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Mindvalley Academy Course Review: Duality By Jeffrey Allen

Imagine for a second if you had Bill Gate’s mind and become super successful

Imagine for a second if you had the Buddha’s mind and had inner peace and serenity

Imagine for a second if you had Beyonce’s mind and become a popular musician.

Ever ask yourself, why other person’s success seems natural to them and not you. That is where this Mindvalley academy course reviews: duality by Jeffrey Allen comes in.


If you have been reading this and maybe you’re not aware, there is something innate that blocks you from getting to where you want in life.

That’s fine if you have mental blocks. In fact, most people that set their goals, ever achieve them and it is not their fault.

It’s just that these groups of people have never had an opportunity like you to discover what it is that is preventing them from getting forward.

Unless they discover what is happening, every year will be a repeat of what happened in the past. Why do people fail to lose weight, why do people backslide from achieving their resolution. In other words, why do people bail out each time they want to do something new.

Energy blocks. Yes, energy blocks. Energy healing is learning to use the intelligence and intuition of higher self. Yes, you have a higher self and if you tap that, you can be anything that you want.

More About Jeffrey Allen

You’re reading this and asking, who is Jeffrey Allen and why should I care?

Jeffrey Allen is not your normal spiritual teacher. In fact, here is referred to as Healer’s healer. In other words, he heals other spiritual teachers and healers who come to him for a healing session.clip_image004

If he can manage to provide the same healing session for them, chance are, he may heal you. You may have seen me mentioning the term ” healing” and think maybe you don’t need this.

That’s fine, it may sound as a new concept at first and you’re trying to resist. Unlike many spiritual healers, Jeffrey Allen is a rare breed. He not only heals people, but he shares his struggle as well, like financial difficulties that he had before becoming successful.

Now he prides himself to have achieved what most spiritual teachers and healers never achieve,” Inner Peace.”

Previously, he was a successful engineer and become financially successful because of using the healing powers to heal himself. More importantly, is that he has over 20 years experience teaching people how to heal themselves and how to heal others too.

The Nitty Gritty Details Of Duality Program


Jeffrey Allen created the duality program to teach people how to connect and align with their inner energy. In other words, when you connect and align with your higher self, you’ll achieve and tackle life problems with ease.

Most people would skate through their entire life without realizing that they can tap into the power of their higher self and solves life problem.

You higher self can teach you how to love, how to run a business, how to live, how to get six packs, how to lose weight.

The best way of recognizing the higher self is through learning and understanding it. When you understand what is going on in your subconscious mind, you begin to use it more to solve problems and create a solution for your future.

The main reason why you fail to achieve what you do, which Jeffrey illustrates is because you don’t know your intuition. When you uncover this intuition you will know the mental blocks that are barring you and use to your advantage.

More importantly, is that duality helps you establish a strong rapport and love with your spiritual side. The result of this is that you become an intuitive person, recovering sober guidance and answers from your higher self.

And you connect perfectly to your desires, belief and psychology, making you solve inner conflicts as you strive to become a healthy emotional person.

Inside The Package

clip_image008Duality is an 8 course week program that you listen to live recordings from Jeffrey teaching live class and healing them.

The program comes with a series of tools and exercises that you’ll do in the course of the 8 weeks, which moves you into a better direction as you search the higher self.

Most of what I have learned in duality is the ability to use each of this technique in my everyday life. The majority of people in the world have negative perception about life.

Or the environment that surrounds them is filled with negative energy. From the Tvs that we watch to gossip and rumors that we believe. This thing may sound harmless, but they actually shape your reality.

For instance, when the Television tells you that rich people steal from the poor. And you come to believe that, there is no way you can come to work hard to be well-off yourself.

Every time you try, it’s hard, duality taught me that unless I break this mental block, unless I change that reality, there is no way I can be financial independent.

If there is anything good that you’ll recognize from this program is the ability to use the higher self, for recognizing your limiting belief, to solve life problems and to live happily.

It may sound archaic, but after you’ve gone through the first 8 weeks like I did. You’ll begin to see the world in a different spectrum. There is that “feeling” of awareness of everything going around you.

Bonus Material

Duality comes with bonus material that you’ll love. There’s an additional Q and A and duality daily meditation.

At the end of the section, I believe you will have questions, Jefferey has live recordings of students asking different questions and their answers.

Chances are your question will be answered and you’ll benefit from a collective meditation and healing sessions.


What You Need To Know Before Shelling Your Cash

I don’t want to sound biased, but it is definitely hard to write a review for this product without sounding biased. Let me explain.

Energy healing is not something that you do it once and expect pieces to fall. It is something that you have to learn like anything you’ve ever done in your life for instance, driving a car.

You won’t get rich or make money going through the program.

You won’t find happiness immediately after you finished the program.

In fact, chances are you won’t achieve any of your expectations that you hoped to achieve using duality.

But, I will tell you who this program is for:

It’s for the person that wants to take time to discover their higher self.

It’s for the person that wants to start listening it over after 8 weeks, doing the same exercises and the same techniques to achieve excellence and mastery of higher self.

More importantly, it is for the person that will create time to listen because they want to change their life. They want to be in the state of both mental and emotional awareness.

Buying it and listening for 8 weeks won’t help you. You need to develop a love for learning about your inner self. Learning about yourself takes time. If you can learn about yourself, you can find your source of inspiration and motivation.


The problem most people have with taking a course like duality is not doing the exercise. People would skim through a course and never try to apply everything.

I know there is that feeling of disconnect and self-doubt when you’re trying to fill those exercises. Sometimes you feel like cheating yourself. Hey, if you want to get past that, read the ebook or listen to the course material twice or thrice.

The first time you listen to any course, chances are you won’t be able to do the exercise, but the second time you listen to the program, something will happen to your mind that will force to do the exercises.

It will come naturally to you. Now imagine for a second, what duality can help you achieve in your life.

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