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How To Make Your First $100 Writing Articles For iWriter

clip_image002Rejection! Rejection! Rejection!

It looks like you’ll never get passed the standard level. You spend late night hours crafting the best articles on iwriter only six hours later for a client to reject your article. In fact, for every rejection you get, it’s one step backward.

And you can’t help but wonder… how are you supposed to make a $100 per week or per day using writer. From the horror stories you’ve heard on the internet, you wonder if iWriter is something that’s worthy a try.

Millions of freelancers face the same struggles like you and especially with iwriter. Actually, there is a solution for you.

A solution that can get you earning more than $100 per week. If you follow my proven system, chances are, you’ll be the highest paid writer on iWriter.

Most beginning freelancers approach iWriter the wrong way. If I was starting now on iWriter as a writer, I would do things differently. Okay, let’s start.

A Simple, Yet Overlooked Strategy Of Making Your First $100 On iWriter


Ever asked yourself what determined your success rate on iwriter?

Actually, most internet marketers out there will tell you it is the number of levels that you have or how many approved articles you have.

It is not. It is the number of favorites clients that you have. If you have lots of clients liking your work, chances are they’ll work with you for a very long time.

The question is, how do you get the clients to like your work? Simple, writing exceptional content that will keep them coming back for more (More on this later).

If you have clients more than 10 or 20 clients that like your work, you will never have dry months. Every week, you’ll be receiving new requests from your own clients.

Unfortunately, most freelancers on iWriter never focus on building a customer base. If you approach every client with a goal of retaining them for the long term. You’ll climb the ladders up very fast, because on iWriter we have clients who have work available for you, especially clients with review articles.

Strategy That Work:

  • Focus on building a client base on iWriter.
  • Make them love your work and come for more.

The Science Of Writing An Elite Plus Article That Client Love And Come Back For More Requests


The Key to reducing the number of rejections on the iWriter is writing excellent articles that clients love. If you’re getting 5 rejections out of 10 articles, chances are your writing sucks to the heavens.

The key to building a strong client base is making clients love your work. If clients love your work, they’ll order from you again and they’ll be willing to pay you more than $100 for your article.

The questions that most bloggers won’t answer you is, how do you write a prizing winning article that clients love?

Here is a detailed strategy on how you can stand out from the competitions.

Elite Plus Hack # 1: Write Kick-Ass Headlines

What makes an article interesting and unique? The power of headlines. You don’t just want to nail a normal how-tos, you need to be ultra-specific.

Your audience don’t want general ideas that they can find on Google, they need you tell them your experience on the subject. That said, even your client wants something unique. If you can offer your audience the moon and stars, you’ll earn more.

Fortunately, if you’re a beginner, there are tools that can help you write good headlines or better, brainstorm good headlines. You can use a headline tool like coschedule headline analyzer to come up with unique angles. Always aim for a headline score of 70% to 80% most of the time.


You can also use answer the public to come up with something unique, all you need is to key on your phrase and look at the suggestion that may interest you.


Elite Plus Hack # 2: Write Strong Introduction For Your Headline

If you’ve been receiving rejections after rejections, it means that either your headline sucks, introductions suck or both of them.

You don’t want to just to stand out with a headline, you also want to stand out with an introduction. Most people will click the headline out of curiosity, but if you can’t make them read the whole article, then you’ve lost them.

You need to write with empathy. You need to make your readers feel like your writing to them. You need to show them that you understand their pain, desires and frustration.

Unfortunately, there is no tool that can teach you this, but there is a way you can be empathetic. If you want to learn how to write best introductions for your iWriter clients, you need to study the best writers on the internet. Visit smartblogger.com, even if you’re not interested in the whole article, but please read the introductions.


A better rule of thumb is to commit one hour every single day writing articles on this blog. If you can do that, you’ll learn how to write articles that amaze your clients.

Elite Plus Hack # 3: Powerful Images

Most writers on iWriter are lazy. In fact, most of them will just write a generic articles and press submit button. If I was a newbie today, I would want to reduce the number of rejections I get.

Here is what you do. First subscribe to a premium image service like Canva where you can access premium images to accompany your articles.

If you can provide your client with images on their articles, they will love your work and assign you more work in future. The truth, most freelancers just write plain articles and that is it.


But if you go down the rabbit hole to do more than what you’ve been asked, clients will love your work. Aim to place an image after every 350 words. It can be an image, a screenshots from online. Evernote is a good tool that you can use to take screenshots of graphs and charts which you can annotate. Here is a quick example.

Elite Plus Hack # 4: Make Sure Your Articles Has these SEO Stuff

Keywords are not the only thing that you focus when delivering an article to your clients. You need to do more than that. Here is how to do it.

For every article that you write, make sure that you follow the best on-page criteria to optimize your article. For instance, make sure that your keyword appears in the first 100 to 150 words.

At the end of the article, make sure to save your clients time by writing for them a meta description for that article.

Elite Plus Hack # 5: What to do After Submitting Your Article


An average writer would press the submit button and sit back, that is it. A smart writer like you would want to do something even more.

Most clients reading your articles, won’t have a clue of what you have just done. It is wise for you to write everything that you have done for them in the private message. If you did the following things:

  • Write-click worthy headline
  • Writing empathetic introductions
  • Placing the images after every 350 words
  • Writing meta descriptions
  • Writing a compelling close

You want to illustrate all of those things in the message and highlighting why they make the article great. Actually, they will appreciate you for doing lots of work for them and they may give you a 5 star rating and favorite them. Lastly, after detailing all that, tell them to write you a 5 start review and favorite you for future work. In the past, I have done that and moved faster to elite plus level. If you copy my strategy, it will work for you.

Ready To Make Your First $100, $200 or $300 With iWriter

When the client sees the work that you have done and the extend you’ve gone to write the best article, they will open their purse to offer you a tip.

Most importantly, a 5 star rating will come with ease. Imagine waking up in the morning opening your iWriter account and seeing a $50 or even a $100 tip for doing incredible work.

Chances are your entire writing career can change. The best way to earn more from clients is giving them more than what they ask for. Most people on platforms like iWriter and Textbroker, they are too lazy to implement this.

When you do all that I have illustrated, you set yourself apart from the competition. In fact, you’ll make more money than nickels and dimes that people make. If the strategy has worked for me in the past, it will work for you.

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