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Digital Marketing Books: Top 7 Books Every Digital Marketer Needs to Read

Book # 1. Launch by Jeff Walker

When it comes to launching products and selling on the internet, Jeff Walker is the one guy that almost all movers and shakers look for. Jeff is famously known for his course Product Launch Formula, and his best-selling book, Launch. He shares a system that has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs in hundreds of niches and markets to create remarkable successful product launches.

Jeff Walker claims that he has helped plenty of clients and done well over $500 million in product launches sales. His clients are big names including Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, Frank Kern, and more. And his book, Launch, is one of the best books that every internet entrepreneur should read. Launch promises one thing, which is an internet millionaire’s secret formula to sell almost anything online, build a business you love, and live the life of your dreams.

In a nutshell, it is a book with a step-by-step blueprint to creating products that the market wants, launching them from the comfort of your home and then building a successful online business you have always wanted while enjoying the profit you earned from doing it. In the book, Jeff compiled the knowledge he has gained over the years and his personal experience with internet product launches.

Anyone Can Apply the Product Launch Formula

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned online marketer or a newbie, this book is for you and there are plenty of wisdom and ideas you can learn from it. Like many people, Jeff started his online business venture while holding a full-time job working for a large corporation. He first started in the financial and investment market by creating an email newsletter for his audiences. Over the years, he discovered a formula to launch new products and generate more money in a short time that changed his life. And since then, he went on to create the “Product Launch Formula”.

The Money is in the List

Although this book is about digital marketing, it is more about leveraging emails and subscribers. In order to produce a successful launch, you will need to have an email list. The size of your email list does not matter as long as the subscribers are responsive. Of course, the bigger your email list, the better you can scale.

If you have never experienced the power of email marketing before, just imagine if you can hold an event in your town with 1,000 people, and then you can deliver your presentation to them and sell them the products you desire. An email list works the same way. When you have 1,000 subscribers, you can send an email to these people and recommend them great products to buy. This is why internet marketers often say, “The money is in the list”.

Use Pre-Launch to Build Up Excitement

If you have seen movie trailers before, they are the pre-launch system that used to stir your excitement. And Jeff explains in his book that the pre-launch phase is extremely important to a successful launch. He suggests giving your audiences three amazing and valuable pieces of content the week before your launch to make the crowd excited. This will create a buzz and build up the engagement for your audiences.

The Launch

This is it. This is the day when you officially launch your product to the market and this day will be your big day that either marks your success or failure. You want to make sure that your launch is highly anticipated where you have built the idea with your audiences that they are going to buy what you sell. Jeff Walker explains in detail how to go through the entire launch-system and build a successful product launch that earns you the most money.

Book # 2. Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is one of the big names on the internet marketing industry. He is the founder of ClickFunnels and has been a successful internet entrepreneur for many years. One of his books, Expert Secrets teaches fellow internet marketers how to build their presence online, create a loyal following, and how one can profit from their advice.

Expert Secrets is a perfect book for you if you want to venture into the digital publishing industry and learn how to use the information to make money. You can do this by either selling the information or using your expertise to increase the presence of your business. Besides, this book is not just about selling digital products and making money, it is also about how anyone can become more influential and build a strong following in their market, hence becoming an expert.

According to Brunson, an expert is someone who does the teaching, which at some point, to continue learning and sharing what the person already knows. And there are two types of expert business. The first is to sell information products, and the second is by leveraging information products to grow a business.

Creating Your Mass Movement

Brunson writes that in order for you to be an expert in your field and make a mass movement, there are three factors you need to consider. First, you need to become a charismatic leader in your market. Second, you must create a cause that is bigger than yourself. And third, you must offer your audiences new opportunities.

When you acquire the specialized knowledge or have mastered an aspect where you can lead an audience, you will be a charismatic leader. Apart from being a leader, you must be able to communicate the future-based goal to your audiences. You need a cause to inspire and to give hope to your audiences. And finally, if you want to make money from being an expert, you need to offer your audiences new opportunities.

Brunson explains in detail every step and idea you need to grow to become an expert in your industry and to command a huge following. He uses examples from history and also real case studies from his students and his own experience. Robert Kiyosaki highly recommends this book by saying that Expert Secrets is a map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, abilities, and talent into a business that will work for you. It is one of the shortcuts of the New Rich.

Book # 3. Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuck is the real deal and he is a four-time New York Times best-selling author. Gary is an entrepreneur and also a prolific speaker who shares his ideas and thoughts and has built a huge online presence. One of his best books, Crush It, is about what it takes to create your personal brand and how you can take advantage and using the opportunities that the digital world provide to stand out and profit.

Gary is a successful entrepreneur who created his social media empire with Wine Library TV, an online video show about wine that helped grow his family’s retail wine and liquor store into tens of millions per year in revenue. He later ventured into the blogging world and also using the power of social media to build his personal brand and grow a large following. The book, Crush It is a short read, but it is very inspirational and the tactics and tips shared by Gary are very practical.

