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Essay on Computer Addiction

Computer addiction is something which we hear a lot these days. Many of us stay in front of computers for hours either online or offline. This kind of act may interfere with our daily routines, relationships and overall well-being. Computer addiction can result from a variety of things such as – online gambling, shopping, and collecting data and many more. If you are spending unusual amount of time in front of your computer, it means you are suffering from computer addiction.

Computer addiction is relatively a new problem and there are effective treatments that help people to overcome this issue.

In this essay, I will help you understand what exactly computer addiction is, its causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Essay on Computer Addiction

Computer addiction can be characterized as excessive desire to use computer that results in negative consequences emotionally and physically for the user. Individuals who are preoccupied with computers can land up in serious problems related to relationship, hygiene, self-care etc. Remember that not all people who use computer for long hours are addicted. The situation of every individual is different and there is not set number of hours that are considered potential for computer addiction.

Essay on the Signs of Computer Addiction

There are many signs of computer addiction using which you can recognize if someone is addicted to computer. Paying attention to the possible signs of computer addiction can help you get early support and assistance. Some of the signs of computer addiction are as below –

  • Preoccupied with computer for hours either online or offline
  • Spending time in front of computer despite of urgent work
  • Burning sensation to switch on the computer and play games
  • Not mingling well with the family members
  • Getting excited with the thought of playing computer games or browsing
  • Irritability and mood swings when someone restricts the individual from using computer
  • Spending more time than committed and using it to escape inner feelings

We often see people going in front of computer as soon as they get up in the morning. This could also be a sign of computer addiction.

Essay on the Causes of Computer Addiction

Computers can be very useful when used properly. However, when they are used extensively – they can negatively affect the daily life. It may cause problems such as – lack of social interaction, emotional depression and financial consequences. Most of the people who stay in front of computer for long hours do not realize that they are addicted. The individual may lose track of time, think about computer when not in use and look constantly for next opportunity to use it. Some people tend to use computer as a means to escape real world, especially when they are depressed.

The main causes of computer addiction starts when the individual starts browsing the internet for the first time and they find something that holds their attention. Computer games are highly addictive these days and people of all age groups tend to attract to them. Initially it starts with few minutes. However, within a few weeks it turns into addiction – where the individual will be browsing for hours.

Physiological factor is one of the important causes of computer addiction. Whether it is online or offline addiction, the biological aspect is uncertain. Research suggests that computer addiction elevates dopamine and changes the brain’s chemistry. Online computer addiction is almost similar to drug addiction, and the individual look for new ways to feel better. They feel virtual life more appealing than the real life. Too much usage of computer may seem relatively less harmful than the dangers of drug abuse.

There is a misconception that computer usage can ruin life of individuals. However, there is no harm in using computer for 4-5 hours a day. Experts say that people who use computer for more than 5-6 hours per day have no time doing physical activities, socializing and other things. The biggest risk factor is that the individuals hardly have time for social development and growth.

Technological advancement is another cause why people get addicted to computer. In a survey, it was found that more than 20 million people are addicted to computer and the number is increasing continuously. There are various technologies that result in computer addiction. AR and AI technologies give you an amazing 3D experience. Augmented Reality takes you to a different world, where people can see and feel things virtually. The increase of computer addiction happens because of these technologies. The HD video and audio is becoming major attraction for gamers, especially when it comes to online games.

Playing games with online friends become more interesting, as a result of which they are addicted to computers. The casualties of technological revolution can be considered as an important cause of computer addiction. Technological advancement gives online gamers a feeling of freedom and achievement.

The development of computer addiction can come from different sources, personal issues and behavioral patterns. Computer addicts depict a different type of person in an attempt to live out the life they want. The cause of computer addiction can be fear of rejection, feelings of inadequacy and disapproval. The addict is deeply entrenched in his/her world to seek help. Computer addiction can lead to negative consequences for the individual as well as his/her family.

Essay on the Effects of Computer Addiction

If you or someone in your family is suffering from computer addiction, it is essential to get it treated as soon as possible. Long term computer addiction can have a negative impact on personal and professional life.  Most of the effects of computer addiction can be reversed with proper treatment. Some of the long terms effects of computer addiction ae as below –

  • The person may face social consequences and they do not interact with people in real life. Individuals who are addicted to computer are quite comfortable talking to people in social media. But, when it comes to real life interaction — they may experience nervousness and shy. The person may lack face to face interaction and experience loneliness, loss of friends and relationships.
  • Individuals may not experience any pleasure or happiness by performing tasks that are not done on computer. They may not even feel relief unless they take part in activities related to computer. Those who are addicted to computer may even feel depressed with lot of mood swings. They may even feel ashamed as they are not able to control their computer habits.
  • Sometimes, the individuals will spend time resolving hardware and software issues. Though it is not essential to resolve the technical issues, they simply sit in front of their computer trying to resolve the issue. Overspending on such issues will make the feel addicted, resulting in poor relationships.
  • Individuals who spend long hours in front of computer may gradually lose control over their life. They tend to lose connection with the rest of the world and remain isolated. They may even lose job due to the lack of productivity. In an effort to spend time on computer, they don’t even think of growing up in their career. The addicted person may deny the fact that they have problems, resulting in frequent arguments and conflicts.
  • Poor self-esteem and low confidence levels is another effect of computer addiction. As the individual is too busy with their involvement in computer, they hardly take time to eat, brush or take shower – resulting in poor self-hygiene. Computer addicts have poor sleeping habits and sometime they even give up healthy physical activities.
  • It is estimated that teens and adults who are addicted to computer spend good amount of money on new games, service fees, micro transactions and computer upgrades. Due to this, they may experience financial problems.
  • Long term computer usage is associated with a number of health problems such as poor vision, weakness in nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, blood clots and many more. Computer addiction can lead to obesity and poor overall health. With the advanced technologies, computers are getting cheaper and it has become more convenient for teens and adults to stay at home in front of computers. This will also make them become lazy.

