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How to Wake up at 4:30 AM And Be Excited – 4 Simple Steps to Wake up Early

Waking up early is one of the key habits that most successful people practice. Robin Sharma, the best-selling author of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” suggested his readers and students join the 5AM club and wake up at 5AM. AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong told The Guardian that he wakes up around 5AM every day, PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi wakes up as early as 4AM, Square and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey wakes up around 530AM, and Apple CEO, Tim Cook says he wakes up around 4AM every day too.

These are extremely successful people and they choose to wake up early. One of the main reasons is that the early hour is considered the most productive hours because there is no disturbance and no one will give you a call. Besides that, you have the highest energy and willpower in the morning. Whatever you do in the morning will set the pace for your entire day. This is why waking up early is important.

And in this article, you will discover how to wake up as early as 4:30 AM and be excited about it.

1. Understand how much Sleep you Need

The first thing you need to do if you want to wake up as early as 430AM is to understand how much sleep you need. On average, most people need 5 to 9 hours of sleep. Everyone is different, and you need to find out the optimum level of sleep you require to operate at a productive level the entire day.

For example, if you need 6 hours of sleep and you want to wake up at 430AM, do the back counting, and you will need to sleep at around 10.30PM. Most people underestimate the hours of sleep they need. They choose to wake up early but they refuse to sleep early. This will not work out because it will make you sleepy and tired during the day.

You can experiment with how much sleep you need. However, do not go for a drastic change. Try to sleep increase or decrease by 30 minutes at most. Once you found the optimum hours of sleep you require, stick to it.

2. Optimize your Environment

The next step you need to take to wake up early is to optimize your environment so that your surrounding can help you in sleeping better.

For instance, eliminate the sources of light. Experts have shown that people who sleep in a completely dark room enhance the quality of your sleep. Plus, you can read some fiction books before you fall asleep. Just put a fiction book next to your bed and read it until you get tired and fall asleep.

Besides that, you can use technological products such as a white noise machine to stimulate a better sleeping environment or use a wake up light alarm to get you up. The wake up light alarm will turn on at the time you set with a dimmed light and increase in intensity. There are plenty of these products that can help you wake up better in the market these days. Choose one that is useful and one that is able to help you sleep better at night.

3. Do not Snooze

If you are serious about waking up early, do not snooze your alarm. When you hit the snooze button, you will fall back to sleep and it will make you more difficult to wake up when the alarm goes off again. Furthermore, you will make it a habit to keep on hitting the snooze button. So train yourself and make it a habit not to snooze.

One great way how you can do this is to put your alarm or your phone somewhere out of your reach. This means that you need to wake up and get out of your bed in order to turn off the alarm. When you do this, you force yourself to wake up, and once you are awake, do not go back to your bed and continue to sleep.

Use the counting technique to get up. When you hear the alarm goes off, count from 5 to 1, and wake up when the counting reaches zero. This is just like launching a rocket, you count from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then wake up at 0.

4. Have a Reason

Finally, to wake up at 430AM in the morning, you need to give yourself a good reason. Do you know why you want to wake up in the morning? If your reason is not compelling enough, you will never wake up. Instead, you will choose to switch off the alarm and continue to sleep.

This is exactly what is happening to most people in the weekend. They do not have a reason to get up and thus, they choose to continue to sleep. Imagine your vacation starts tomorrow and you need to catch a flight at 8AM, do you think you will be able to jump out of your bed when your alarm goes off at 430AM? So give yourself a great and compelling reason to wake up.

Highly successful people are able to wake up early because they have great dreams and goals to pursue. They envision living their dreams and they are so excited that they simply cannot wait for the next day to come. This is why you need to have a reason to wake up early.

A good technique you can leverage is to create a checklist the night before you sleep. Write down a few tasks that you want to do in the morning and whenever you have done it in the morning, check the items off one-by-one. For instance, you can write down list such as make your bed, do 30 push-ups, drink water, take a shower, read for 20 minutes, take a 10-minutes walk, and so on.

Whenever you have accomplished those tasks, just write a victory next to them or cross them away. This will train your mind to feel good when you have achieved something and it gives you a good reason to wake up in the morning too.

These are the 4 simple steps that you can take to wake up as early as 430AM and keep your excitement level high.

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