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Top 10 Web Hosting Companies In The World

You’ve noticed something.

Every hosting company you’ve scoured, wants to offer you a better deal. In fact, you’ve seen huge claims like 100% Uptime with a blazing speed.

Even prices, slashed down to nickels and dimes just to lock you in their hosting packages. You can’t help but wonder, do they live up to their claim.

Yes, you’re right to be skeptical and doubtful and I will tell you why. The moment you shell out your hard-earned cash, you may regret later why you did it.

Only to realize later that you bought “snake oil”. It happens all the time with every newbies that gets into internet marketing. You’re bombarded with fancy promise that amount to hot air.

Have good news for you. You won’t go through that frustration because right now we want to show you the best top 10 hosting companies in the world.

The 3 Single Factors That Matters When Choosing A Hosting Company

If you’re doing this for the first time, chances are you don’t know what the things to look for in a hosting company. And it’s not your fault, because I was once in your shoes.

When shopping for a hosting company, you need to look for three things.

Speed- Speed is important. In fact, speed is one of the ranking algorithms that Google uses to rank sites. That means, if your site takes one minute to load on a mobile phone or desktop, you lose rankings and that can hurt your revenue if you make money online.

Uptime- It is fancy word, right. It means the number of times a website has stayed up and running. Uptime is important. Anytime your website is down, you lose traffic and sales.

“Guru” support- Does the hosting company have excellent customer support. When you have a problem do they get to you immediately.

If you’re a beginner, you want to vet hosting companies based on those three factors. Just in case, you’re in a hurry, here is a table comparing the 10 hosting and the industry standards.

Rank Webhost Uptime Speed
1 HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting 99.99% 504 ms
2 Siteground 99.99% 483 ms
3 A2 Hosting 99.94% 392 ms
4 InMotion 99.79% 644 ms
5 Bluehost 99.98% 510 ms
6 A small orange hosting 99.94% 679 ms
7 Dreamhost 99.76% 870 ms
8 iPage 99.94% 881 ms
9 GreenGreeks 99.95% 1032 ms
10 Hostgator shared 99.99% 846 ms

Industry best benchmark

Average load speed: 1059 ms

Uptime: 99.79%

HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting

It is not the normal HostGator that you know. Actually, it is a new service. HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting was designed with a sole purpose of loading pages at a blazing speed without the need of having to configure caching and CDN

That alone makes it #1 in our list. What’s more, it has a very strong uptime of 99.99%. That is .20% better than the average industry speed of 99.79%. Rest assured that you can sleep without worries that your website will be offline.

When it comes to load speed, it performs better than the average industry standard. It has an average speed of 504 ms which is two times better.

Support is incredible. If you have a problem you can reach them over phone, email support and live chat.


Their social channels are non-responsive.


Siteground takes position two in our list for a couple of reasons. It supports different platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Unlike other hosting companies that have ready-made solutions, Siteground has in house crafted solution to ensure a superior hosting experience.

What’s more, they have their own proactive server monitoring systems that monitors your site every 0.5 seconds. That means they have 99.99% Uptime.

When it comes to speed, they maintain an average time of 483 ms above the normal industry standards. More importantly, they have FANTASTIC customer support. You’ll have them responding to your problems within 11 seconds.


They have limited storage space compared to other hosting companies. You have to upgrade to get a better storage space or choose their VPN or dedicated hosting.

A2 Hosting

They may not be famous like HostGator and Bluehost but they do have a big claim.

A2 Hosting have data centers in the US, Europe and Asia. They have a stable and reliable uptime of 99.94%. Most sites hosted on their platform maintains an average load speed of the 392 ms.

A2 Hosting maintains a 24/7/365 days support via email, live chat, phone or ticket submission. They also have a BBB rating for super hosting companies given that they have been in the game for 15 years.

Cons: Very expensive and they do have restrictions on the cheapest plan


With over 300,000 domains hosted on their servers, InMotion performs well in three areas support, speed and Uptime.

That said, they have an average uptime of 99.79% and an average load speed of the 644ms. It is no surprise that InMotion offers the best price in the market that can’t be beaten.

All their hosting plans come with the basic Sucuri security plugins that scans your site for security breaches and hacks. Recently they partnered with Corero Network Security to provide you unmatched security with their SmartWall Threat Detect.


Delayed verification process. In other words, customers have to be verified by phone. If you’re not from the US, you may have a rough time getting verified.


Like HostGator, Bluehost is a household name and they offer a variety of hosting plans for beginners and business

They have 24/7 customer support via email, live chat and phone. You’ll love their hosting plans because they are friendly to any person in any part of the world. In addition, they offer budget friendly plans


Sites hosted on Bluehost take less than 2 seconds to load and this can affect your ranking, especially if you’re in a very competitive niche. What’s more, they have lots of up sell during the sign up process.

A Small Orange Hosting

This is a company that was launched by Tim Dorr in 2003. A small orange hosting have an average uptime of 99.4%. Most of the sites hosted on their servers take an average of 679 ms to load.

They have friendly and helpful customer support. If you have any concern, you can reach them via email. They offer budget friendly prices with no hidden charges.


They don’t have a phone support. If you exceed the allocated bandwidth, they may suspend your account immediately.


Founded in 2008 by Trey Gardner. In 9 years they have hosted over 300,000 domains.

GreenGreeks has data centers in Germany, Canada and Amsterdam.

GreenGreeks has an average strong uptime of 99.95% . Like Hostgator, they also offer free site migration and domain name registration. In addition, Green Greeks provides free backups for its clients plus additional security measures, Spam assassin protection and SSL


If you’re going to buy GreenGreeks hosting, slow performance is something that you’ll have to keep up with because they have loading speed of 1032 ms.


They claim to have over 400,000 customers with over 1.5 million sites. They do have a good uptime of 99.76% and page speed of 870 ms faster than the industry speed of 1059 ms

Unlike most hosting companies Dreamhost offers unlimited bandwidth and data from their unlimited policy plans.


Dreamhost offers the most expensive plan in the marketplace starting at $7.95 per month, billed $ 286 for three years.

What’s more is that you’ll have to deal with the delayed verification process before your account is fully activated.


They offer the cheapest hosting plans than their competitor. The starter plans start at $1.99 per month, making it the cheapest in the marketplace.

iPage provides decent customer support through email, live chat and phone support. All their hosting plans come with Sitelock plugin shield your sites from security breaches and risks


They have an average uptime of 99.94% with a load speed of 881 ms.

HostGator Shared

It is one of the largest web hosting servers with over 9 million domains hosted. On average, they have an uptime of 99.99%, which is 20% better than the industry standards.

When it comes to support, you have to wait for 16 minutes almost half an hour to get have an agent respond to your query on a live chat. Not excellent for a big company that has been in the game for long. Your database backup, malware removal and SSL certificate you are provided for free.


Hostgator lag behind when it comes to uptime, despite being a big company.

Now you can make a better choice which hosting plan will perfect for you. It couldn’t be easier with a detailed information on your fingertips like this. Keep in mind that for you to enjoy the cheapest price with some hosting companies, they’ll have to lock you up in two or three year deal. Price comes back to normal after the promotional period is over.

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