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Course Review: Spiritual Laws of Money By T Harv Eker

Let’s face it.

Spirituality and wealth are two conflict ideas. Most people that are spiritual like to think that wealth will make them mean, corrupt and selfish. Unfortunately, this mentality makes them struggle financially in life, leaving their hope on the wind

On the other hand, wealthy people like to think that spirituality is a waste of time. Why hope for a better future that you don’t know when it will happen when you can create a happy future for yourself. Unfortunately, most wealthy people aren’t happy.

clip_image002Spiritual laws of money by Harv Eker brings these two topics together and teaches you how to live with them in harmony. In other word, Harv shows you how you can be wealthy and affluent without compromising your spiritual belief.

With this course, you’ll not feel like you’re compromising your belief and faith. Most importantly, you’ll blend these two areas together in your life and achieve harmony and peace.

Meet Harv Eker, The Millionaire Maker

Unlike most self-development leaders that never like to touch on the subject of spirituality. Harve Eker is a rare protege.

In his early life he has tried both roads, and unlike normal people that go through the same path, he has experienced the same results.

At one point, he tried to be successful running his own business. In fact, within a year he started 4 businesses which failed terribly. Then one night, he decided to change course and find hope in spirituality, just like most of do when things seem not to be working.

He studied it and wished to be a Monk. Only to find later that he is struggling financially. That became an awakening moment, he realized that in order to live a happy life the spirituality and wealthy must work together.

After discovering this innate secret, he became a millionaire in less than two and a half years. You too can achieve this incredible success if you follow the footsteps of Harv Eker.

Harv is the best selling author of the Millionaire mastermind. He has made media appearance on CNN, FOX news, BBC and other celebrity talk shows.

The most incredible thing about Harv is that he doesn’t just teach you to do something. He has case studies of successful students who have used his techniques to make money and have a better future. In fact, one of the students used Harv same exact techniques and he was a millionaire.

What You’ll Learn In The Program


The Millionaire mastermind comprises of 8 weeks of in-depth training with Harv Eker. In this eight session Harv takes you into on a long journey to discover the 8 millionaire blocks preventing you from attaining the wealth and prosperity that you want.

All you need to create wealth is to start removing these blocks one by one. For instance, Harv teaches that our mind is protective of us. Whenever we think of trying to accomplish a new goal or travelling in unfamiliar territory.

The mind will force us to see the negative side of everything. All the mind cares about is that we are alive. For me that was an awakening moment.

Harv goes on to say that, unless you can train our mind to see the good in every goal that we accomplish, there is no way we will ever achieve wealth.

The second lesson that I learn from Harv is about taking action. Let me explain. Harv gave each one of us a homework. The homework was to go home and write the 5 things that we are proud of.

Personally, I came the following day in the seminar, having written nothing. I saw the exercise as too simple for me. Then Harv said something that changed my view completely. If you can’t do a simple thing like writing what you’re proud of or even writing a review about your day, that’s the way you treat everything in your life.

If that exercise was so important to us, we’ll do what it takes. He goes to say that we don’t need to attend another self help program. What we need is to take action, even if it means looking in the mirror everyday and saying that we like yourself.

That’s a preview of what I got on the live seminar. Here is how the course will transform you:

The course is designed to bring harmony into your life by blending spirituality and wealth together

You have access to tools and exercise that you need to do every day so that you can have the wealth that you want

Harv gives you an 8 part system that you can use to create lifelong financial security

Most importantly, the program will help you find your purpose on earth.

The program will also dissolve fears and quench your thirst to be more than you ever wanted. The main thing that you’ll benefit from this program is changing your belief about money and spirituality.

A Word Of Advice

There’s always this urge to learn or take a course because it is great. The millionaire mindset is with no doubt a great course for anyone that wants to find harmony in the both wealth and spiritual realm

But here is one challenge, most people will buy this program. However, few of them will ever achieve their purpose and freedom.

Here is the brutal truth, most people won’t take action. In other words, most people won’t take action even when it comes to simple things like writing your goals down every day.

I will repeat the exact words Harv told the audience, ” the only reason why you haven’t written anything, is because you don’t take them serious. That alone can affect the way you view things, it’s just that we don’t take them serious.”

If you want to benefit greatly from the millionaire mindset, the most important thing that Harv urges the audience to do is to take the exercises and follow through the action steps. However, how little or small those actions and exercises, make them an important part of your life.

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