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Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Books For Beginners

Book # 1. Click Millionaires – Scott Fox

Running a successful business from your home office, the beach, or wherever you desire while earning great passive income from it is the new dream of many people. And Scott Fox explains how he and anyone can do it through his best-selling book, Click Millionaires.

Is the book, Click Millionaires just another “get rich quick scheme” or a book to “pitch” readers to buy a more expensive product from the author? Absolutely not. In fact, Scott encourages the readers to start slowly, part-time, and spend as little money as possible at the beginning. What is even better from this book is that Scott shows you how starting an online lifestyle business are easier and cheaper than you ever think.

Scott believes that in order to live the internet lifestyle business, you must be your own boss, do the things you want to do every day, and get compensated for your efforts appropriately. He suggests readers follow a few principles such as helping others and provide solutions as an expert. In other words, Scott believes that to build a successful online business, you must first identify the problems within a market and then provide the solution to the people who are willing to pay for it.

Besides that, Scott also states that automation is the key to build the internet lifestyle that you want to live. Without automation, you will be stuck in the rat-race and keep doing the same work in order to produce the result. So seek automation through the tools and resources available. Plus, your online business must also follow the principle of scalability, where you can leverage technology to grow your business and reach a limitless audience in the world easily.

And as written in Click Millionaires, there are a few examples of lifestyle businesses you can pursue online. For instance, you can go for digital publishing, such as building a blog, creating podcasts, record your own TV show using YouTube, and build an online presence through social media. You can also sell digital products, whether they are your own products or affiliate products, you can make a lot of money from it. Besides that, freelancing is another option that has gained popularity recently.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a season internet entrepreneur, Scott Fox has delivered some amazing content in his book, Click Millionaires. It may not be a technical book, but Scott explains the businesses you can venture online and gives you a board overview of running and growing an online business.

Book # 2. The Art of Social Media – Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is one of the best American marketing specialist, Silicon Valley venture capitalist and also an author of several best-selling books, including The Art of Social Media. This book is considered one of the best books every beginner should read because Kawasaki has compiled over 100 practical tips to boost your social media presence and how you can use the bottom-up approach to get the attention for your brand.

Overall, The Art of Social Media emphasizes three very important principles in growing your online presence. The first principle is to treat your social media with professionalism. Second is to provide content that your loyal fans demand, not only what you want to create. And third, you must let your various accounts talk to each other for cross-promotion effects. Over the years, social media has grown at such a tremendous rate and changed the people’s lifestyle. And this book may serve as the fundamentals for every internet marketer to make a hold with social media.

Kawasaki refers to social media as the content media in his book, and what you must do is to feed the content monster to build your brand and create awareness. According to Kawasaki, there are only two ways how you can do this, which are through content creation and content curation.

Content creation is the traditional way of coming up with content to share on social media. You can write an article, take a picture, create a video and then post them. However, creation takes time and it may require your creativity. On the other hand, content curation is the better approach, writes Kawasaki. He goes on to explain that curation is about finding high-quality content from other people’s social media, and then “amend” it and share it through your own page. Kawasaki also shares his favorite and aggregation services that make it easy to find good content to curate. However, he states that you should not share curation content too much because it will “dull your personal voice and perspective”.

In The Art of Social Media, you will also discover information such as how to perfect your posts, how to get more followers on social media, how to socialize an event, how to respond to comments, and also how to use platforms such as Google+, Twitter, and more.

This book is very comprehensive and succinct in its explanations of the myriad possibilities of social media. If you are a complete beginner in internet marketing, this book is a must-read.

Book # 3. SEO 2018 – Adam Clarke

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most popular topics in the internet marketing industry. This is because everyone wants to rank their website as high as possible in search engines like Google and Bing for their desired keywords, and this effort is known as SEO. And when it comes to SEO, Adam Clarke has written an amazing book called SEO 2018.

We all know that search engines like Google keep changing its algorithm and ranking our websites on top of Google search result is not an easy matter, but Adam has compiled everything into the easy-to-understand manner in this book. SEO 2018 is the ultimate guide to dominating Google’s search results that everyone who wants to understand how search engine works must read. Plus, this book is not about the “prediction”, it is about tested strategies that are working right now and will even work better in the near future.

