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Review: Becoming Limitless Mind Valley’s Highest Rated Personal Transformation Program

Ever asked yourself what makes life great and exciting? In other words, what innate thing, if you did today will make your life wonderful and exciting.

Most people will argue:

……..…If I had lots of money I would be happy

……..…If I married a better person I would be happy

…….….If I lost weight I’ll be happy

……….If I was in perfect health, I would be happy

……….If I got better education I would be happy

clip_image002Actually, those are not what most people seek in life. If I was to sum up what makes life great and exciting, I would describe it in one word.

Freedom. Freedom is what everyone around the world seeks. You can’t be free if you’re not limitless. Enjoying freedom requires that we bend the reality. In other words, questioning our norm of life and creating a better reality for us, our kids, our family and humanity.

Only then, can we achieve what Vishen Lakhiani describe as the State of Oneness. That’s where becoming limitless comes in.

In this review, I want to provide you the details of what you should expect, when you buy the course. The difference between people that succeed in any areas of life-whether family, business, religion and those scratching the surface-there isn’t that much different.

Okay, enough of the introduction, let dive into the course.

The Brainchild Behind “Becoming Limitless Course”

Vishen Lakhiani is the man behind this incredible course. He is a phenomenal man in the self-development industry, founder and CEO of $100 million company called Mindvalley.

Before creating Mindvalley, Vishen worked as an engineer in the Silicon Valley. Vishen is a long term champion of meditation and creative visualization. More importantly, he used them to cure himself from stress and depression at work.

Seeing the incredible power of meditation, with $700 in his hand, he started Mindvalley, a world-class company that teaches people how to live extraordinarily. Vishen has received so many awards and accolades of his incredible success with Mind valley.

He created “Becoming Limitless” because he wanted to help people invoke their consciousness. He believed that if people were conscious in their life, they will have the ability to bend their reality.

Most importantly, they earn the freedom they want in life and become happy. The course has helped over 50, 000 students worldwide achieve freedom in an extraordinary way.

“Becoming Limitless”-What’s All About

clip_image005Quick question?

How do you define freedom? Freedom comes when you can bend the reality. Freedom comes when you can have your own set of rules, make your own decision and tap into unknown abilities of your mind.

Becoming limitless is a course that will help you tap into your subconscious mind and create the freedom life that you want.

Becoming limitless program offers you the right tools and everyday exercises that you can use to tap into your brain 99.9% of all the time.

The course is capable of transforming you into a state of calm, happiness and creative machine you want in your present state of life.

No longer will you wake up any day depressed or stressed. You will feel that surge of inspiration and motivation to do something great each day-whether it is writing that book you’ve always dreamt of, telling your spouse how much you love them, talking and disciplining your kids in the right away.

Most importantly, is being in a position to make the right decision and follow them through. With his engineer’s mind, Vishen codified and simplified the system so that any person in any walks of life achieves the level of consciousness they want.

The course comprised of 4 stages.


Stage One: Victim Stage

This is the stage where people function according to the accepted norms of the society like “going to school to get better grades, going to church every Sunday, getting a job, saving money for retirement, you need a college degree, business is risky”

Vishen walks you into this stage and helps you move to another stage, where you can start to see the world in a different kaleidoscope.

Stage Two: Thoughts Create Reality

Here is where you start to grow as a person. You start now to challenge the accepted norms and create your own version of reality. Here is also where you discover new breathtaking ideas and inspiration to achieve your goals, find your perfect soulmate, new business ideas or start that fitness routine.

The beauty about this stage is that you find “deep” inspiration and motivation. Motivation is powerful drug when it comes from within. Not only can it make you accomplish everything that you set forward, it can also make you live happily.

Stage Three: Servant To Higher Calling

Here is where you enter into a state of limitless. Not only do you come up with ideas for your life, you’re also able to follow through without mental blocks and negative energy kiling your inspiration.

Picture this stage like your mind is working on its own laboratory, where it mixes different ideas to create a perfect solution. It is a state where nothing external can bury your motivation nor kill your inspiration. Here is where most people struggle to get and Vishen helps you get into this stage.

Stage Four: The Level of Oneness

It is a level where you become one, a god mind. Everything that happens in your family, career, relationship and business, happens because of you. Vishen walks you on how to get to this stage in your life.

In a nutshell, becoming limitless will help you achieve your goals, live happily and have the freedom that you’ve always wanted in life.

Becoming limitless comes is jam-packed with in-depth lectures, practical tools and resources to help you transform from level one to level 4.

What You Need To Know Before Starting The Program

Going through this program, I promise you, nothing will happen like voodoo or something. You may read the case studies and think that everything will happen like Vishen said.

Well, brace yourself for the truth, this course is perfect for everyone. But not everyone is perfect for this course. You’ll benefit greatly from this course, if you take massive action-I mean, doing the little exercises that Vishen walks you.

If you won’t do any exercise to experience the freedom that you want in life, it’s better you save your earned-hard cash for Starbuck coffee.

Seriously, nothing in life will ever move or go in your direction unless you’re willing to make that first step or move. Listening to the course in a stationary position without doing the exercises won’t help you, I promise you. If you want to earn that freedom, if you want to make your own rules, if you want to make decisions that inspires you and use motivation to fuel your growth, then becoming limitless is the course that you need.

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