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Upviral Review: 114, 485 Qualified Leads in Only 30 Days (Upviral.com)

Viral marketing is not new. It is an age-old marketing strategy that has been used by big and small brands alike, to generate interest in their products. In fact, brands names like old spice, Evian, Dropbox, burger King, among others, have been known to use viral marketing to create successful product campaigns. The music and video industries have also done it as well, leading to the success of entertainment shows such as Madmen (the “Mad Men Yourself” viral campaign run by AMC).


So, if viral marketing is so old, then why all this fuss and interest around Upviral?

Upviral is an internet marketing software that allows you to leverage your customers to take your referral marketing viral. Its purpose is to increase traffic, which will get your more sales. Customers will market for you because of the reward you are offering.

According to Wilco de Kreij, the creator of Upviral, the software is, as he describes it, “the ultimate viral referral software” that has the ability to take your brand name viral, without breaking the bank.

That’s right. The difference between you and AMC or Old Spice, or all the other big brands, is that they have a lot of money and you don’t. That is what makes Upviral such a great ally, because you can easily run any kind of referral marketing campaign and build an army of people desperate to promote your business _ and you can do all this with little or no advertising funds.

According to some of the people who have used Upviral, they have been able to turn their businesses into highly sought-after brands overnight!!

Some Case studies


Pre-launch and post-launch tests for Upviral show that on average, subscribers shared links 2.5 times more, allowing website owners to generate more traffic and sales without any cost increase.

I know…these kinds of numbers are staggering. But they are actual statistics collected from new websites during beta tests for Upviral, making this tool extremely valuable for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money to throw at advertising.

For example, one website generated just over 138000 leads in under 40 days and another generated 100,000 leads in 1 week! The images above are also examples of success stories from other Upviral users.

“The Viral Loop.” Upviral’s Magic Bullet


The viral loop is what, according to Wilco de Kreij, brings about this kind of success. It is what differentiates Upviral from other referral marketing tools.

Here’s how the viral loop works:

I. Subscribers sign up to participate in a content or give away campaign,

II. A unique invite link is generated, allowing subscribers to be credited for their referrals and shares,

III. The system tracks share activity automatically, and this allows you to give higher reward to visitors with the highest shares,

IV. The system will automatically keep visitors focused on goals throughout the campaign, by targeting them with email reminders and incentives until they deliver.

At this point, the loop resets and your new visitors become new sources of viral referrals.

The reward system used by Upviral is what makes your subscribers so willing to refer other people to your website. It is, after all, very hard to turn away from a free gift.

How can You Use Upviral as a Marketing Tool?

Giveaway Campaigns

Your visitors and subscribers get gifts when they invite others to your website

Viral Contests

You leverage the power of social to promote your products or services through contests

Launch Your Product

Run product promotion campaigns to generate leads for your products or services

Upviral Features and Characteristics


To see if Upviral is really worth your money, let’s put in on a scale…

1. Compatibility and ease of integration

Upviral is compatible with basically every website out there. You only have to edit some code to integrate it into your new or existing website and start your campaigns right away.

Upviral also integrates with majority of the digital marketing and lead generation tools available in the market, so you won’t need to build everything from scratch.

Additionally, you can use Upviral on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

2. Ease of use

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to use Upviral. You don’t need to spend days figuring out how to use the software. Nor do you need to understand the ever-expanding list of digital marketing concepts available out there.

What’s more, Upviral has built-in templates, which makes creating professional looking campaigns easier.

3. Budget friendly

Upviral has a standard package going for $35 monthly and a Pro package for $49 monthly.

If you are starting out, this might sound like a lot money to spend. But the ROI, based on the testimonials from Upviral users, is immediate. Within a short time, you can recoup your investment if your leads convert. Not to mention, you get all the benefits shown in the image above.

Both plans have a 30-day money back guarantee.

4. Run it on autopilot

The most work you will need to do with Upviral is when setting up initially _ which is a just inserting code _ and when you want to generate a new marketing campaign. The tool runs on autopilot, leaving you free to focus on other things.

5. A/B testing

With the pro package, you can split-test variations of your campaign or even your website pages, to see which one works best.

6. Launch in the cloud

Upviral is cloud-based and therefore you don’t need to install it or run it from a web browser.

Upviral Solves the Following Marketing Problems

As a business owner, if you are using other methods of viral marketing, you might spend a lot of money, effort and still get a negative ROI. This is because:

I. Seo and social media marketing are getting more expensive.

II. Using conventional search ranking tactics requires manpower

III. Conventional lead generation and lead conversion methods require a lot of effort, expertise and take longer to produce results.

IV. Lack of flexibility because of restrictions placed by search engines, popular websites and platforms.

V. It’s difficult to scale up due to financial and manpower challenges.

Your Action: Get Upviral Now and Increase Your Traffic…

I don’t think you need much convincing, given what we’ve just discussed above. Viral marketing is easy, requires very little work from you and guarantees traffic and sales. Upviral is there to make this process efficient and more productive. And if the testaments are anything to go by, you will get positive ROI on your Upviral investment.

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