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Top 10 Success Principles to Learn from Sadhguru

The founder of Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization offers yoga programs around the world, Jaggi Vasudev, is famously known as Sadhguru. Sadhguru is an Indian yogi and a mystic. He is also involved in social outreach, environmental initiatives, and education improvement activities.

When it comes to being spiritual and a master of life, Sadhguru is the one that everyone should learn from. He has deep wisdom and intellect about life and spirituality. The Government of India awarded him the Padma Vibhushan in recognition of his contribution towards humanity and spirituality.

In this article, you will discover the top 10 success principles you can learn from the famous Sadhguru.

1. Live with Intent

Sadhguru says, “A few things may happen by chance. But if you wait for the chance, good things will happen to you only when you are in your grave because things may take their time.”

When you are living your life by chance, you will be living in fear and anxiety. The reason is that you are giving away your power to control your life. Unsuccessful people and people who always live in fear are the people who live by chance.

Never let this happen to you. Your life is not luck. Rather, choose to design your life and live with intent. You have the control over your mind, your body, your decision and hence, your actions. Thus, you can live a more stable life when your life is up to you and not by chance.

When you study extraordinary people like Sadhguru, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, etc., you will discover that they take full control of their life by living with intent. They envision what they want. They turn their dreams into reality. And they live with actions.

If you want to be successful in your life, this is what you must do as well. Starting from now on, live with intent and never let things happen by chance or luck.

2. Be Conscious of Your Mortality

The majority of us never realize about our mortality. And according to Sadhguru, this is the reason we take things for granted. We think that we have all the time and we are able to live forever in this world, which is really not. Life is short and if we want to live a valuable life, we must understand that we may not live forever and things will never stay the same all the time.

During one of the interviews with Sadhguru, he says, “of all the people who go to bed tonight, over a million people will never get up tomorrow morning. And if you are able to wake up tomorrow morning, isn’t it a fantastic thing?”

Too often, we take things for granted. Most people do not value the small things in life such as to be able to wake up in the morning. We think that we are able to live forever and that we are immortal, which is not true at all. Life is fragile and we should be conscious of our mortality.

He then says, “If you are conscious of your mortality, would you think you have time to crimp? Would you have time to fight with somebody? Would you have time to do rubbish with your life?” And Sadhguru is just right. When you value life, you will know that it is just a brief happening.

3. Don’t Fixate on Failures

According to Sadhguru, if you are committed, there is no such thing as a failure. He writes in his blog, “If you fall down 100 times in the day, it is 100 lessons learned.” And he advises people to not fixate on failures, instead, choose to focus on the solutions and what you can do.

Take a look at all the highly successful people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Thomas Edison, and more, you will see that they all have gone through a ton of failures in their journeys. However, they did not succumb to failures, but rather, they choose to move on and learn from their failures.

This is just like what Tony Robbins says about a baby learning to walk. When a baby learns to walk, she will fall down. Will you, as the parent, stop your baby from walking just because she continues to fall? Not at all, you will encourage her to walk and even teach her how to walk properly. This is why everyone in this world walks.

The problem is that when we become an adult, we treated failure differently. Instead of keep on trying and improving our strategy, we choose to give up or quit trying altogether. So stop fixating on your failures. Choose to learn and move on just like what Sadhguru suggests.

4. Fear is a Self-Inducing Thought

Another success principle you can learn from Sadhguru is to understand that fear is a self-inducing thought. He says that fear is only a projected thought in your mind, in reality, it may not happen at all.

And Sadhguru says that fear is happening because of excessive imagination. He continues to say that fears are just what may happen in your mind in a thousand different formats. And you simply cannot fight or overcome things that do not exist. You can only overcome things that exist.

It is just like watching a horror movie. You are the producer of your own movie. When you imagine all the fears in your own mind, you are producing horror movies that will affect your real life. Therefore, learn to produce something else; a love movie, a comedy, a good and positive movie in your head.

Even if the good movies you produce in your mind did not come true in reality, you will at least enjoy them. You will feel good and joyful when you imagine all the good things that are coming to you.

So use your thoughts wisely and always project good and positive thoughts in your head. Remember, you are the director of your own life and you are the producer of your thoughts. You can choose to project the life you want and feel great about it, or you can project something horror and live with fear.

5. Practice Yoga

Yoga used to consider as something sacred and only available to the minority few in India. However, things are different today and yoga has been commonly practiced by many others in the world. Plus, science has also proved that practicing yoga every day has many benefits to your mind and body.

And when it comes to the subject of yoga, Sadhguru is truly one of the masters in it. He is a strong believer in yoga and this is why he founded the Isha Foundation that offers yoga programs across the world.

Practicing yoga daily does not just benefits your physical strength and body, it perfects your body posture, betters your bone health, increases your blood flow, boost immunity, and makes you happier.

Yoga has become more and more important in most people’s lives because it can be practiced anywhere and anytime. This is especially useful for people who are living in the urban areas where they are busy with work the entire day. They can practice yoga to relieve their stress and tension, and also make it a physical exercise to improve their overall health level.

