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Course Review: Tantra Touch By Psalm Isadora

Imagine if you had the power to awaken your partner’s sexual desires and connect with them on a deeper level.

Most importantly, knowing where to touch, how to touch, how to kiss, how to make them feel your presence. Chances are, you could have the best relationship ever, right.

Tantra touch is a special course, designed to equip you with knowledge and insight of how to invoke those desires and feelings that we want to experience.

At some point in life, we feel that our marriages and relationship are not working. In fact, 40% to 50% of marriage go into divorce.

The love that was once there has lost its meaning to the spouse. It won’t surprise you to find a couple living together for more than two years without sexual connection.clip_image002That’s leads to broken relationships, divorce and trauma, all because the society has taught us never to talk about sex. Yet, it is the single one thing, that can rekindle that lost love, ignite the sexual desires again and save that young or old relationship.

Unlike other courses on sexuality, Tantra is one of a kind course that teaches the best way to invoke those desires and to always look forward to romance.

In this review, I want to share with you how tantra touch could be the only thing that you want to save your relationship and rekindle the first love that you had for your partner. First, let’s take a quick look to the famous celebrity behind this marvelous course.

Meet Psalm Isadora, Your Coach On Tantra Touch


Psalm was a phenomenal woman, who discovered this special gift that people yearn for Intimacy. Most importantly, she is one of the best sexual educator the world has ever known.

Sex may look like a Taboo in our society, something to be ashamed or afraid of. In reality, sexual intimacy is something that we need.

Not only for our enjoyment, but to connect deeply and to align our desires with those of our half. Psalm Isadora was gifted with this special gift.

You may have known maybe one way to invoke this gift, but Psalm Isadora gives you countless techniques and exercises of doing the same thing without feeling bored.

The problem with our society is that it doesn’t teach us how to love someone or how to do sex. We are all born believing that we know it. The sad fact is, we don’t know anything about intimacy and relationship.

If we truly know more about intimacy and sexual desires, why is that 40% to 50% of marriages ends up in divorces, cheating or separation? This is a nice question to ask people that think that they don’t need a tantra touch.

With boldness and courage, Psalm Isadora teaches you that. When you master her teaching, you’ll save your marriages, your relationship and become a better spouse to your better half.

The accolades and praise Psalm Isadora has received from the people and celebrities, makes the course suitable for people who want to be a better spouse. Unfortunately, we lost Psalm on March 2017, but her course continues to educate the world on Tantra Touch and save the relationships. She may not be with us today, but the gift she left us reigns in our hearts and soul.

The Goodies Inside The Tantra Touch

Tantra Touch is a 7 week course offered by Psalm Isadora. Psalm walks you through a series of videos and live training on how to celebrate your sexuality and gain the confidence.

Through her teaching and live classes, Tantra touch will improve your intimacy and the art of love making. With Tantra touch you’ll:

  • Discover immense joy and satisfaction
  • Have multiple orgasms
  • Have the greatest intimacy with your partner
  • Connect with your partner more deeply

In a nutshell, I would describe tantra as a way to soak yourself in the art of intimacy and travel in a different world with your partner.

A world where both of you understand each other feelings and desires. Tantra touch is divided into three phases. The first phase is about understanding the psychology of sexuality.

The second phase is connecting to energetic influence and the third phase is understanding how to enter into the physical aspects of sex and intimacy. In other words, how to appreciate sexual intimacy and how to do it in the way that benefit both you and your partner.

Unlike the modern way sexual intercourse, where people do it to pass the time without caring about the other partner. Tantra takes a different approach, you’re not that just in the business of getting in and out. You’re in to explore each other feelings and make each other happy without hurting the feelings of one another.

If you want to change the way you make love? If you want to have better experiences each time you and your partner are together? If you want to have confidence during sexual intimacy. Tantra touch is the course for you. It is not something that you need to be ashamed of. Tantra touch will teach you about the sacred sexuality, the chakras of intimacy, Tantra for one, Tantra for two and the Urban Kama Sutra. Whether we like or not, sex is something that we have to be best at if we want to have a fulfilling, happy relationship.


Most men and women reading this may feel that Tantra touch is a taboo. Or, something that doesn’t make sense to buy.

Ask yourself, what if you suck in the bed and your partner is afraid of telling you, because they think they’ll hurt your feelings.

What if, your partner has been nursing pain in this relationship and they are just waiting for you to make a simple stupid mistake before they walk away.

Tantra touch may look like a taboo but ask yourself: Imagine what your wife or husband wakes up in the morning telling you how amazing you were last night. Imagine if they found total satisfaction with you, chances are your relationship will be a bliss.

The only way you can achieve that, is trying out the Tantra Touch. Explore course, Tantra could be the greatest gift, you’ll ever give your partner.

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