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How to earn $2,000 per month from Yoonla – Answered!

The term affiliate marketing draws different responses from online marketers globally. Some people agree that it’s a lucrative means of passive income. However, it requires a lot of time, money, and persuasion in order to generate significant commissions. Unlike the owner of the product or service, an affiliate marketer receives a small share of the selling price.

If you lack the time and skills required to make rewarding commissions, you can still make money by joining Yoonla’s Cost per Action (CPA) program. As Yoonla’s affiliate marketer, you get paid whenever someone signs up for Yoonla’s free membership through your affiliate links. What’s the catch? Absolutely none. In fact, Yoonla affiliate marketers don’t pay any compulsory membership registration or monthly subscription fees.

What is Cost Per Action (CPA)

In online marketing, C.P.A refers to cost per action. The affiliate marketer receives a commission for every new member who clicks their affiliate link and performs the expected action. An action could be signing up for membership, downloading a free ebook or software, sharing a link.

The cost per action model aims to drive potential clients deeper into the sales funnel. A conventional affiliate marketer focuses on making a sale. C.P.A affiliate marketers offer free items that will intensify the potential customer’s urge towards buying a product or service.

Yoonla is an online platform that provides its members free training on how to rake in higher affiliate commissions. The biggest advantage of joining Yoonla is you can apply the knowledge shared in the training videos in any industry. In addition, Yoonla’s team of seasoned online marketers keeps on updating the affiliate market e-course with new content that’s relevant to the current demand.

What do I need to join Yoonla’s CPA Program?

  • A valid email address
  • A verified PayPal address
  • Reliable internet connection

Yoonla offers two types of memberships. The free membership comes with a free autoresponder that enables the member to manage email marketing campaigns and create customized notifications. In order for you to reap the benefits of Yoonla’s CPA program, you need to sign up for the VIP membership.

How do I enroll in Yoonla’s VIP Membership?

After clicking the confirmation link sent to your email address, you’ll be directed to the dashboard. There’s a large blue banner at the top of the webpage with the words “Claim Your Custom Setup by Reno and Become a Yoonla VIP!” Yoonla performs the entire custom setup process for its VIP members at no cost.

After 2-3 days, your website will contain Yoonla’s CPA features. This means that an automated pop-up form will instantly appear whenever a lead clicks your Yoonla affiliate link and directed to your landing page. The final steps of VIP account registration involve acquiring an Advanced Yahoo Small Business Hosting Account and acquiring a GetResponse autoresponder account.

You’ll pay monthly subscription fees for both the Advanced Yahoo Small Business Hosting and GetResponse autoresponder accounts. The Yoonla Foundation software’s compatibility is strictly limited to Yahoo’s hosting services and GetResponse.

How do I get People to Click my Yoonla Affiliate Link?

Yoonla will send you a notification email once your VIP account is up and running. After logging in, you’ll notice a grey tab labeled “Affiliate Marketing 101” on the left-hand side of your screen. This tab will direct you to a web page containing 10 informative video tutorials on affiliate marketing.

In this e-course, Yoonla VIP members learn how to use squeeze pages, offer enticing gifts in exchange for sign-ups, content writing strategies that yield high conversions, and how to manage mailing lists. This training is ideal for inexperienced affiliate marketers because it shows them how to identify and successfully reach out to target markets.

Yoonla pays a commission of $2-$4 dollars for each new member who signs up using your unique affiliate marketer link. At the end of the month, Yoonla sends commissions to all affiliate marketers who have earned at least $50 dollars.

5 Ideal Groups of Affiliate Marketers that Need Yoonla

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketers

Amazon is arguably the most dominant e-commerce store in the 21st century. Customers like it because it offers a wide variety of items, affordable shipping rates, and brilliant customer care service. Amazon’s growth over the past decade has enabled it to launch and sustain a lucrative affiliate-marketing program.

When you search “affiliate marketing tips for Amazon”, you’ll come across several online forums where Amazon affiliate marketers meet to exchange ideas. Facebook also contains hundreds of Amazon affiliate sellers groups and pages. Usually, a large portion of the group members is novice traders who are yet to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing.

