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Course Review: OmHarmonic By Vishen Lakhiani And Paul Hoffman

We’ve all been there.

Seated like the Himalayan Monk in white robes, with legs crossed and eyes closed, trying to grasp the beauty of meditation. Or using meditation to enter into the creative prodigy, coming up with spellbinding ideas that fuels the future.

Anytime you feel like trying to reach the Alpha state, your mind sneaks in distractions, making you lose the focus or fall asleep.

It’s like meditation never works for you. Stay with me for a minute, because at the end of this article, Omharmonic may be the only thing that will make you love meditation again.

Omharmonics is a meditation program created by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley. The program was created for the purpose of putting people into the meditative state, allowing them to stay focused, stay awake and experience all the wonders that meditation produces. This is a deep dive review about Omharmonic.

2 Studies About Binaural Beats That Will Change Your View Of Omharmonics.

Omharmonics is basically sounds beats called binaural beats. To understand Omharmonics, you need to grasp Binaural beats and how they affect the brain.

Ever heard of people who say they can’t work without music playing in the background? Same with Binaural beats with a little bit of twists.

Binaural beats work like music. They are imaginary tones that alters the state of the mind in a positive away. For instance, if you feel boredom and you want to get to work or be in the work mood, all you need to do is listen to binaural beats and you’ll get into the zone.

In other words, you can listen to the binaural beats to alter different state of the minds: from calm, creative, upbeat.

Yes, you can alter the normal functioning of the brain to suit your course of action without taking medication. That means you can get into a meditative state, sleep better at night and become super productive at work. More importantly, if you’re a creative person, you can invoke the creativity and come up with breathtaking ideas for your project.

Ok, what is the proof?

Studies have shown that when you listen to binaural beats, it arouses certain hormones in the body like dopamine, prompting us into divergent or cognitive thinking.

Dr. Vincent Giampa did a study of 19 participants to find out the effects of binaural beats therapy in beta, alpha, theta and delta. He saw that the beats had a positive effect on the participants.

Think of it this way:

An athlete has to do more physical exercise than what the body can handle. In other words, he has to train his body to do the “extra”. The body then responds, recognizing the highest level of the runner.

Same thing with the brain. The binaural beats alter the normal brain patterns in Alpha, theta, beta and delta. The brain then reacts, recognizing the itself at a higher complex state of functioning. Call it viagra of the mind.

About Mindvalley, Omharmonics and Vishen Lakhiani

Omharmonic is a division of Mindvalley, the creation of Vishen Lakhiani. Mindvalley is an educational learning experience company with a sole purpose of teaching people to be extraordinary.

The company has published apps in the different industries such a self-help, fitness, productivity and spirituality. More importantly, it has published ideas and teachings of the some of the best authors in the self-development program.

Like we’ve learned before, OmHarmonics uses binaural beats to get people into meditation state, creative state, relaxation state and sleep state.

Unlike other binaural beats program, Omharmonics uses Multivariate Resonance technology(MRT), which guides you intro into a state of relaxation, aligning your senses with audible.

A Breakdown Of The Course

Omharmonic curse consists of 5 tracks:

  • The Start Of Day-when you want to listen first, thing in the morning to charge your adrenaline up for a productive day.
  • The focus- when you want to maintain a laser focus on the task at hand uninterrupted with life inevitable. In other words, the tracks take you into the zone.
  • The spark-perfect if you want to unleash your creative prodigy and milk hypnotic ideas
  • The balance-it is a relaxation beats that you listen to it at the end of the day. Perfect beats if you have a stressful work
  • The deep rest- it couldn’t be more easier to sleep if you have a deep rest beats playing in the background. If you have never slept like a child, try listening to this track.

4 Legitimate Great Benefit You Get From OmHarmonics

I listen to their free trial, which is a 15 minutes songs and here is what I observed.

  • Gentle to the ear-the music is soft and gentle to the ear. In other words, you won’t be nursing your eardrums after 3 weeks of listening.
  • Zero mental fatigues- You can’t compare the binaural beats with focusatwill. With Omharmonic beats you can listen to them over and over again, without experiencing mental fatigues. Of course you can take 5 to 20 minutes. Anytime you listen to them, you get into the state you want immediately.
  • Beyond binaural beats- Have listen to other binaural beats in the past. The only difference that is that OmHarmonics uses MRT technology that guides the intro state of the mind.
  • Different tracks for various purposes- You have every track for different purposes. If you want to go into the meditative state, you listen to the Start of the day. Unleash your creative junkies, you can listen to the Spark


It is a little bit pricey in my opinion compared to other meditation tracks like binaural beats.

If you have epilepsy or heart related ailment, Omharmonics may not be right for you. Seek medical opinion from your doctor.


I love Omharmonic beats for one thing. It heightens my focus, given the fact that I, have a short attention span and most of my work involves creating a project where you need to come up with ideas.

Personally, have never used Omharmonics for meditation, but I believe it is works well, but I listen to tracks when I am writing codes, writing marketing materials and other creative tasks.

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