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Course Review: Become A Modern Master By Debora King

What if you could see the future in your own kaleidoscope?

What if you had the power to awaken your intuition?

What if you had the innate ability to heal yourself and conquer diseases, traumas and even cancer?

Most importantly, what if you could have better relationships, happy family and business?

Chance are, you could become a modern master of yourself. That’s what the Modern Master Course by Debora King is all about.

A chance for you to take a long a journey and discover your powers, connect with them and achieve all you ever wanted in life, attain the healthy lifestyle you want and more importantly, live a life of happiness and joy.

In other words, Debora King takes you into a long journey to mastery and help you gain a better control of your inner world. Okay, let’s take a deep dive into the course.

About Deborah King

clip_image004The Women’s Magazine calls her “electrifying.” Not for self promotion, but the way she has conquered life and helped other people become masters of themselves and live better versions.

If you look at the course’s page, you’ll find that she helped a woman overcome a cancer. She also helped a Sabrina who lost her legs in accident to walk again. Now she is doubles as fitness coach and personal trainer.

If that doesn’t make her electrifying, I don’t know which word in the best English dictionary, the Women’s magazine could use to describe her.

That’s not all. Deborah King has also appeared in many TV interviews like CNBC, CNN, ABC and Fox to talk about her work.

If that’s not enough, she hosts a regular live spiritual-based entertainment and Hay House Radio show. In other words, Deborah Kings is not a lady that makes a one time appearance like other self-help teachers and disappears to the moon.

She is there to help people become modern masters of their craft. Her life’s experiences and hardship are a true reflection of what you could achieve.

Early on, Debora King used to be an attorney, fighting one legal suit to another. Her career life was an uphill climb, but the sadness and sexual abuse from her childhood memories taunted.

Her amazing awakening came when she was diagnosed with cancer, which made her discover the power of healing. It was at this moment, that she travelled all the way to Asia in search of a better way to cure herself from this condition.

After seeing tremendous changes in life, that’s when the love for spiritual healing and becoming a mastery blossomed.

She had to leave corporate law and starts helping people like you and me become a modern day master in spiritual healing.

As a big ambassador to spiritual healing, she has published books on the subject such as…..

Be Your Own Shaman and The Truth Heals and Entangle In Darkeness: Seeking The Light

A Sneak Peak Into The ” Be A Modern Day Master Course”


A modern day master course is a 6-week program that will teach and transform your life to higher self. In us, whether we know it or not, reigns a higher self.

It is that inner self that makes us dream what we want. It is that inner self that let’s us have peace, happiness and joy. It is that inner self that makes us achieve what we want, whether be an entrepreneur, have a family or a better relationship.

And the modern day master course takes you into a long journey to discover the inner self. Once you have self-knowledge of the higher self, several things will start happening in your life

  • Your life turns away from chaos to clarity. In other words, you’re 100% clear on the things that you want to do. More importantly, you also have the power to take action.
  • Your relationship with friends and families thrive. Because they see you as a hotbed of joy and happiness.
  • You master your finances and achieve success in every area of your life. Your destiny and life purpose becomes clear for you. Every day that you wake up, you have reasons to live for what you believe. Whether it is your daughter, to be a better husband or your company.

What the modern day master teaches is the ability to align your life with your higher self. So that everything that you do, everything that you touch and everything that you say, it is a sure reflection of what you desire and purpose in life.

Which translate to happiness, joy and peace, because your life is coherent and congruent. If you’ve struggled in the past, or you’re one of those people like me that felt like “living a lie”.

You’re just few steps away from changing your entire life. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether you will achieve all that you want.

But discovering that side of us, is important in many ways. Unless we know that side, ” the inner self”, there is no possible way we could heal our life from past traumas, past regret and negative emotion.

For us to heal ourself, we must first discover our past. We must first know why we make certain decisions today or live the way we are. All this negative chaos, builds on our life and prevents us from making a leap into the other direction.

The modern day master is an excellent course to help you discover the past behavior and change the way you can live the future.

The Cons

If you’re listening to this program for the first time, your mind may not be at ease. In fact, if you’re like me, you feel that it’s totally “bullshit”, if that’s the correct word.

However, the program requires your patient. You’re not a hurry to finish the course so that things happen quickly. Most people may go through the program the first time and feel nothing has changed in their life.

That’s fine. It happens to many people. If you listen to it again for the next time or the third time, that information will begin to sink in.


If you’ve never heard of energy healing, chakras or spiritual things. Chances are, you’re viewing them like “Kumbaya stuff”, but they work.

Personally, am of the opinion that if you can’t win in your inner world. In other words, if you can’t control what goes in your mind, you’re bound to be a slave to it.

The mind is a powerful tool that’s behind every big innovation that you see around the world. Unless you can control it, you’ll always be a slave. And the modern day master breaks you from this slavery.

One way to achieve mastery and dominance is to take chaos out of life and have clear destiny of everything. Fortunately, the modern day master by Debora King has everything you want to help win in any struggle.

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