This book consists of 10 chapters and what you are going to learn in this book is a real eye-opener. For example, there is a full chapter dedicated to boosting CTR. According to Adam, if you want to be a master in SEO, you need to increase your CTR. This is because Google is crowding out the organic search results with features such as Answer Boxes, Ads, Carousels, and more. And in order to stand out and get Google to rank your webpage higher, you must boost your click-through-rate.

In the previous days, Google analyzes your page with the quantity of relevant keywords you have on your webpage, but stuffing keywords into your webpage is not going to work in today’s world. Adam states that long-form and pages that cover an entire topic in-depth are more powerful than keyword-stuffed pages with less content. This is because Google’s main job is to deliver their user the best result, which means quality content.

At the end of the book, Adam shares with readers some powerful SEO tools that anyone can use to do research, optimization, build links, and also perform better analytics. SEO is an important aspect of a website and hence, it can directly affect your business’ growth. If you are keen on SEO, go for this book.

Book # 4. DotCom Secrets – Russell Brunson

DotCom Secrets is a famous book written by Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels and a very successful internet entrepreneur. This book is considered one of the most powerful books for every internet marketer regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert. This is because Russell Brunson explains how a funnel can impact your business and how you can use it to grow your business.

Tony Robbins once said that this book is “A simple process that any company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion, and sales online.” However, what you are going to discover in this book is not about getting more traffic to your website and it is also not about improving your conversion rate. According to Brunson, the book, DotCom Secrets provides a shortcut to your internet success.

DotCom Secrets will take you on a journey and help you understand how to structure your products and services in a way that will allow you to boost your sales through the implementation of a right funnel system. Brunson states that most people who want to make money online fail to do so because they do not know how to set up a working funnel that converts their visitors into leads, and from leads to customers. In this book, you will see how Brunson walks you through each and every step of building a proven funnel that makes your visitor naturally want to ascent up your ladder of offerings and give you money as you give them more value.

And the best part of this book is that Brunson shares his seven core funnels that he uses in his company, plus all the sales scripts to convert visitors at each stage through the funnels. In other words, you get to witness the backstage of how a multi-million dollar business works and Brunson will guide you through each of the stages and steps.

Building a sales funnel is one of the most important aspects of your business. If you have no idea how to convert a visitor to a customer, you have no idea how a funnel works. Read DotCom Secrets to find out how powerful having a sales funnel can impact and influence your online business now.

Book # 5. The Circle of Profit – Anik Singal

If you are a huge fan of internet marketing, you will know Anik Singal. He is one of the famous internet entrepreneurs who has been around actively teaching and sharing his courses and programs for years. Anik is the CEO of Lurn, Inc. and VSS Mind, and has worked together with other successful entrepreneurs such as Robert Kiyosaki.

His book, The Circle of Profit is one of the best books that is highly recommended for every beginner who wanted to start building an online business. The shares how Anik builds his million dollars online business empire and he also shares how you can do it as well. Overall, this book focuses on list building. Anik shares his technique of how he builds his list using simple landing pages to capture leads, and then turn those leads into profitable customers.

Regardless of whether you have your own products or without, Anik explains how one can exploit and build a digital publishing business through affiliate marketing. The Circle of Profit will show you exactly how you can set up a landing page to capture leads and how you can run your promotion to build a responsive list. Besides that, Anik also shares his personal story of how he made in the cyber world.

The Circle of Profit actually focuses on five main sections. First, you will learn how to find information that people need. And then you will learn to provide the valuable information to the market. Third, you will discover some powerful marketing system that Anik uses and promote other people’s products. Fourth, Anik shares with you how you can create your own information product and sells it for higher profit and build your own brand. And finally, you just need to rinse and repeat and keep your business alive for as long as it goes.

Another important key that emphasizes in the book is your passion. Anik believes that finding your profitable passion is the key to your online success. The internet business you build must in alignment with your passion. If you are not passionate about what you do, you will never go far in it because passionate is what fuel your action. Finally, Anik also touches on how you can explore more and how you can join his inner circle so that he can take you by the wings and show you how to set up your own online business as your coach.

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