Computer addiction is a new development and there are different treatment options to get rid of it. You can approach a computer addiction specialist who can treat it in an effective manner. Besides this, there are many counselling programs that help computer addicts live a normal life as before.

Essay on the Prevention of Computer Addiction

Spending time on computer can be productive, especially if it is for a limited time. There are many cases in which excessive time spent on computer is a considered as a challenging battle and is known as computer addiction. Fortunately, there are many ways to stop or prevent computer addiction such as music therapy, counselling, CBT, self-treatment etc.

Whatever method you try, you should ensure to prevent computer addiction before it’s too late. Recognizing the underlying problems can help you prevent the problem. You need medical treatment for anxiety and mental illness. You may need to seek counselling to alleviate phobias, which can be cause of excessive computer usage.

Many people turn to alcohol to cope up with stress or other emotions. Some people turn to computer to cope up with the problem at hand. If you want to prevent or treat computer addiction, you should find new ways to alleviate stress. Whether it is picking up a fitness regimen or taking part in a hobby – one can get rid of computer addiction in an effective way. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of computer addiction.

Limit time on computer

To reduce the risk of computer addiction, you should limit the amount of time spent on computer. You can also use a stopwatch to alert you when you have exceeded your computer time. Set timer for some time and make a commitment to stop using computer as soon as you reach the target. Employ this rule if and only if you are doing activities that are not related to your profession. You can schedule family time or some activity that must be completed before using computer.

Avoid using computer as a mode of recreation

A lot of people use computer for work and educational purpose. If you find it difficult to stop using computer, make a commitment to stop using it after a certain period. Instead of using computer for recreational purpose, play some indoor games with family or spend quality time with your beloved ones. Instead of spending unnecessary time, replace the time to do some healthy activity. Spending some time in real world rather than spending time online is always healthier. It works very well in stopping computer addiction.

Use computer only for important work

If you have the habit of using computer for even the smallest tasks, then you are in big trouble. You will eventually land up in a situation where you will not be able to do even a single task without computer. As you time your computer usage, it becomes easier to cut back and stop your addictive use of computer. You may have to put efforts to take necessary steps in the right direction to prevent computer addiction. It may be best if you make all the changes one by one. You will gradually get adjusted to the changes, and will not face any withdrawal symptoms. You can prevent computer addiction, once you are ok with the changes.

Spend some spiritual time

Worshipping god gives true sense of happiness. If you are in great depression or sadness, you should practice spiritual methods. You should spend time reading holy books and watching mythological movies. This will help you prevent computer addiction to a great extent. Remember that having a good family that supports you at every stage of life can prevent addiction related issues. By filling your mind with knowledge and ideas, you will surely come out of computer addiction. Change yourself to have a well-balanced life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Understand the negative consequences of computer usage

Analyze and assess how excessive computer usage is going to affect your life. Using computer for long hours can have strong negative consequences on your life. When you use computer for long period, the effects are so severe that they cannot be reversed. Not all computer addiction treatments work for all, as they are tailored as per the individual. Moreover, it depends on the severity of addiction. Look for alternative activities. Even if you feel bored for some time, it is healthy and fosters self-soothing.

Spend a day without computers, smartphones and other gadgets

Spend a day in week without using computer and related gadgets. Whether it is phone, television, tablet or computer – you should not use them for an entire day. Plan a vacation that is complete free of gadgets. You can even make a rule to have family dinner together without touching gadgets. You can get professional help if needed. There are many therapists who are specialized in helping people overcome computer addiction.


Computer usage is a negative addiction, as it affects the daily life of a person. When excessive computer usage interferes with personal and professional life, it causes financial and physical problems. Despite of the efforts to control, it continues and becomes a serious problem. We all know that computers are a great source of information and play an important role in development. However, the ingredients that make computer addictive can be a boon to the person’s life.  There is definitely a fine line between addiction and necessity.

Some people believe that computer obsession is a healthy activity, as it helps in learning and exploring. Computer immersion provides certain forms of diversions, which are healthy to a great extent. There is a great need for humans to communicate with others. However, it is healthier, if humans communicate with others in real life. It is easy to become obsessive online. The online relations are always confusing and misleading compared to real life relations.

There are many psychological effects of spending much time in front of computers. It is found that more than 70% of internet users are reported spending more than 40 hours per week in front of their computers.  There are clearly many benefits of computer usage and computer addiction is treated as a joke. Unfortunately, it has become a serious problem for many. We can work to prevent it once the risk and negative consequences of computer addiction are acknowledged.

Only a few people sense that they have problem and take it seriously. No matter how the person uses computer, it becomes a problem when the important areas of person like – family, school, career etc are neglected.  Addictions are pleasurable in nature, as they are linked to increased dopamine. Being able to recognize the signs of computer addiction can break the dependence cycle. Treatment based on CBT can be quite effective in treating computer addiction, as it focuses on developing new skills and incorporating its use in daily life.

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