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Course Review: Creative Visualization By Lisa Nicholas and Vishen Lakhianie

Seriously, who needs another course about creative visualization?

Can’t you just close your eyes and do it yourself, at the comfort of your house?

That’s what I thought when I saw Mindvalley create buzz about this course.

The creators of the course are Lisa Nicholas and Vishen Lakhiani, great modern teachers of self-development.

Come on, do you still need this course. Well, let’s make a few things clear before we dive into this course. Unless we understand what’s all about, there is no way we can make better decisions about the course.

What You Need To Know About Creative Visualization


Creative visualization is not something that is new. I have read more than 20 books on self-development that praise the art of creative visualization.

It is where the author says close your eyes, try to imagine what life could be if you achieve all that you’ve been dreaming of.

Imagine your perfect day, how will you describe it. And they go on and on. If it’s your first time reading a visualization book, you may enjoy the things that the author is telling you.

But here is the reality of what happens? Although the author will tell you to close your eyes and try to imagine or picture.

Chances are, you won’t do it? Technically, it is impossible and I will tell you why. It sounds weird closing your eyes and concentrating for 20 minutes, let alone 2 minutes.

The truth is we can’t concentrate that long because we have noise in the background. A car speeding on the road, your phone ringing.

How are you supposed to visualize the future amid this serious chaotic life. For most people it will be impossible. More importantly, your mind needs to be strong to accept those commands.

But wait! Thanks for that, the question is, how is creative visualization different? The uniqueness of this course startled me.

Instead of scratching the surface trying to visualize, this course does two different things that I have not seen in any program.

First, the course is delivered in audio forms. That’s a bonus, instead of going into mental fatigues reading sentences after sentences. You have Vishen and Nicholas talking to you direct.

Second, you don’t just listen to their words, there is soothing music accompanying their voice.

For instance, the first chapter of the book focus on the mind. Here Vishen tells you to try to imagine. You’re visualizing as you listen to the music.

What this does is to activate your mind and take it away from chaotic life. Never again will you feel like creative visualization ain’t working. It is something that works.

If it can work for me, why can’t it work for you. You don’t need to sell yourself to the belief that nothing can work for you.

The Two Legends Behind The Course

Creative visualization is an audio course offered by Vishen Lakhiani and Nicolas. I will discuss about them briefly.

Vishen is a household name in the self help world. He is the founder of Mindvalley, an education company that helps people live extraordinary life.

Before Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani used to work in corporate America in the Silicon Valley. He tapped into the power of meditation and creative visualization to help him curb stress and life problem.

Realizing the power of meditation helped him start his own education company called Mindvalley without any VC funds. He is a phenomenal man who wants people operate at an extraordinary level.

Ever watched the movie, called the secret, Nicholas was a big contributor to that. Nicholas used to be a single mom who couldn’t even afford a $20 diaper for her kid.

That state of her life was a turning point that made her strive and pursue excellence in every walk of her life. Her success moved her to be the first African American to take her company public. Today she operates two companies. I didn’t say this to brag or make you buy the product.

I say this to help you learn how the power of creative visualization has helped this lady and gentleman be a beacon of success.

Creative Visualization: What’s Inside


Creative visualization is a two part course that teaches people how to visualize the future. You may think all you need is to ” take action” like most self-help Guru suggest.

It is not. You need first to take time and visualize what you’re about to do.

Esther Hicks says, “ seventeen seconds of focused, pleasurable visualization is stronger than 2000 hours of working to obtain a goal.”

She couldn’t be further from the truth. Creative visualization is a two-part audio series.

The first part, taught by Vishen Lakhiani talks about the science of visualization and why it is important if you want to achieve anything that you want.

The second part is a guided lesson. Creative visualization has 5 chapters:

Chapter 1: The Mind

Chapter 2: The body

Chapter 3: Positive living

Chapter 4: People and relationship.

Now what could you achieve when you finish the program. You will create your goals and achieve them. Actually, visualizing every single day, brings you closer to your goals.

Harness your creative power for solutions and answers. There is one fact about life that we like to forget and ignore: We alone have the answers to our life problems. We alone can shape our destiny. Harnessing your creative opens the doors to solutions.

Build a better relationship. Yes, you will build better relationship when you learn how to visualize. In fact, if you understand what’s going on your mind, you’ll know how to relate well to your spouse, your kids and your relative.

The Cons

You want the flaws in this course. It’s challenging to review a product like this. If you’re asking for the flaws, chance are, you don’t believe this product can help you. In fact, I challenge you to buy this product and remove the believe that this product or any course in life can’t help.

Unless you can get that belief out of your mind, you’ll always live in the past. Instead of looking for the cons, focus on how this product will help. Focus on how you’re going to use this product.

If the product has helped Vishen Lakhiani start a successful World class company and Nicholas be a successful coach, why not you?

There’s something that’s taunting your decision and creative visualization will help you remove that like it helped me.


Most people like to believe that the life they live is different. The truth is, our desires and goals in life are the same. We want to be financially stable, we want to have happy family, we want a better relationship with our friends. More importantly, we want to experience peace, joy and happiness.

Most of what you aspire and desire happens if you can tap into your creative potential. That’s where creative visualization comes in. To get you in the state of higher performance, so that you can achieve your goals and all that you desire in life.

Your mind can be a source of inspiration if trained well by the world best expert. Your mind can also be a source of trauma, havoc, diabetes and malaria, if it, cherishes the past and courts negative emotion.

Creative visualization gets into the state of life we want and make us open the doors to abundance.

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