Passion is Everything

We all know that passion is important, but somehow, most people still never buy into this idea. They thought that they are passionate about what they do, but yet, whenever they don’t produce the result they want, they quit and give up. This is why Gary states that passion is everything and it is the most important factor that will determine your success in life.

Gary says that building a successful online business and presence requires tremendous effort and the ability to go through failures and bounce back. Even if you are a skilled marketer and you know how to use the internet and social media, it doesn’t come easy. You have to be relentless and have the determination to go through tough times. The majority who started an internet business fails and gives up at the end because they lack the passion to go through the adversities. This is why passion is extremely important.

Building Your Audience

As you may already know, Gary Vaynerchuck is famous for his social media technique and influence. The second section of this book is dedicated to building a social media following. Gary shares many great ideas such as buying your name as a URL so that you can use your name to build your personal brand. Besides that, Gary encourages his readers starting a blog. This may sound ridiculous, but the truth is that most people are still running their businesses without building a content presentation, which is a blog.

Some of the tips Gary shares in his book may sound too basic, but according to Gary, it is the fundamentals that people lack in building a successful online empire that make them suffer in their business.

Crush It is a practical and straightforward book for marketers. If you are looking for some wildly intellectual or philosophical business strategy, you may not enjoy this book. Gary has made this book fun to read with easy-to-implement tactics to build your brand. And if you follow his advice and apply the technique regularly to your business, you will definitely see a boost in your sales and growth in your following. More importantly, this book is very inspiring and although the tactics share are quite fundamental, they are very useful when implementing correctly.

Book # 4. The Conversion Code by Chris Smith

Conversion is a crucial measure of a business, regardless whether it is an online business or the brick-and-mortar business. The Conversion Code is written by Chris Smith and it is one of the most thoroughly explained books about conversion to boost your revenue.

The author, Chris Smith states that it is important to understand the conversion of your funnel and have remarketing campaigns for specific services and products that someone is interested to move them further down the funnel. Chris also explains the many ways how conversion can influence your business and he focuses more on the biggest advertising channel, Facebook Ads.

Chris believes that Facebook Ads will grow bigger because of the sheer control you can have over demographics and personalization through interest targeting of your prospects. Plus, almost everyone has a Facebook account and the retargeting feature using Facebook pixels has been exploding in the digital world.

Capture Quality Leads

Basically, The Conversion Code is divided into three sections where the first section is about capturing quality leads for your business. This is where Chris lays the foundation of website content, landing pages, blog post tips, and social media marketing. He also talks about the importance of your landing page. For example, Chris discovered that landing pages with more content tend to produce more social shares and perform higher on Google search. Thus, Chris encourages his audiences to focus on building more long-form content on your website and landing page.

Besides that, Chris also shows you when is the best time to contact and communicate with your audiences. The images share in the book are stunning and very helpful. Chris also talks you straight through the sales process and helps his readers to fully integrate their marketing effort with sales.

Close More Sales

Most people understand that the current trend in the digital world is about building content and leveraging social media to build a presence. However, Chris states that your effort will be thrown into the drain if your website and landing pages are not optimized to bring the leads. You can write a superb article on your blog the whole day, but if someone comes to your website and leave without giving you a way to contact them again, your effort will be wasted.

Another interesting idea shares by Chris is what he called the “100X Rule”, which shows how internet leads start to rot within five minutes after they are received. Therefore, in The Conversion Code, Chris suggests you contact your leads immediately after they go through your funnel. He says that the probability of reaching them is one hundred times greater than if you wait a half hour.

Book # 5. The Laptop Millionaire by Mark Anastasi

Want to be an internet millionaire working from the comfort of your home using a laptop? Mark Anastasi will share with you his tactics and how he did it in his book, The Laptop Millionaire. Mark is an internet entrepreneur who founded Inspired Marketing Group and also the organizer of The Traffic Generation Summit, The Passive Income Summit, and more. He is actively sharing his ideas and the strategies that he used to build his online business empire around the world. And Mark compiled his knowledge and experience with internet marketing in a book and names it, The Laptop Millionaire.

In The Laptop Millionaire, you will discover strategies and tips that Mark promises to show anyone how to escape the 9 to 5 rat-race and make a living online. Overall, the book consists of 32 easy-to-follow steps and strategies that you can implement right away to profit from the internet. Besides the strategies, Mark also includes over 100 success stories and case studies of his students from across the world.

The Laptop Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Mark does not only focus solely on one method how you can generate income from the internet, he covers almost every aspect of internet marketing and the opportunities around. The first chapter talks about selling digital products such as eBooks, and then he continues to go deeper into topics such as email marketing, search engine optimization, and more. For example, of the technique shown by Mark is to create an eBook and then listed it on ClickBank. There are thousands of affiliates on ClickBank who can promote your eBook and you can earn a portion from their sales.

