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How to Improve Your Energy in Just 21 Days?

With an improved energy you should be able to have full control of the foods you eat, be able to divert your mind from eating unhealthy foods and more so wake up every day with a renewed energy to kick off each and every new day.

In fact there is no day that you will have lack of energy, every time you will have a left over energy to help you achieve any extra activity that might arise during your resting hours. Now you might be wondering how you would get this unstoppable energy to help you achieve so much that you have always wanted to. Well, worry no more as here you are going to walk a 21 day journey that will focus on helping you increase you energy. At the end of it all, you should be more focused on staying on the game, winning it and achieving big for the sake of those you love and be a mentor to those under you.

Day 1: Remove Any Stress

One effective way to remove stress is through laughing. Of course you cannot just start laughing without a reason; you therefore require something to trigger that laughter. It is easy; just watch a good comedy and it will work.

By laughing, you will feel good and at the same time improve your immune system; you will therefore have fought the stress accumulated during the day. It would be better still if you learnt how to manage your stress and if possible always stay cool and put stress under control.

Day 2: Increase Oxygen Flow Through Stretching

Our brain is responsible of a good percentage of the total oxygenated blood throughout the body. When blood is flowing through the body well, then you will have increased vigor to perform. For this to happen,.it is good to make sure that you keep your brain arteries open and in a good condition to allow easy flow of blood. You can easily achieve this through regular stretching of the body. In addition to unclogging the brain arteries, stretching will also help relax your muscles and tendons and hence be in a good shape to carry out your activities as usual.

Day 3: Increase Iron Intake

Iron helps on increasing flow of oxygen rich blood throughout the body which in turn increases your body energy. It is good to make sure that you increase your iron intake. Lots of iron intake is also good in women and especially those who experience heavy menstruation. You can get iron from eating foods such as red meat and beans. You can also try to use iron supplements if you feel that you are really short of iron.

Day 4: Avoid Sitting for Long Hours

Sitting for long hours makes your body become lazy and weak. Due to this you can find that you do not have even a little energy to do the simplest tasks. You should therefore make it a habit to take little walks for sitting for about half or an hour. This way you help re-energize your body to be able to continue with your work. It is also good to avoid being alone most of the times. This is because it is at such times that you think a lot and fail to concentrate on your goals. Make sure that once in a while you spend your time with good friend who will make you laugh and hence become energized.

Day 5: Do Not Skip Your Breakfast

Once you are hungry, your energy levels drop big time. To avoid having such energy drops during the day; it is good to make sure that you do not miss your breakfast. At the same time, make sure you don’t just take breakfast; it should be a heavy breakfast that should sustain you between the time you take it until you take another meal. If you can make taking lean meat, it will be good in helping your metabolism for quite a long time.

Day 6: Sleep to Get Rest

When you overwork your body, it reaches a point that it refuses to function well no matter how much you force it. For your body to be productive as you should wish it to be, it needs to get rest. You can get this rest by getting enough sleep daily. You will be surprised by how when you get enough sleep daily your body is able to overcome fatigue and always have enough energy to help you achieve your daily goals.

Day 7: Balance Your Nutritional Intake

Having an imbalanced nutritional intake causes increased fatigue and infections and hence reduced energy levels. You can balance your nutrition intake by eating a lot of vegetables and if possible vegetable supplements.

Day 8: Avoid Stimulants

If you are one of those people who believe in boosting their energy levels by use of stimulants, well you have all along been wrong and it is the high time you knew the truth. Stimulants do not boost your energy for long. They just do it for a very short time and then your energy levels go down incredibly. In fact after using stimulants, you will feel more tired than you were before. Instead of using stimulants, why don’t you just use nutritional balancing?

Day 9: Don’t Over Work Yourself on One Thing

If you think achieving is working on a tight schedule that must be followed strictly, then you are wrong. There are times that you mind and body refuses to coordinate when you work on one thing for long.

This results in reduced energy levels and at the end of the day you will find that you have not achieved as much as you wanted. However if you can divert from your schedule when you start feeling that your body cannot concentrate any more, you will have boosted your energy and by the time you get back to it, you will do a good work.

