skiing activity and resorts.

20. Singapore

Singapore is considered one of the safest and peaceful countries in Asia and also the world’s leading commercial and economic hubs. It has very low crime rate, high standards of living, and with very safe urban areas.

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