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How To Use Your Subconscious Mind To Attract Love?

Many people understand about the Law of Attraction, but most do not know how to apply it, especially in attracting love.

It is true that we can use our subconscious mind to attract the life we want, the success we want, the money we want, the business we want and the job we want. Do you know that we can also program our subconscious to attract the love we want?

No matter whom you are, you can have the sweet and loving relationship with your ideal partner as long as you learn the right way to condition your subconscious for it.

Maybe you have experienced many failed relationships before. Or maybe things just do not work out as what you have planned. Or maybe you have turned sour and do not believe in love anymore.

I encourage you to not give up and continue to have faith. A lasting, passionate, and trusting love relationship can be achieved by programming your subconscious mind, and this is what you will learn in this article.

You are about to learn the 5 simple and easy steps how to use your subconscious mind to attract the love that you have always desired.

However, before you discover the 5 steps, you must understand one thing, which is…

Understand That Attraction is Real and It Exists

To put it simply, the Law of Attraction exists and it is just like the Law of Gravity, you cannot see it, but you can feel it and it is real. The same goes to electricity, you cannot see it, but it is there.

We are able to play sports because of the existence of gravity; airplanes are able to fly because of it too.

The best part is that you don’t have to understand how it works or where it comes from, as long as you follow the rules, you can make things work.

Take electricity for example. You don’t have to know how it works, but you can use it by simply plugging your mobile phone charger and switch it on, electric flows into your phone and you are charging it in an instant.

The same could happen to your love relationship. You don’t really have to understand how the attraction works, as long as you follow the right path, you can attract the perfect partner into your life.

And the way we can do this is through our subconscious mind. There is a saying, “Like attracts like” and we will become what we think about most of the time.

Human beings are habitual creatures. Studies have shown that more than 90% of what we do each day is habitual, they are the thoughts that we have programmed into our subconscious and we do it without realizing that we are actually doing them.

Just like the way you bath, the way you eat, the way you drive and so on. They are habitual and performed by your subconscious mind. And that means we can program our mind to attract the ideal person we desire into our lives.

Follow these 5 steps below to use subconscious to attract the love you want.

1. Be Specific with Who You Want To Attract

First, you have to be specific and very detail with the person you want to attract into your life. It is just like goal setting, you must be crystal clear with the person you want to attract. Vague goals attract vague results.

If you are not specific, you might end up attracting anyone that will eventually end up in a fail relationship. So be specific.

What you can do is to write down the details of the person you want to attract. Take out a piece of paper and describe the person you want to meet and be together with. From his or her outlook to the personality.

Think of your subconscious mind as a merchandise catalog, and your order must be specific enough so that your subconscious can deliver what you have ordered. What will happen if you an illegible or a confused order with the conflicting request? Well, chances are that you will receive either wrong order or nothing at all.

Plus, make sure you write down what you and not what you don’t want. Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between our wants and don’ts.

For example, when you imagine ‘don’t slam the door’, all your subconscious will imagine about is slamming the door. Our subconscious will neglect the word ‘don’t’.

Therefore, request your desire in the positive, not in the negative. Write down and describe your ideal love partner right now.

2. Align Your Mind, Thoughts, and Feelings

The second step is to frequently inject the thoughts and feelings of having what you want in your life. And in this case, you should constantly feel and think about having great times with the person you want to attract.

You have to align your thoughts and emotions with the things or the person that you want to attract.

There are a few techniques how you can do this. One of the most powerful ways to align your mind with what you want is through visualization. Imagine in vivid pictures, how your ideal person looks like, how tall is he, what clothes he is wearing, what car did he drive, how deep is his voice, etc.

And you can also go deeper by visualizing how you will meet with your love, what are both of you doing and how the relationship grows. The more specific you are, the better the effect of the attraction.

Don’t forget to include emotions into your visualization. In fact, emotions play a crucial part in bringing what we want into our life. Thus, feel the warmth and the love too when you visualize.

When you go through your daily life, hold the thoughts of meeting and being with the ideal person in your mind. When your car breaks down half way, instead of imagining some bad guys to appear, try to imagine that your lover will stop by and help.

3. Remove Personal Obstacles and Align Your Actions

Most people fail to attract the love that they want because of their personal obstacles. They have doubts, low self-esteem, low confidence and also disbelieve that they can find their perfect partner.

Furthermore, some people are still emotionally attached to their previous love life and cannot seem to let go of their past.

If you are still emotionally attached and cannot forget about your ex, when you meet your new love, he or she can sense it and think, “This lady (or guy) is still attached to someone.”

You don’t want that to happen. Hence, remove your personal obstacles. Make sure you are ready for your new lover to come into your life.

Your actions must be in alignment if you want to make the attraction successful. For example, if you believe that the right person will show up anytime in your life, you should groom nicely before you go out.

Therefore, go out and meet more people, attend parties and get to know others too. You will never know when your Mr or Mrs Right will appear, so tag along and see what life will give you.

4. Believe and Have Faith

You have to understand that things will not happen in an instant. You will not become a millionaire overnight and highly likely, your love will not appear in your life the next day.

However, what you must do is to believe and have faith. Continue to program your subconscious mind through visualization and constantly injecting the thoughts into your mind.

Most people give up way too soon and buy into the idea and subconscious mind and attraction don’t work, which is not true.

5. Let Go

The final step is to let go. Once you have done your part, it is just a matter of time before the result comes to you.

Just like planting a tree. You start from a seed and all you do is to water it, make sure it has enough exposure to the sunlight and the soil condition is good. And then you just believe that the seed will grow into a tree and let go.

Once you have done your part, you just need to wait and let the universe do its part.

There is no point to rush on everything. In fact, the more you tend to rush, the more negative result you are going to get.

Remember, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to achieve what we want in life. If you want to have a lasting and loving relationship, start by injecting the right thoughts into your subconscious.

Whatever you choose to focus your attention on in your life, you will manifest. If you are consistently worrying about a failed relationship, guess what, you will attract that. You will get what you focus on. And you will get what you don’t want when you focus on it too.

Remember these 5 steps and apply them to use your subconscious mind to attract love.

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