The good news about joining Amazon affiliate marketing forums is free membership. All you need to do is join several groups and share your content. Make sure you post unique and informative articles in order to convince the reader to click your affiliate link and become a Yoonla member.

2. eBay Affiliate Marketers

In 1995, eBay began as a small sister site. Two decades later, eBay is a thriving publicly listed company on major financial securities exchange markets and possess assets amounting to $7.26 billion dollars. eBay launched its affiliate marketing program dubbed “eBay Partner Network” in April 2008. This program is popular among hopeful affiliate marketers because there is no registration or monthly subscription fees involved.

One way of acquiring new Yoonla members is through Twitter. When you search “eBay affiliate marketing”, Twitter will display results of people talking about this topic and other prominent personalities who regularly tweet related content. Make sure you follow them because their interest in affiliate marketing makes them potential leads for Yoonla’s membership.

Some people will wonder why you’ve followed them on Twitter yet they don’t know you. This is why you need to appeal to their needs upon the first impression. In your Twitter bio, introduce yourself as an experienced affiliate marketer who understands how the eBay Partner Network works. Upload a clear profile picture of yourself to enhance your credibility. Remember to include your website’s link in your bio.

3. Apple Affiliate Marketers

Did you know that there are approximately 85 million iPhone owners in the United States alone?

In addition, there are hundreds of millions of iPad and iPod touch owners across Europe, Asia, and Africa. No matter which part of the world the customer resides in, all apple product owners get their apps and media content from iTunes. This exclusivity is the main reason why iTunes generates tremendous sales revenues from songs, albums, movies, and television series. Unlike most smartphones, iPhone and iPad owners cannot exchange songs and videos via Bluetooth connection.

Apple’s affiliate program enables members to earn rewarding commissions for selling all iTunes products. The global dominance of Apple’s electronics attracts thousands of people to sign up for the affiliate program. Since most of these affiliate marketers need guidance on how to generate profit, you can offer them Yoonla’s membership. It makes sense because your target market will appreciate someone who’s offering them free and high-quality affiliate marketing training.

4. Microsoft Affiliate Program

Microsoft Windows is undoubtedly the world’s most popular operating system. It’s ease of use, versatility, and affordability are the main factors that sustain Window’s global commercial success. Apart from developing operating systems, Microsoft produces different software such as Iron Python, Visual Basic, and XBOX Development Kit.

Microsoft also produces the highly popular Xbox video game. Fans love it due to its large internal capacity storage, internet accessibility, fantastic graphics, and variety of popular video games. XBOX owners can purchase and download video games straight from their console. This feature sustains a huge demand for the latest XBOX video games.

Affiliate marketers prefer promoting fast selling products in order to maximize their investment within the shortest time possible. Microsoft’s affiliate program has produced several online marketers who passively earn tens of thousands of dollars in commissions monthly.

5. Nike Affiliate Program

Nike is associated with elite sports personalities globally. Nike’s consistency in producing high-quality sports gear and wear attracts thousands of affiliate marketers who want a slice of Nike’s hundred million dollar profits annually. This affiliate program contains running shoes, shorts, vests, headbands, training tights, and electronics.

Nike’s products always have high demand throughout the year. During the winter, an affiliate marketer can reap enormous commissions through selling Nike hoodies, cotton socks, gloves, and fleece Windrunners. However, summer records the highest sales in the year due to the high frequency of outdoor recreational activities.

3 Tips on how to Secure your Commissions on Yoonla

  • Ensure that your leads confirm their accounts right after signing up on Yoonla. In the terms and conditions, Yoonla states that it only pays commissions for new members who’ve confirmed their accounts within 30 days.
  • Avoid placing your Yoonla affiliate links inside websites containing pornography or obscene content. Yoonla does not remit commissions to any affiliate marketer who violates this policy.
  • Provide correct PayPal information.

Summing it Up

It’s definitely easier to generate a consistent cashflow from Yoonla’s CPA program than from conventional affiliate marketing. Get started and register for Yoonla’s VIP membership today.

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