Take the suggestion from Sadhguru and practice yoga daily. It can greatly change your life.

6. Fix Your Inner Self

Sadhguru says that when you see things around you, what truly happens is that you are projecting thoughts within your head. You are seeing things as per what your mind has projected. Therefore, pleasantness is a choice.

People choose to believe that in order to live a better life, they need to fix their outer world, such as owning a better car, living in a better house, buying more luxury items, etc. However, this is not how the world works according to Sadhguru. You should work and fix yourself rather than the world outside you.

This is what Sadhguru says, “In every way, we are the most comfortable generation ever, but we are not the most joyful generation. We are complaining like crazy about everything like never before. This is because we fix the outside. Comfort and convenience have happened, but not our wellbeing.”

Therefore, learn to fix your inner self rather than changing your outer world. You can be rich, drive your dream car, and live in a luxury house, but if you do not learn how to work on your inner self, you will still feel empty and upset deep within.

For example, you will never feel enough or grateful when you do not appreciate and thankful for what you have. However, when you are grateful for everything that is happening in your life, you feel wealthy and you are able to enjoy life more.

7. Have Absolute Integrity

Sadhguru says that integrity is an extremely important trait one can have in their lives. This is because when you want to function in the world and achieve greater and higher success, you need to generate trust from other people. You simply cannot live alone in this world.

This is especially true if you want to live a successful life. You need the support of others. And the only way others will support and help you is when you win their trust. And to do this, you need to be honest and have absolute integrity.

“If there is an atmosphere of trust, your ability to work will be greatly enhanced – simply because everyone will pave the way for you rather than setting up impediments,” says Sadhguru.

No matter what you do in your life, be it is business, life or in your work, you need to have the integrity to build trust with people around you. Warren Buffett, one of the best investors in the world once said, “In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.”

Hence, develop the quality of integrity in yourself. This may be always easier said than done, but when you command a high integrity, people will trust you and help you when you most needed it. Plus, your business and everything that you do will flourish because trust exists between you and the others.

8. Learn to Love the People and Things You Dislike

This is a powerful success principle from Sadhguru. He says that in order to handle different situations in your life, you need to learn to adopt different identities. And if you are flexible, you can change from one identity to another gracefully, and then you can play your role to the hilt and still have no problem with it.

The majority of people have a stiff personality. This is why they are suffering most of the time when things do not fit into their ambit. And to be flexible, you must embrace the people and things that you dislike. Of course, this is not easy to do, but Sadhguru offers a great way how you can do this.

According to Sadhguru, if you dislike someone, you should do the opposite. Instead of trying to get away from that person, choose to spend most of your time with him or her in a loving and joyful way. You will see different things from the person. And if there are things that you hate to do, choose to still spend some time doing them, and you will discover that the things you hate initially may not be as bad as you have imagined.

9. Improve Your Perception and Intelligence

Sadhguru is a strong advocate in perception and intelligence. He believes that labor itself is not going to get you somewhere you desire. You need the right action plus the right timing and being at the right place to achieve greater success in your life.

And all of these require your intelligence and perceptions. So constantly looking for ways to build your perception and increase your intelligence. If you did not improve yourself, you will never get to a higher ground. This is just like the saying of chasing the sun by running to the west.

You know it very well that if you run in the wrong direction, no matter how fast or how persistent you are, you will never get there. Hard work is important, but you need to combine it with your intelligence in order to make things work.

Therefore, spend time into reading and learning to improve yourself. Just like what Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban and other successful people did, they read a ton of books. Extraordinary people understand that in order for them to get to a new level of perception, they need to acquire new and better knowledge.

Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” What Einstein means is that we can only solve a problem when we become better and operate from a higher level of intelligence.

Thus, commit yourself to learning and improving your life each day. Read books and learn from others regularly. Consistently strive to perform better and find ways how you can do things better.

10. Take Charge of Your Life

Sadhguru says that whatever you see in this world, you are seeing it from within you. When you see a pen on the table, you are able to do so because the light shines upon the pen, reflecting through your lenses, and then going through your mind and your mind tells you that it is a pen. What actually happens is that you are seeing things within yourself through your eyes and your mind.

“Everything that ever happened to you; darkness and light happened within you; pain and pleasure happened within you; joy and sadness happened within you,” says Sadhguru. And because everything happened within you, who do you think should determine what is happening around you? And the answer is none other yourself. And Sadhguru continues to say, “If you determine what’s happening within you, your whole experience of life will be determined by you, nobody else but you.”

The event in your life may not be determined by you, but how you experience it, how you feel it, and how you react to it is 100% determined by you. Hence, you must learn to take charge of your life if you want to be successful and live a better life today.

Jack Canfield, the best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series books says that your outcome is determined by your event and your reaction. Sometimes bad things may happen to you, but it is how you choose to react to the situation that will determine your outcome.

When you fail in your business or face financial difficulties, you can choose how you react. And your reaction is the key that will determine your outcome, and ultimately, your life.

Always remember this quote, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” It is what you do that truly matters, not what happened to you. And just like what Sadhguru says, you must learn to take charge of your life in order to produce greater success and live a wonderful life.

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