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Private Life Vs. Professional Life

This article will give you a glimpse of the differences between your private and professional life, and how you can separate them to live a more balanced life.

Private Life

1. Your private life consists of everything you do outside of your work. It can be your relationship, your leisure time, your rest and relax time, your entertainment, your family time, your health and fitness, etc.

2. Personal life is important as it gives you time to rest, relax, and recharge yourself for what is coming ahead.

3. When you enrich your private and personal life, you will be more connected to yourself. You will become more mindfulness and engage in your work.

4. It gives you a sense of livelihood and purpose besides your work, career, and business. It is where people can find the balance, like “Yin and Yang”.

5. When you enjoy your private life, you will be more creative and productive. You will feel at ease and peaceful.

6. Besides, when you are feeling stressful, spend more time outside of your work. Take a walk in the wood, go jogging, read a book, go for a vacation, you will feel better because you switch your focus from work to personal life.

7. Schedule your work life and never bring any work back home if it is not necessary. Taking your work home will only affect your private life and mix up both.

8. You can turn off your cell phone and disconnect yourself from the world. By the end of the day, you should relax and recharge your energy, so stop letting others distract your personal life.

9. If turning off your cell phone does not sound enticing to you, try to create custom notifications. This is especially useful for instant messaging and email.

10. Pursue your hobby and do what you love to do to enhance your private life. You can go swimming, jogging, hitchhiking, cook a good meal, play piano, etc.

11. If possible, choose to leave the office on time. It is important to learn to be productive by doing the most result-yielding tasks than getting busy and get nothing done.

12. Meditate and exercise. It is said that in order to live a better personal life, you need to move your body. Maintain your health level to be more vibrant and energetic.

13. Choose not to work on Sunday. Instead, spend your Sunday to enrich your personal life such as be with your family, catch up with your friends in a café, read a book, plan your future and life, and go for sports.

14. Never miss out any memorable and once in a lifetime events such as your daughter’s first year birthday, your wife’s birthday, etc. These are meaningful and memorable moments that are more important than your work.

15. Declutter and organize your personal life from time to time. Studies have shown that decluttering can make you more creative and it helps in making way for the new.

Professional Life

1. Professional life often refers to as your working life. It can be your career, your business or your job.

2. Often associated with success and wealth. When someone says that he is successful professionally, he simply means that he has great achievement in his career and business.

3. Professional life is important because it determines how well you perform in your business and career. Ultimately, the more successful you are in this area, the more wealthy you will be.

4. Today, most people put in more focus in their professional life because the society measures our achievement through monetary and material means.

5. Overspending your time in your professional life can make you connect less with yourself, your family, your friends and your soul.

6. It is going to make up a huge part of your life because most people will spend a big chunk of their lifetime working.

7. Learn to time block your most important task. For example, if you are in sales and prospecting is important, you should time block it. You can time block your prospecting from 10am to 12pm and during these two hours, you will do nothing else except prospecting.

8. Separate your personal and work social media accounts. If you need to use Facebook for work, try to create another account specially for work. The same goes for other social media like Twitter, Pinterest and more.

9. When it is time to work, work. Choose to put in 100% concentration during working hours and stop spending time on unnecessary task to get more done and be more effective.

10. Learn to delegate and outsource when necessary. Your work is to focus on what you do best, so delegate and outsource technical tasks to free up more of your time.

11. Take rests and short pit-stop to recharge yourself. You cannot focus and be productive when it comes to working on long hours. This is why you should take a short rest, get a snack or walk around when possible. Sitting in front of your computer desk the whole day will decrease your productivity.

12. Understand that you cannot force a result. So choose to do your best and work at what you can, and time will show you the result you desire.

13. Do a balance-check from time to time. If you feel that you are overdoing and spend too much time at work, choose to balance it and vice versa.

14. Improve your skills from time to time. Read books, attend seminars and workshops that will improve your skills. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

15. Identify overwork signals such as stress, feeling tired all the time, sleepy, your family or spouse talk to you about this, and so on. When you know you are spending too much time on your professional life, take a rest.

16. Build a productive work environment to become more productive in your professional life. Start from creating a good workstation that will drive you to get to work.

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