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The Powerful Fruit That Reduces Your Chance of Stroke, Cancer and High Blood Pressure

Appreciated by many, Watermelon is one of the most consumed melons around the world. Since this fruit is mostly water it provides you hydration with lower calories. It’s a delicious snack that you can have any time. Besides this, watermelon has a lot of benefic properties to your organism.

This fruit is composed mostly with water and only has 6% of sugars and low fat. Having 100 grams of watermelon only supplies 30 calories and is rich in vitamins and essential amino acids.

In this article we present you six reasons why watermelon is a powerful fruit.

1. Watermelon is Rich in Lycopene (has more than tomatoes!)

Lycopene is a compound present in tomatoes that is known for being a great antioxidant, also it is responsible for red color in this fruit. Comparing both the tomato and the watermelon, one cup of watermelon has about 1,5 times more lycopene than tomatoes. Studies have revealed that lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that promotes brain, hearth and eye health, keeps your bones strong and even prevents cancer. It is also linked to a reduced risk of stroke due to its properties.

2. Watermelon Juice can Help Relieve Muscle Soreness

Watermelon can be a great ally to prevent muscle soreness after your workout! Studies showed that unpasteurized watermelon juice made with 1/3 of a fresh watermelon can reduce soreness 24 hours later. This fruit is rich in amino acids that help protect your body against muscle pain.

3. Watermelon can Reduce Blood Pressure

Eating watermelon can reduce your risk of having a heart attack since it lowers your blood pressure levels. A study has shown that participants who received citrulline and arginine supplements produced from watermelon extracts have had significant improvements in reducing blood pressure and cardiac stress.

4. Eat the Whole Watermelon (rind and seed included) for Having an Extra Dose of Citrulline

We recommend you that the next time you make a watermelon juice to use the rind and seeds. You can also have a little lime for extra-freshness. In the rind there are present nutrients that are beneficial for your health like citrulline. This will be a great boost to your immune system and improve your heart health. Most citrulline in watermelon is found in the rind.

5. Watermelon can Reduce Inflammation

Compounds like curcubitacin E that helps reducing the activity of cyclooxygenase (an enzyme known for being responsible for inflammation). Also, watermelon is rich in vitamin C, B6 and A and also potassium and magnesium. Thus, this fruit has great antioxidant properties that can help reduce a lot of health problems.

6. Eating Watermelon Keeps You Hydrated

Watermelon is mostly made up of water, we are talking about more than 91% of water in one fruit. This is the main reason this treat is so appreciated during hot summer, it is sweet, healthy and keeps you hydrated. Have watermelon, for your health.

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