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Mindvalley Course Review: Unlimited Abundance Program

Really, has this ever happened to you.

It is 31st of December just 10 minutes to the New Year. You start feeling this excitement about achieving your goals. There is that sudden rush of adrenaline within you that pushes you to write down your goals and the steps of achieving it.

Then somewhere in February, you get stuck, unable to continue with the same enthusiasm you had earlier in the year. It is like the most powerful thing on the planet, “the mind” is working against you.

Every time you try to push hard, you’re coming back to the same spot you were the other year. Worst of all, this has been a tradition you’ve held on every year you try to achieve any new goal.

Do you know what has just happened there? Or why it is impossible to achieve what you set, despite all the experts encouraging you to pursue the dreams within you.

In two words. Energy Blocks.

That is where MindValley course: Unlimited abundance comes in. To help you break the 24 blocks of mental energy that are pulling you back from making the “first step” in your success energy.

If you might have not known, the single one thing that is holding you back, reigns in your thoughts. If you can change your thoughts for even a day, you can get much accomplished.

But does the Unlimited abundance live up to test. In other words, does it actually help you achieve all that you want.

In this review I want to show what is possible and what’s not using the unlimited abundance. Grab a cup of coffee, put your phone away and let dive in.

Who Is Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon is a spiritual teacher, who has been helping her clients thrive and win in various areas of their lives including family, health, wealth and abundance.

Her spiritual prowess has earned her many accolades from clients, features in big Magazine like Forbes and even TV talk shows. Most importantly, the ways she helps people overcome the mental blocks that coats their mind.

Maybe you’re wondering, what she does exactly? She guides you in a thoughtful meditation process and brings the beliefs that blocks to awareness.

In other words, using her spiritual power she taps into 24 mental blocks and eliminates them completely using clear statements.

Okay, does this really work? It is good that you’re skeptical, but that is what I had at first. Like anything new, I was skeptical, having been brought up in a Christian Home.

How could I not be skeptical about it. I mean, the program looks like somebody, somewhere, talking in your ears with mean language, more like removing demons.

However, at first I didn’t like it. I wasn’t comfortable with the way she talked to me. It made me feel sad. Am sure you’ll too feel this way. However, since I was past the refund period, I couldn’t ask for my money back.

Since, so many people praise her, I decide to try for my sake. This second time, I was willing to be patient and humble enough to follow every single thing. It took me 24 days to finish everything.

Personally, I didn’t get rich or make millions of dollars, but my perception of the world changed a lot. I noticed that I was fully aware of my spending habits and choices, I had control over my savings. And I won two big paying contracts from two clients.

If there is anything that you’ll get from this program is one:

Change of perception, change of feelings, change of thoughts, change of belief. Change is a critical thing if you want to be successful. It all starts with breaking the energy chain.

What You’ll Get From This Program

Unlimited abundance contains 24 sessions of mental blocks that stops people from achieving all they want. Imagine one mental block damaging your whole life and sabotaging everything on your way to achieve the life that you want.

Picture what 24 blocks can do for your career. I say this because I have seen people slogged for 32 years, having the feeling of discontent and appreciation for their life. Or people committing suicide because they believe the world is not a better place for them.

There are lots of session but, I will name a few that I personally like:

Clearing fear of growth:

This session refers to growth like a garden, for it to prosper, you have to take care of it. You have to water it. More like, what you plant is what you get.

Clearing fear of rejection:

Rejection is something we have faced-whether in sales, jobs or romantic endeavor. The problem is, we take it personally and that’s why we fear it.

Clearing family blocks:

It is common. For instance, being brought up in a Christian or Muslim family, you may find unlimited abundance more of satanic. Or your family may have certain expectation of you and you fear breaking the tradition. Family blocks are very dangerous

The program has 24 sessions, I can’t give you a breakdown of all the sessions. You have to buy to experience the full benefit.

A Word Before You Buy It

It is simple to review a product and tell the audience to buy the product automatically. Personally, I won’t tell you that, not after you’ve heard my personal opinion.

If you really believe that this program can help you change your thoughts and feelings, buy it.

If you want to see the world in a different kaleidoscope and harness the energy within, to achieve all you want, this program is a blessing.

If you believe there are negative energies and mental blocks that get you back to square one whenever you want to do to something, this may be the only program you want.

Most important and finally, this program is for you, if you promise yourself that you’ll stay patient and humble enough to apply everything said in the program.

Please don’t waste your money if you think or feel that you won’t be humble and patient enough to follow through the exercise and listen it.

If you can’t take one hour a day to listen to a program or even do the exercise in the program to change your life. You’re definitely lazy. Don’t buy it to fill your computer’s hard drive like any other self-help book.

Buy it with a purpose, follow it with a purpose.

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