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The Law of Vibration as Explained by Bob Proctor

The Law of Attraction is one of the most famous and powerful laws of the Universe that people are looking to learn and leverage these days. After the publishing of the best-selling book and movie, “The Secret”, most people come to understand about the Law of Attraction, but sadly, most people do not know how to make it work.

Bob Proctor is the leading personal development guru, an author, and has also been featured in “The Secret”. He is the man everyone looks for when it comes to Law of Attraction, energy vibration, and also the subconscious mind.

According to Bob, in order to attract the things that we desire in life, the vibration you send to the Universe must be in accordance with what you want. In other words, you must include feelings and emotions that create the vibration that is in harmony with your dreams. This is why Bob often says that you need to “fall in love” with what you desire. When you are in love with someone or something, your thoughts, feelings, and actions are operating on the same frequency with what you desire.

How the Law of Vibration Works

Bob Proctor states that attraction is a law, but it is a secondary law. The primary law is the Law of Vibration. It is the basic law that states everything in the Universe is moving. In Bob’s own words, “The law of vibration is one of the basic laws of the universe. It decrees that everything moves, nothing rests, and we literally live in an ocean of motion.” This is because everything is made of energy. Your body is made of cells, and cells are with molecules and atoms. What created atoms and molecules are the energies vibrating at different frequencies.

When you think, you activate your brain cells, and you set up a vibration in your body. When you move your eyes to read this sentence, you activate your brain cells to do it. This also means to say that the vibration you are in will dictate what you attract into your life.

If you are constantly worried and troubled, you will attract a lot of bad energy. And what you fear will come to you. This is why people often said, “You will become what you think about most of the time.”

“Everything you want will come to you when you get in harmony with it,” says Bob in one of his video training. In a nutshell, your feelings and emotions are important in helping your vibration be at the right frequencies, and hence, attract the things that you want in life.

How to Raise and Improve Your Vibration

So start paying attention to how you feel at each moment. There is no point in saying that you want to be rich, but if you do not feel it, you will never attract it. This is the main reason most people fail to make the Law of Attraction works because they fail with the basic Law of Vibration.

When you are feeling down, emotional and negative, do something to raise your vibration. There are plenty of things you can do, for instance, you can:

1. Write down the things that you are grateful for and feel the appreciation. When you feel thankful and grateful for what you have, you will operate from a higher level of vibration.

2. Listen to music you love and that will inspire you. You know it very well when you are feeling inspired and you wanted to take action. This is because the music frequency will raise your vibration in your body too.

3. Take a walk in nature. Let the energy and vibration of the trees, the wind, the soil and nature to make you feel pleasant.

4. Send your love to people who are bothering you.

The above are just some of the examples that you can practice to raise your vibration and make you feel good.

Remember, it is your feelings and emotions that will control your vibration. And it is your vibration that you send out to the Universe, not your thoughts. Your thoughts alone are not enough in helping you attract the things you want. Therefore, merely thinking about what you want is not enough, you need to feel it.

The Results Show in Your Life

If you want to know whether you are working with or against the Law of Vibration, just take a good look at your life right now. Are you accomplishing your goals and living a fulfilling life? Or are you scrapping to get by and are always feeling negative?

When you set a goal but you fail to achieve it, it simply means that your vibration is not working at the desired level. Your energy may not be in harmony with what you want. For instance, most people have the goal to become a millionaire. When they write down this goal, they do not feel excited or anything. Worse, some people even feel doubtful if they can achieve it. When this happens, you know it very well that your vibration is out of tune. What you say you want is not in alignment with your vibration.

You now understand why people request and think about getting wealthy each day for years and nothing seem to ever manifest for them. It is about the vibration you are sending out.

Bob Proctor also said, “Go where you feel comfortable. Do what makes you feel good.” When you are in love and passionate about what you do, the Universe will receive your message and give you more of what you request for. This is why people who are passionate about what they do and love their work never have to work again. They spend their whole life in a wonderful vibration.

So learn how to raise your vibration. It is the fundamental law to attracting and realizing what you want in your life. When you know how to raise your vibration, you will live a fulfilling life.

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