Day 10: Exercise

Other than helping you lose body fats and improve your health, exercising also helps in boosting energy levels. The body usually stores energy in form of fats, so when you exercise the fats are transformed into energy making you have a renewed energy. It is therefore good that you develop a habit of exercising at least 30-45 minutes a day.

Day 11: Use the Power of Citrus

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C which is good in boosting energy levels. Instead of taking that cup of coffee, it will be better if you take a glass of water mixed with lemon, instead of eating chocolate, try taking a grape fruit of an orange. These will make your energy levels rise shortly after taking.

Day 12: Spend the Day in a Solitary Place

This works wonders as it helps you rest you mind and seclude you from the daily hassle and noises. It gives you a chance to be with your own self, and even that small voice inside you that never keeps quiet gets time to stop and for once gives you peace. This rejuvenates your energy and hence your productivity. It is hence good if you would practice this at least once every month.

Day 13: Take Power Nap

After being very productive and energetic during the morning hours, you body will tend to be slow and tired in the afternoon. It is advisable that you take at least 30 minutes sleep to prevent your energy levels from going down. When you wake up you will have enough energy to take you throughout the rest of the afternoon until you sleep at night.

Day 14: Increase Your Omega-3 Intake

These fats help to keep your brain cells healthy and hence alert and energetic. You can get the omega-3 fatty acids by eating lots of fish, canola oil and most nuts. Other than this, the omega-3 acids are also good for a healthy body which is required for you to be energetic.

Day 15: Take a Shower and Change Your Clothes During the Day

It is evident that if you take a shower and change your clothes, your body feels fresh and energetic. It gives a feeling like you have started a new day with new energy. You are therefore able to continue with you activities with a renewed strength.

Day 16: Listen to Music

Listening to your favorite songs as you work boosts your moods and so is your energy level. As the beats sound in your ears, your mind concentrates on the music instead of the tiredness you might be experiencing. You can work for long hours and accomplish greater tasks without getting tired when you are listening to your best songs.

Day 17: Take Breaks

If you have a lot of things you want to accomplish, doing them simultaneously is not the solution. In fact this makes you feel tired easily and you might find that at the end of the day you have nothing much that you have accomplished.

The best thing that can help you accomplish much within a day is taking short breaks. Take few minutes where you do practically nothing. This helps you mind have time to relax and when you continue with your task, each time you will have a lot of energy.

Day 18: Eat Small Healthy Meals

Eating 4-6 small meals in a day helps raise your energy levels and lowers your hunger rather than eating one big meal all at once. The truth is, eating a large meal slows down your productivity as the body is forced to use all the energy in digesting the meal.

Therefore eating small meals many times is much better as the body digests fast and helps you increase your energy and you are hence more productive.

Day 19: Fight Drowsiness by Pulling Down Your Earlobes

Odd as it may sound, it works wonders. If you are working and you start feeling drowsy like you can just leave whatever you are doing and swim in slumber land, try pulling down your earlobes. The sleeps goes away and you get a renewed energy to continue with your work. If there are other ways that you feel are good at fighting drowsiness, it is good to try them out too; you are not limited to earlobe pulling alone.

Day 20: Stimulate Your Circulatory System

This helps deliver energy rich blood in all parts of your body and hence helping you become more energetic. You can easily achieve this by moving your toes up and down, stretching or moving any other part of your body.

Day 21: Hangout With A Friend

Being around somebody you are close with and have a good conversation can help boost your energy levels. You can decide to take a walk and enjoy watching the beauty of nature still as a way of fighting the boredom and at the same time relax your body and mind. More to this, you can also share a good joke that will make you have a good laugh.

This also will help increase your energy levels as it stimulates your both your body and mind. True friends will also with no doubt inspire you and this will work wonders in rejuvenating your energy. This is so because you will feel there is somebody who recognizes your efforts and hence you will work with an aim of achieving more.

There are times that you can feel you have enough energy to do all your work and even overload yourself without getting bored or tired however others become tired easily. If you can try out the above discussed measures of increasing energy levels, you will be at better place in increasing your productivity as well. As you can see, you will not necessarily need to use caffeine, taurine or drugs to boost your energy levels.

In fact all these measures not only boost your energy levels but also keep your body fit and healthy. As you might already know, a healthy body is more energetic. Remember it is for your own good that you try healthy measures to boost your energy levels.

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