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Science Explains How Facebook Makes You Sad


There is no denying to the tempting nature of social media, especially of Facebook. Every person has a different reason to be online. What may look like a need for social connectivity at the surface level, is actually much more than that. Research has shown that after a certain limit, high Facebook usage can lead to the generation of negative feelings in the user. Apparently, a variety of reasons can be held responsible for that.


A Feeling of Competition

Nearly every one is boasting and flaunting their so-called best cherished moments online and the specific limelight is on their “happy” events. Whereas life is not all the time pleasant. However, watching others in a particular mood when our own lives may not seem that joyous or colorful, can create a sense of competition in us and make us resentful.

Constant Need for Approval

Facebook leads to the development of a self-obsessive behavior. The options of likes, comments, and shares make it even worse. As a result, one feels bound to regularly share pictures, posts, and other personal events of the life, just so he/she can grab the attention of others and maintain it regularly.

False Sense of Achievement

Who doesn’t like to see loads and loads of likes and notifications on their profile? Interacting through comments and getting praises on pictures may satisfy a portion of our brain and give us a sense of false achievement. In the long run, we may realize that it was just a pseudo feeling and repent it later.

Long Hours of Unproductive Browsing

Every second, something new is happening all over the world and also in our friend circle. The news feed section is flooded and updated all the time. This means there is an abundant flow of info we can have access to. However, after hours of scrolling down, it may occur to us that most of it is just a useless and time-consuming trap of vague info.



While we are looking at others, all happy and progressing in their lives, we may begin to develop a resentment toward our own life, as it may look quite vacant and dull to us comparatively.


Feeling that our life is not as interesting and good as those of others, can easily develop anxiety in us. Unconsciously, we begin to compare us with them and perceive that life has been unfair to us.

Jealousy and Depression

The same comparison of emotional and materialistic things is the root cause of jealousy in the person. We start to judge our own course of life and careers. The dissatisfaction creates depression over the time.


Staying Offline

The best method is to reduce the duration and frequency of going online of Facebook. The less we visit there, the more we are out of its grip.

Positive Activities

Life is much more than Facebook. Real-time activities like gardening, reading, painting, cooking, and playing can detox us and keep us happy and healthy.

Staying Mindful

Even if going online, stay observant of your loop of thoughts. Being mindful would act as a cushion and prevent us from the negative effects of Facebook.

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