Besides that, Mark also shares his views and the tactics that anyone can use to build an online presence through social media. We all know that social media is huge today, but unfortunately, most people do not know how to leverage them. Mark writes about how you can use YouTube, Facebook, and also Twitter to grow your business to the next level.

Fiverr is huge today and plenty of marketers are using Fiverr to either build fast cash or to outsource technical aspects of their businesses. The Laptop Millionaire also discusses Fiverr and how you can outsource your major work to live the laptop lifestyle. More importantly, you can use Fiverr as a way to build testimonials and collect credible clients for future business connection.

Although this book is called The Laptop Millionaire, Mark also shares his thoughts about local business marketing where you can promote your local business through an online platform. Even if you are running a physical business, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take it online or promote it on the internet.

Book # 6. Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky

Get Rich Click is written by Marc Ostrofsky. The book is a New York Times best-selling business book and has won many recognition including being the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, the USAToday Bestseller, and was featured on The View.

Marc is often known as the “Technology Wildcatter” and also a serial entrepreneur. He started with $5,000 car loan and turned it into a portfolio of companies worth over $500 million. Marc is the founder of multiple successful internet businesses such as CuffLink.com, Blinds.com, eTickets.com, Photographer.com, TechToys.com, MutualFunds.com and more.

In a nutshell, Get Rich Click is a guide with tips and advice on just about everything you can do to start making money on the internet. Marc covers a huge variety of topics from e-commerce, SEO, online advertising, social networks, marketing for mobile, to partnering with the non-profits.

Building the “Get Rich Click” Mindset

Besides the methods Marc shares in the book, he also talks a lot about building the right mindset. Marc believes that adopting the “Get Rich Click” mindset is one of the keys to anyone’s online success. When you developed the right mindset, you equip yourself with the most powerful weapon to achieve the success you desire.

The Reverse E-commerce Method

One powerful strategy shares by Marc in the book is the drop-shipping strategy. He states that many people have no idea how e-commerce work and thought that they need to own a product first before they can sell it. With the drop-shipping model, you sell the product first before you buy it. In other words, you are the middle person of the deal. You connect the buyer and the seller together. According to Marc, the drop-shipping model can be one of the best ways to make money online quickly, but you have to get the advertising right.

100 Ways to Optimize Your Website

In chapter five, Marc dedicates this entire chapter to ways how you can optimize your website for search engine ranking and more traffic. He shares how you can use your content attract visitors and how to use the right keywords that search engines love. Apart from content and keyword, Marc goes on to discuss link building and also shares 16 ways how to attract more traffic to your website.

Resources and Suppliers Guide

In the final chapter of Get Rich Click, the author shares with the readers some of the useful resources such as internet conferences they should attend, speakers who they can follow and learn from, some services from SEO firms, which Facebook groups to join, and also outstanding blogs an internet marketer should read.

Basically, Marc makes sure you get the most out of the book and never leave empty-handed.

Book # 7. The 1-Page Marketing Plan – Allan Dib

Allan Dib is an Australian serial entrepreneur and also a marketing expert. His book, The 1-Page Marketing Plan is written to help fellow entrepreneurs simplify their marketing plan into one, simple page that divided into nine squares. While it is true that no marketing plan can be explained in just one page, but Allan says that you can do that in your mind.

In the introduction, the author says that he never had an original idea, but he tends to model things to create a better product. This book consists of many great ideas where you can put together to provide a marketing plan that will help you understand your business better. Keep in mind that this book may not be written solely for internet marketing, but it is exactly what every marketer requires, including those who are trying to build businesses online.

Most people who started their business, especially internet marketers, have a common problem, and that is they are trained in their marketing directory. This is because the entry level to building an internet business is so low that everyone can do it. And due to this reason, most people who have no experience will jump on the bandwagon and start making money from the internet. Unless they learn how to do it just like what Allan shares in this book, they will destine to fail.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Allan divided this book into nine chapters with three phases. He explains the marketing process in an easy-to-understand way that split into three stages, and they are: prospect, lead, and customer.

In the “Before” phase, you will be dealing with prospects, people who may not know that you exist. After your prospect goes through your funnel, they will get to the “During” phase and get to know your business as a lead. And finally, you want to convert your lead to your customer, where Allan calls this phase as “After”.


In this phase, Allan shares some very insightful activities you can do to identify and get to understand prospect. In order for your business to thrive, you must identify your target market, learn to craft messages that get to them and use the right media and marketing channel to reach them.


Once you have identified your prospect and market, you need to create a lead capture system with a conversion strategy. You must understand how your business can profit and know how the funnel works before you can boost your sale and grow your business.


In the final phase, Allan shares techniques and tips on how you can build trust and get your lead to buy from you. He goes on to explain how he delivers a world-class experience in his business and how you can increase your Customer Lifetime Value. Furthermore, he also shares his techniques in orchestrating and stimulating referrals for more sales.

Allan believes that big businesses have huge budgets that they can spend on branding and marketing. However, for small businesses that usually start with just one person, they need to focus on direct-response marketing and generating profit should be their main priority.

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