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Mindvalley Course Review: Tune In By Sonia Choquette

Ever felt or found yourself saying:

“Something is missing.”

“It is not right”

“There is something weird about this guy. I don’t like him”

“Something doesn’t look right in this document. I can’t sign them”

” Why do I feel like you’re not honest with me

If you ever experienced that feeling, then you were using your sixth sense called intuition.

Such feelings happen to us all the time. The sad news is that we have never explored what that is. That’s where Tune In by Sonia Choquette comes in. It is a comprehensive course that takes you into discovering the power of intuition. An intuition is that “gut feelings”.

The gut feelings can be about something or any person. Picture little toddlers for instance. When kids are young, they can easily use their intuition to judge a person’s character.

Have you ever tried to hold a child in your arm and the child just cries. It’s because the child sensed a negative vibe about you. Something inside him, told him that you’re not safe.

Our modern life requires to tap into our intuition more than ever to:

  • Make the best decision
  • Find a better spouse
  • Start a new life
  • Spot a lie
  • Make goals that we’ll follow through
  • Make a right judgement about people
  • Succeed in life.

Does Tune In helps discover intuition? Let’s look what’s in the course.

Meet Sonia Choquette

clip_image004Sonia Choquette is an amazing lady with 20+ best-selling books about intuition and spiritual healings. She is the author of New York best-selling titles such as The Answer is Simple, Diary of a Psyche, Ask Your Guide and Trust Yourself.

She has also made media appearances on CNN, ABC, NBC, INC., USA Today, Los Angeles Times and London Times. Sonia has more than 20 years experience in the subject of spiritual healing and intuition.

You’ll benefit greatly from her experiences, teaching and healing people about the incredible power of intuition. More importantly, you’ll be able to turn the course of your life.

What Makes Tune In Special?


Most people experience something called doubts. Whenever they try to do something new, there’s that doubts. Doubts are a sign that you don’t trust yourself.

And when you do have even a little trust about yourself, you’re bound to follow everything that people tell you to do. The most stressful and traumatizing thing in life is trying to make everyone happy.

Tune In will teach and help you listen to your intuition, therefore:

  • Helping you develop solid trust in your sixth sense
  • Learning how to live intuitively
  • Making the right decision in life

That main reason why we don’t use our intuitive mind is because, we are affected by our logical brain

Intuition is a skill that you can learn. If you can drive or operate a smartphone, you can learn how to be intuitive.

Most importantly, you can use intuition to advise you on:

  • The direction to shape your career
  • The best way to go about a problem
  • The task that you should do
  • How to be in the state of abundance.
  • And , the possibilities are endless.

Great men like Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln and Richard Branson have used intuitions to make the right decision about something.

You too, using the Sonia’s program can harness the power of intuition into your life.

What’s Inside the Program?

Tune In is a 4 chapter video series, where Sonia takes you on a long journey to discover that inner voice and how to tap it. The videos are 10 minutes long, each video contains more information and actionable exercises that you could use to your advantage.

Sonia also tells you the difference between the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and intuition. Most people think that intuition is the subconscious mind.

In reality, these two subjects are different. The four chapters include:

Waking up

I liked the waking up chapter. Let me ask you this, are you aware that the reason why today, you’re frustrated is because of the people around you. People like your families, friends and relatives. The course is not against family members, the problems are that you are brought to follow and believe in everything that they say. In the long run, you end trying to make everybody happy instead of making yourself happy.

If you take a moment and reflect back, you’ll realize that you made bad choices because of the pressure that you got from your family. If people learned to listen to their intuition, they would know what kind of advices to take and which one to ignore.

Digging up

Have you ever experienced a wake up call onto something… it may be a new idea or a solution to anything. Most people would experience this scenario and still never trust their intuition if they are taking the right course.

Taking of the leap

This chapter is a breakthrough. You’ll realize that your ego and the reality are two different things. Men suffer from ego so much that sometimes, they would rather follow what their ego tells them instead of what they truly feel about. I am one of them and it happens to me all the time. Before this course, I never knew that ego can also be poisonous and deter one from proceeding forward.

Enjoying life.

Unless we are willing to leave our ego behind, there is no way that we can receive guidance. This last chapter teaches you how to place complete trust in yourself.

Tune In program also comes with bonuses. The one bonus I like is the Tune In meditation, digging deep meditation. Every chapter has its own meditation guide. You’ll also get Tune In workbooks and Tune In vision Journey videos. You have access to all these goodies when you make a purchase


Let’ admit one thing.

We need to have an intuitive mind in life. Ever asked yourself why most people never achieve their new year resolution? It is because we have self-doubts and never trust ourself with our abilities.

Having an intuitive mind is about placing trust in our inner guidance and most importantly waking towards that direction. I’ve had moments when I was so excited about a certain business idea only to give up halfway the road because of fear.

Looking back on what has made me successful in my areas of life, depended on how much I trust myself. For instance, there was a time I could get discouragement from my family members about pursuing a certain business ideas because I’ve spent one year from it and it wasn’t profitable.

What pushed me forward is my intuition, I believed that one day it will take off. In the same year, I discover something that improved my business. Yes, it can happen to you. You can use intuition to make right decisions.

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