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List of Top 12 Cancer-Fighting Fruits and Vegetables

Now more than ever, cancer has become one of the most common and worst ailments of all for the human race. The clinical methods are long, tiring and very costly. And there is a limit to depending upon crude medicines and harsh chemical treatments to get rid of the disease. More so, when we can prevent it and eradicate it naturally by understanding what actually causes or promotes this disease.

A very recent study has proved that cancer only flourishes in the acidic environment. Whereas, our human body, in the optimum health, maintains a slightly alkaline pH. This one basic revelation opens up the gate for a great scope and numerous hopes as far as dealing with cancer is concerned with natural ways and healthy lifestyle.

It is an old saying, ‘What we eat, we become’. Our diet is greatly responsible for how our body behaves. What we choose to eat plays an essential role in defining our health. Right foods can save us from many infections and diseases. Whereas, the poor diet would ultimately make our body a breeding place for many health problems, such as cancer and diabetes.

The good news is that there are already so many fruits and veggies available in our surroundings which are full of elements that can help us fight cancer. All we have to do is include them in our daily diet in sufficient amount.

Let’s list down the top 12 fruits and vegetables which are natural cancer-fighters.

1. Garlic:

Garlic is a member of the allium family, which also includes onions and chives. It is high in sulfur and benefits most when used in the crushed form. It is rich in phytochemicals that are responsible for killing the cancer cells and also supercharging our immune system.

2. Green Leafy Veggies:

Green leafy veggies like spinach and kale top the list as they are blessed with plenty of nutrients including vitamins, antioxidants (isothiocyanates), and beta-carotene. Consuming them in the form of smoothies or simple juices helps to prevent the growth of cancerous cells and accelerate the immunity of our system.

3. Citrus Fruits:

Just the name is enough to remind us of all the juicy, tangy, zesty, and refreshing popular fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Citrus fruits are splendid sources of vitamin C and flavonoids. They possess a rare property of being anti-angiogenic. Anti-angiogenic means they would simply block any kind of blood supply to cancerous cells in the body, leading to their destruction.

4. The Cruciferous Vegetables:

The cruciferous family basically includes veggies like cabbage, cauliflowers, broccoli, and kale etc. Even bok choy and turnips fall in the same category. Apart from being rich in carotenoids (which provide pigments to these colorful vegetables), cruciferous plants are known to have a considerable amount of chemicals with sulfur in them, also called glucosinolates. Consuming them in sufficient amounts helps in controlling and fighting the cancer-causing cells.

5. Berries:

Berries are loved by everyone for their sweet-sour flavor and sumptuous pulpiness. However, they are more than just flavors and are filled with antioxidant known as anthocyanin. The most popular fruits like cranberries, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and raspberries are abundant in antioxidants. Anthocyanins basically act like soldiers, protecting your healthy cells from cancer.

6. Beetroot:

Beets come in a variety of colors. They are very good sources of betalain, which is a phytonutrient. This phytonutrient plays a major role in preventing the germination of cancerous cells in human beings. Beets are also filled with vitamins and antioxidants that help our body fight with other infections too.

7. Pineapple:

Pineapple juice is known for weight loss and killing infections like flu. But, it is also one of the most prominent fruits with anti-cancerous properties. The reason is, pineapple carries an enzyme bromelain, which is stuffed with the anti-inflammatory property. This helps bromelain in increasing the immunity of our body and as a result cleaning-up the cancer cells.

8. Sweet Potato:

Sweet potatoes are a bliss to everybody including patients with cancer and diabetes. Sweet potatoes come in three varieties. The orange-colored is the most common and white and purple are the rare ones. They possess an enormous amount of antioxidants which is almost like a poison to cancerous cells. They are also rich in vitamin A and healthy type of calories. The polyphenol present in sweet potatoes is responsible for killing the tumor cells at a very rapid rate.

9. Mushroom:

There is no limit to the available varieties of delicious edible mushrooms. They are yummy to eat, easy to cook and can be tossed into any kind of dish to raise the nutrition value of the food. Mushrooms are high in vitamin B, antioxidants (ergothioneine), riboflavin, and fibers. They contribute to keeping the good cells healthy with the help of beta-glucans and even prevent cell mutation. You can use them as roasted, sliced, diced or chopped forms in soups, stir-fry, salad, or any other dish, to give your health a major boost.

10. Carrots:

Carrots are vegetables exploding with falcarinol, and both alpha and beta carotenes. These carotenoids carry and contribute to the red and orange pigments in carrots. Carotenoids are highly active at killing tumor cells and make carrots amongst the topmost vegetables in the list of cancer-killing natural foods. Carrots can very well be used in salads, desserts, purees, and eaten in cooked or raw forms.

11. Tomato:

Apart from being a rejuvenating skin tonic, the lycopene present in tomatoes is a strong killer of cancer cells. This juicy fruit pours out its best antioxidant medicinal qualities when it is consumed in cooked form rather than raw. Soups and sauces are some of the delicious ways to include tomatoes in our diets and fight deadly cancer at the same time.

12. Radish:

Radishes are best at detoxifying our body. They purify our blood and flush the toxins out of our body. Radishes come in various colors and varieties. They are abundant sources of carotenoids, vitamin B, and folate which helps in repairing the damaged cells, thus decreasing the risk of cancer.

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