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What is Yoonla and How to Earn Money From it?

Yoonla is an online money making platform that shows beginners on how to make money online using affiliate marketing and CPA marketing.

CPA is a form of marketing that pays its users even without making any sell.

For example, when someone signs up or fills your unique link, you are paid a certain percentage which depends on the persons CPA offer. This is a type of marketing that has been in existence for quite some time and can be a source of income for anyone who is willing to know how it works.

Yoonla is one of the legit sites that a person who has started working online can make his/her first dollar from.

What is Yoonla all About?

It is just a two-tiered CPA based affiliate marketing site where one can make money through either of the following:

1. If any person signs up using your affiliate link

2. If any of the people who have signed using your links upgrades to VIP member.

So that is what it means by two-tiered in Yoonla. You earn commission from the people who sign up using your affiliate link and also earn from your referrals who upgrade to VIP.

It is good to know the founder of Yoonla before you starting making money through this program.

Who is the Founder of Yoonla?

Yoonla was founded by Reno Van Boven. From New Zealand, he is a digital entrepreneur and also an internet marketer. He runs several marketing programs since 2006.

How does Yoonla Work?

It’s just simple. You need to sign up for Yoonla and become a member. After you have signed up you will be provided with an affiliate link which you will use to promote Yoonla and invite many people to sign up using your affiliate link. In case anyone signs up using your affiliate link you will be paid some commission for every successful commission. If the people who have signed up using your affiliate link upgrade to VIP you will still earn a commission.

How Can Everything be Free?

Most people may be wondering how everything can be free on Yoonla, how the owner of the site earns money from it. Reno shows you the tools that he recommends you to use and also the tools that he personally uses and if you purchase them through his links he earns a commission.

This is an appropriate method of marketing. People are making money as affiliates by recommending products and services online. Buying the products using the affiliate links does not make them expensive but they are of very high quality. These tools are at a fair price that you will need in your online business.

It seems with time paid membership will be introduced and also some additional training products down the road that will cost money will be offered. Just to mention, these training show you how to promote Yoonla itself. So this means when you earn it will still earn through you.

Anyway, I thought it was good to explain to you as you would also like to know how the founder earns through this program. I will show you how the products required to maximize your income cost so as you get to know what to expect when you join this program.

Cost of Joining Yoonla

There is no cost charged for joining Yoonla. It’s absolutely free. However, there are some investments that you need to reap maximum benefits from this program.

What are the benefits of investing in Yoonla? Keep reading to know more

Is There Anything More After Signing Up?

In addition to convincing people to sign up using your affiliate link, there is much more than you need to do otherwise it will not look like a good affiliate program. The essence of signing up for Yoonla and also promoting your affiliate link for other people to signup using your link it’s a great starting point for online money making.

It’s important to get leads in order to be successful in your business. Without leads in business, it becomes hard for one to succeed. In online business, this leads are in form of email addresses.

The best thing about Yoonla it provides users with video tutorials to get started and how to get leads so as to ensure your success n online business. To make it easier for you to get email addresses, Yoonla gives you 3 products to promote in order to get the email addresses of the people who check on those products using the link provided.

It’s very easy for people to give their email addresses if they are offered something in return. Therefore, Yoonla takes care of that by giving away 3 digital products to market.

At this point is where you need to take out your credit cards and invest some money.

Yoonla will need you to sign up for a domain, an autoresponder and web hosting which you need to buy. After that, you will hand over your credentials to the Yoonla team so that they set up everything for you and place the products on your web hosting.

You should not regard this cash outflow as an expense, it’s an investment that you have made and you are going to reap benefits.

It’s important to understand that there nothing good that comes without spending. If you want to earn money you need also to invest money. This is a basic rule for anyone who wants to succeed in business.

If you are looking forward to making a career out of affiliate marketing and also on the internet, you need to make some investments especially when it comes to Yoonla. The investment is not much compared to the benefits you will reap from your business.

How Much Can You Spend to Get Started With Yoonla?

To get started you don’t need to pay anything. You only need to invest if you want to get more benefits from Yoonla.

The total sum of money that you need to invest is as follows.

1. Web hosting= USD $1.99 per month which is subject to change.

2. Domain= USD $15.00 per year.

3. Auto responder =USD $15 per month

So in a year, you need to invest $218.88. Therefore, your monthly investment will be $18.24

How Much Commission Can You Make Per Lead/Referral?

The amount of commission that one earns from the referrals or leads depends on the country in which you get your leads. In Yoonla they are grouped into 3 categories.

Countries with $4 commission

1. Canada

2. USA

3. Ireland

4. Australia

5. New Zealand

6. United Kingdom

Countries with $0 commission

1. India

2. Niger

3. Zimbabwe

4. Pakistan

5. Zambia

6. Nigeria

7. Uganda

Any person who signs up from these countries will not generate CPA lead commission. This does not imply that anyone from this country cannot become a member. You can join Yoonla. You will also get a commission if anyone from this countries signs up using your affiliate link and upgrades to VIP.

Countries with $2 commission

Any country that does not appear on the above list members from those countries will generate $2 commission per lead. Having read all these details am sure that you have many questions in your mind. Your questions are well answered in the remaining part of this article. Continue reading.

How Does Yoonla Make Money?

Though this review is not on how Yoonla makes but rather how you can make money using Yoonla. There are ways through which Yoonla makes money. They include:

Firstly, when you sign up for the web hosting and auto response which Yoonla provides you with the links, Yoonla earns money out of that.

Second, if any of your referrals upgrades to VIP, Yoonla makes money out of that.

Third, when a person signs up for Yoonla, gets the leads inform of email addresses. This information can come with other products that the founder of Yoonla Reno may want to commercialize

What is the Minimum Payout?

If you have reached a minimum amount of $50 in your Yoonla account, you can withdraw. This is after all the leads have been evaluated for their legitimacy; the commissions are then credited to your account.

Which Payment Method Does Yoonla Use?

Currently, Yoonla only uses PayPal to pay its members but it seeks to include other payment methods.


Though this program is in its development stages, there is a lot to like about it.

How it trains its members is completely amazing. They give a thorough training to all their members. The lead generation tools given to the members are of high quality and the CPA offer is lucrative.

This platform offers a great opportunity for people to build up their online business career and it will be very interesting to see how things develop over time. Note that if you follow all the procedures well you can get a lot of benefits from it.

It’s my hope that this article has given you details on what to expect as a person who would wish to make an income using Yoonla.

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